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none Ear Candles for Ear Candling 100% Organic Beeswax Non-Toxic Set of 100 5 (from 102 reviews)
Ear Candles for Ear Candling 100% Organic Beeswax Non-Toxic Set of 100

Ear Candles for Ear Candling 100% Organic Beeswax Non-Toxic Set of 100 Item NO: EC01

US$ 19.99
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White Purple Rose Red
  • Help Remove Earwax or Toxicants:This ear candling kit will improve general health and well-being
  • by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.
  • Non-Toxic, 100% Natural Ingredients: This ear candling cones are 100% made of natural beeswax
  • and organic plant materials.
  • Three Natural Flavors to Choice: We offer three flavors of rose, mint and lavender. And all extracted from natural plants.
  • Hollow Center Design: The hollow ear wicking candles are designed for cleanest burning.
  • With Protective Plug at Bottom: An additional plug at the bottom prevents the wax from flowing into the ear canal during the burning of the ear candle.
  • 100 PCS Beeswax Candling Cones, More Value: These ear beeswax candles allow friends/couples to use together or to have an extra pair for your next use.
Product Name Ear Candles for Ear Candling 100% Organic Beeswax Non-Toxic Set of 100
Item NO EC01
Weight 0.5000 Kg
Category Health & Personal Care
Creation time 2017-12-01

What Is Ear Candling?

Ear candling (also called "ear coning") has been a traditional, holistic, natural practice used for centuries. It consists of placing a hollow cylinder coated with wax (ear candle) at the opening of the ear canal and lighting the other end to allow warm smoke to enter the ear to potentially loosen and extract the wax and other debris from the ear canal.

The Benefits of Ear candling

Relieve Stress
Improve Sleep
Relieving Ringing in the Ears
Reduces Sinus Pressure and Ear Aches
Get Rid of Swimmers Ear
Rebalance Your Mental State
Reduce Pain Around the Body

Heres Your All-in-one Guide to Ear Candling:

Use 1-2 pairs of Ear Candles each time, One time per week.
Simply pull out filter and poke foam through wide end for a more holistic traditional burn if desired.
Each ear candle burns for about 10 minutes. When approaching the perimeter of thepolice line, please extinguish it with water, do not blow out.
Do not swim or put your head into the water within 24 hours, and put some little cottons in your ear to keep warm for 2-3 hours.
In order tohave themaximumeffect, please cooperate with the essential oil to detoxify your back and face.
Ear Candles are not suitable for the menstrual period and pregnant women, people who have ear fester, or someone with a perforated eardrum.
Ear Candling is not as a method for ear wax removal, but as a way to slow down with a circle of close friends, put away their phones and simply spend time in a peaceful atmosphere!

When using Ear Candling, Pay attention to Fire safety, is very important !!!



I couldn't be more impressed with these candles! They are slow to burn and do NOT drip at all. What a blessing when we need 100 candles for our event. No wax clean-up! And they cost less than $1.00 each!!


Marty Michaud

Nice product, nice value.



Excellent dripless candles; long-lasting and subtly elegant. Will definitely re-order when this supply is exhausted.



I will definitely order these again.



Great buy, these burn very nicely.



Candles are candles unless they drip too much. These are great.



Very nice esp. For the price.


tonia burrow

I buy these every few months for my gothic candelabra collection. Everyone looks better in candlelight (should sell itself) Great product, burns slow and the price is right.



what deal!!!


Christopher A. Clark

Everything about this seller turned out wonderful and the product is fantastic!



These are the only taper candles we've come to purchase for our home because they are truly dripless when burned level and in a draft-free area. We've tried several other dripless candles, and these are our favorite.



When we first opened the box, a very strong chemical smell came from candles, after a month it lessened and since they were used at a reception under a tent it was not noticeable. (The seller offered to let us return them but we decided to wait it out ) I would not recommend using this candles for wedding receptions where there might be the slightest draft, they do not burn evenly and do drip. We had some candles that only burned down an inch and others that were melted down to the candlestick. They are good for inside home use for short periods of time. They are smokeless. No complaints with seller, just was not the right candle for our occasion.


Tona Napoli

love these



Love these candles!! Dripless and long lasting. Shipped promptly and arrived safely. What more could I ask for. A great product and good service.



Fantastic value for the quantity and price. You need to have these on hand so that when you have those fabulous parties, you are ready to rock. Lit candles on the table mean that you are serious about your holiday or romance, as the case may be. The ivory matches everything --- gold or platinum rimmed dishes --- looks great in crystal or silver candleholders. Be sure to keep them in a cool place so they don't gently bend while you store them (do not store them in a high place in the room where the air is warmer, or near a radiator or vent or in a hot garage). And don't let the pup chew them up.

I have used this color with light pink napkins, dark pink, dark purple, fall colors (very yummy with yellows, oranges, and browns), as well as reds and greens, and even blue velvet at Christmas. The ivory candle color is probably more versatile than white or any other color.

If you do not yet use candles on your holiday tablescapes, go ahead and do it. You can get inexpensive pretty glass holders at Goodwill or the dollar store, and eventually you will add more at different heights. Goodwill is a great place to get lovely bowls and dishes and things for your tablescapes. Amazon has great fabric napkins, as does Hobby Lobby. Add some small groups of flowers and some fabric napkins --- et voila --- your table will be rocking!!!

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Daniel V. Scamell

Great product at a terrific price! Quick shipping as well! Great seller


Susie Stucky

This is my second order of these candles. I am a huge fan. The candles burn cleanly and are completely drip less. I will be ordering again once I go through this 100.



Excellent in terms of material and how well they burn.



These tapers are fabulous I burn a lot of candles - I have problems with artificial light and my home is lit by candles every evening. These taper burn dripless and completely so there's no wax to dig out of candle holders. Excellent find! I have already re-ordered.


Jean L. Voyles

no drip candles are the best they burn clean and are just right for my wife and I as we enjoy morning coffee by candlelight.

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