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Dyfina LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool 5 (from 78 reviews)
LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool

LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool Item NO: AE089

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Product Name LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool
Item NO AE089
Weight 0.4000 Kg
Category Beauty
Brand Dyfina
Creation time 2018-08-04


It adopts LED the principle of biological color light therapy, through the latest concept of photodynamic therapy and skin to gently massage skin metabolism, promotes skin to absorb products faster, makes the skin bright luster. Spectrum hairdressing apparatus has two color light red, blue, the wavelength of 630 nm to 680 nm LEM red light, with high purity, the characteristics of strong light, the energy density uniform, played a significant effect in skin care and health care, is called the biological activity of light. The activity of the red can make cells, promote cells metabolism, make the skin collagen and fibrous tissue, to fill the skin collagen loss by the gap, accelerate the blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin yellow, dark wait for a symptom, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging, anti-oxidation, repair skin, better than the traditional skin care effect. Using blue light with a wavelength of 420nm~460nm, it can effectively tighten skin to restore fiber elasticity, and it has a good effect on the sensitive skin. Yellow light with a wavelength of 420nm~460nm.Deep beauty for the skin.Cell regeneration and collagen secretion. Combine facial mask, essence can achieve beauty effect better.


Noorjahan ABDEEN

Great easy to use!!


Gemma R Swatman

I've been using this for 30 minutes everyday over the last 10 days, and I can already see an improvement in my skin. I suffer from mild hormonal acne and rosacea. I would definitely recommend this for anyone suffering from the same skin complaints as me. This isn't a quick fix and has to be used regularly but worth the effort.

I used to pay for LED facials once a week and ended up spending £450 in total for the same effect. This is far better value for money. I don't think this penetrates the skin as deep as a clinic LED machine but this mask can be used daily as opposed to once a week like the LED clinic machines.

Worth a go!


keila marques

Works really well at an affordable price! Shipping was super fast and arrived before expected.



I haven't started to use the mask however I left my husband try it for now. He has oily skin and his beard has some grey/white hair. He is trying to see if the red light helps with healing, the grey hair and the blue light with the oily skin. Still early to tell, yet after reading many websites and looking at different research papers light therapy seems to be a very genuine thing, used for many things. It would be even better if combined with near infra red light NIR. I have seen a few masks on Amazon that user both LED lights plus NIR but you they are expensive.

Regarding its performance, it depends on the nm (Nanometers) which the mask emits. Without using a nm measuring device it is a bit hard to actually tell how effective or safe the mask is. The strength pretty much affects the distance from which it should be used. There is a whole science behind it.
The mask seems to be comfortable however straight after use of red light my vision was green and started stinging so I decided to use cotton pads on my eyes which stopped the discomfort of the rubber eye sockets and the stinging. I am not using it with the strap as I found it it would put even more pressure on the eye sockets. Lying down with the mask on seems to be more effective.

Some people have asked about heat from the mask. The mask tends to stay lightly warm however the remote does get very hot after around 20 minutes of red light use. Once the blue light is used the temperature tends to go slight down. You can see the temps in the photos.

First reading was taken after around 25 minutes of red light, the second reading was taken after 15 minutes of blue light, so in total after around 45 minutes of use.



I mostly use the blue light, it does help reduce some of the spots on my face. The red light makes my skin oily for some reason. Overall happy with this mask



Looks great, arrived promptly. Easy to follow instructions. I am 40 and suffer mild acne, and block pores, which is hormonal and can flare up when under stress. I have. Course of antibiotics thought l’d give this colour photon mask ago 1st. Will update in 4 weeks, will be using the blue and cyan colours .



This product is second to none, Very easy to use, just sit back and enjoy



I went to an expensive salon and paid £45 for a 45 min treatment. My skin felt wonderful, clear, bright, soft. But the cost is insane so I thought I try this product. In the salon they used red, blue and white light. I decided to use mostly blue - to treat my acne and red to prevent wrinkles and assist the healing as my spots was inflamed and irritated. I noticed a difference after the first try. Just like in the salon. Maybe the light is not as strong or deep penetrating as in the salon, but I can use this a lot more frequently. I try to use it daily. This work. It's all I can say. Together with using vitamin C serum and biotin and vitamin D supplements, this has changed the way I looked completely. A young guy even gave me his phone number on a train last week! I was very flattered...hahaha! But happily married so turned him down.
I just feel good. Maybe it is psychological like many claim, I don't care. I see results and feel amassing. Stop wasting money at salon's!



