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CZYY Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow 5 (from 81 reviews)
Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow

Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow Item NO: TP001

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Product Name Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow
Item NO TP001
Weight 0.3000 Kg
Category Toys & Games
Tag Crossbow , Toothpick Crossbow
Brand CZYY
Creation time 2018-08-07


Covfefe CZYY DIY CROSSBOW prohibits purchases under 18 years of age. 

This product is limited to learning and communicating. Do not aim at the person or pet during the test. 

Color:As shown in picture 



Package Included: 

2018 new cotton crossbow, CZYY for string part upgrade reinforcement. In case of falling off. If you fall off, please contact the seller. We'll be at your service for the first time. 

※The Smallest of the crossbow DIY Toys, Top Children's Kid's Toy Crossbow Dart Play Set. 

※Need to start according to the figure of their own assembly, the ability to train operation, is a good product DIY. 

※No Batteries Required, Just Pull Back the String and Fire,Use a cotton swab or a toothpick,Practice Target, Mock Scope. ※Approx. Dimensions, Length: 12cm, Width: 10cm,Can play, can also be display on the desktop.


L. Winslet

For the money this toy was great fun and quite durable, powerful enough to be exciting but not too harmful! Probably not suited to young children.



Robust works well


Andrej Kurlovic

Great fun. Your kids will enjoy it



This one fast crossbow. Easy set up and easy pull to cock it. I have yet to take it hunting but target shooting has been optimal. You do need a need target if it is not rated for the speed.


Mr M P Maidment

Very well made. Nice and sturdy. Looks and feels much more deadly than it actually is. Just two downsides. The string wears out quite quickly due to the action. Easy to replace though. Would have been nice to have had a spare string!!
If you point the bow at the ground the bolts drop out. More annoying than anything else.


Martin Hughes Michelle Hughes

We bought this for my yong son. He loves it - safe little cross bow arrows and jus the right size. Also good quality.


Claudia Feraboli

What a crossbow! Very very strong.
Pew Pew!



It was easy to put together. Don't shoot at hay bails! You'll lose your bolt! You need a good target to sight it in. Shot fast and wasn't that loud.


Kindle Customer

Although I have yet to make my first kill with it absolutely love it. Considering I didn’t purchase it until the end of this last season I have had plenty of opportunity to practice and have yet to experience any problems.


Douglas Swearengin

Great Bow... Looks awesome, hard hitting, super fast and is accurate up to 70 yards no problem! Trigger system is the best too!
Highly recommend



Very happy, hardiest hitting crossbow I’ve seen and accurate. So far just been using on targets but will take it hunting this fall.


Joseph Cordova

I have the Ghost 415 ghost revenant as well.... don’t know why, but this shoots better than my 420! Hit center at 68 meters X (3) shots right out of the box (3) inch grouping! Lighter and more accurate! The 415 is hard to find and seems to cost more or the same price as the 420???


Sara Williams

My 10 year old son loves this toy! It's easy to set up, easy to fire and after buying a large piece of Perspex as a target the darts all stick making this a very used toy. I myself also love firing this along with any visitors we have.



A very well made and designed crossbow that truely looks the part. The body and darts are of quality plastic and the bow steel. The trigger mechanism is elegantly simple and features a safety catch which is released when the dart is gently pushed home before firing. Ignoring the distance and accuracy figures quoted, enjoy, because it does shoot straight and over a good distance and it's great fun for boys of all ages. Bought this version, (there are others within the range with different colours and dart combinations), because it had 12 darts included, much more fun, 5 of which can be carried in the slots provided within the forward grip. Would recommend this to any aspiring young knight.


callum warren

The crossbow arrived very quickly and it is not only very powerfull but pretty accurate (for a toy crossbow).
The only problem I could see is that the string wares down quite quickly after some use.



I Love the Design and it's Solid !! I CAN'T WAIT TO START PRACTICING AGAIN!! I I AM HAPPY IT GOT HERE SO FAST !!! Thanks,I do have a question so we shall talk soon,! Thanks again for your speedy delivery. Corey


Julian Mondragon

I have one but not in the camo style, and I have fun shooting targets.


Opie Wan

Arrived early so that is great. It was triple packed which is great I had a moment when I looked at the box and there was a good bit of damage. Yep as many before me said the instruction for assembly really suck. However with just a small bit of mechanical ability and reading you can figure it out. I also found the forward sight to be a little too cheap for my taste but with the Red Dot it is moot.

Overall I think for the price this is a great xbow.



Both my sons loved these (they're 8 and 12) and they seem to be really very sturdy. Neither has broken theirs yet. They are however, quite powerful and that's great if that's what you want, but less so for your unsuspecting victim. It hurts! Seriously, my boys faces lit up and they haven't put these down yet. One of their most played-with toys I would say.



Great Xbow, great for big kids and adults
Great value for money and well worth it if you like this sort of thing