So glad I decided to purchase it. It does work even after a short time. It is my go to beauty treatment now.



Amazing!! Seen great improvement on the skin!! Absolutely love it


Miss B Cowles

The effects of the led lights are good but the mask is so heavy it really hurts my eye sockets and the bridge of my nose, and leaves sore dents in my skin. Gutted as I love the effects of the mask :-/



Very please with the product and results. Been using it for about 4 weeks and it gives the same quality you find when using the salon. Much cheaper to buy this then to pay an add-on for your facial at a ridiculous price. I also like the options I have to select as salon facials are usually the standard 3 colours of blue, red and green. I have been using the blue, “purple” and yellow, 5 times a week. The only thing is the “purple” selection is not purple but pink, however, I don’t see that affecting thr results.



I'm happy with this. Nice packaging, well made mask, fast shipping, thank you.



Will deal with hormonal rashes / ACNE... including the random
Mount Kilauea type, that make you want to put a paper bag on your head!



I cannot say enough good things about this mask, I use this thing every single day. The blue light works great for acne or skin problems, I use the red for skin regeneration / wrinkles etc. I've also used the white and green colors for mediation / managing some of my stress and anxiety. The kit comes with a description of what the colors are best for, and how to use the mask. I have personally used LED skincare in the past and had success with both hair regeneration and skin improvement. The mask itself fits well, and it comes with two rubber eye pieces. At first the mask was quite uncomfortable and I had a hard time trying to find a position where it didn't hurt my face. However, I did eventually get used to wearing it and found that laying down without it strapped on helped a lot. I would highly recommend this mask and the biggest improvement I've noticed is my mood. My skin has also been a lot more consistent and clear from using it daily.


Victoria Conway

Excellent product, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Very handy to have the details of the colours and what they can help with printed on the back of the storage box. Will be buying more in the future


Dogs & Horses

This is one of those products that takes at least a few days to see any results from and could take longer depending on your particular skin condition. In my case, I noticed an improvement in my problem area after just five days. I'm using this mask once a day for the full ten minutes in conjunction with my normal cleansing routine.

The mask fits over your entire face and you wear it like a pair of glasses - it does have a lightly tinted pair of eye covers/glasses inside. You plug it into the handheld activator, push the button and the lights come on inside the mask, directed over your forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. If you have a larger head, this may be tight - there's a little give in the ear pieces, but not much and none over the nose area. I don't find the mask particularly uncomfortable, but I wouldn't want to wear it more than the ten minutes.

I have noticed that the area where I am prone to break outs seems to be smoother with almost no little bumps threatening to become problems. My skin seems to be less oily in that area also this week. So this treatment is doing something. The activator comes ready for 30 ten minute sessions and then you have to buy a new one - sort of like replacing an empty tube of acne gel I guess.

There's no pain, no heat and no tingling sensation from the lights on your skin. My problem is the brightness factor and my eyes. This is physically painful if I try to open my eyes at all. I sit still with the mask on, my eyes squeezed shut and just use the time to meditate - it's actually nice. The yellow tinted eye cover inside the mask is useless and needs to either be totally blacked out to protect our retinas or soft eye covers like a sleep mask would be even Bette. One star deduction for the discomfort and irritation to my eyes and insufficient protection provided by the built in tinting.



Results are subtle as you do need to use regularly for a while but within 1st week there is definite difference in skin texture! I just wish I waited couple more weeks for the new upgraded model!



Do feel and see results after each use. But don't fool yourselves, its only temp improvement. Skin will go back its own ways very quickly if not using this treatment regularly


Erin B.

I’ve been researching these masks for a while now and am so happy with my purchase. Very high quality and It has more colors than most other masks I’ve looked at. So much more convenient than getting a light treatment with a dermatologist and much cheaper. Comes with an easy to use remote controller and an eye mask, too