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Dyfina Unique Mermaid Shower Curtain Hooks Set of 12 5 (from 7 reviews)
Unique Mermaid Shower Curtain Hooks Set of 12

Unique Mermaid Shower Curtain Hooks Set of 12 Item NO: YLG01

US$ 19.99
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  • Brighten up your shower with this Set of 12, unique, cute mermaid hooks! These would be great for any ocean-themed bath.
  • These come on Silver Roller Cylindrical Ball hooks reduce friction and allow effortless gliding across the rod with virtually no effort at all.
Product Name Unique Mermaid Shower Curtain Hooks Set of 12
Item NO YLG01
Weight 0.5000 Kg
Category Home & Kitchen
Brand Dyfina
Creation time 2018-08-07


How many times have you stepped into the shower, pull the curtains and find it stuck and unwilling to move? Worst still,you find out that the common metal rings starting to rust and look like an old ancient artifact. 

Do you have shower hooks that snag on your curtain rod joints and make you do a double, triple tug? 
Do you have shower rings that randomly open up and come off your curtain, even jump off your rod? If you have any issue that causes you to not be able to enter and exit the shower with a grand swoosh of a single wave of your hand to open and close your shower curtain, well this my friend, is your solution! 

With Dyfina mermaid shower curtain rings, we provide the solution to your nightmares and a good choice for any ocean-themed bath! 

Product Features 
1.Stainless Steel, NO Rust 
2.Polished for a Great Look 
3.Mermaid shape design, unique and cute 
4.Chrome Plated 
5.Easy To Install 

6.Friction-free, Gliding Action 

Material: Stainless steel brushed nickel 
Single Size:73.5mm*42.8mm*2.2mm 
Package Size:18.5*9.5*4.5mm 
Net weight:400g 
Style: Four different mermaid shapes and there are three different colors for each shape.



Beautiful, well made hooks. They are expensive but its worth it. all hangers have different design and they definitely get noticed in my bathroom.


Kasey Mueller

These are the cutest shower hooks ever! My daughter wants a mermaid bathroom so these will be perfect. Can't wait to surprise her! Love the bright colors and cute faces!


Island Mama

These mermaid shower hooks are so cute and colorful!!! My girls love them.


Roy Trevino

I absolutely love these Mermaid shower curtain hooks. They were very easy to put on and has added a nice pop of fun to my girls bathroom. It is convenient that they hook back in place since from time to time my girls will tug on the curtain and this prevents it from coming off the rod.


yareli moran

Silver goes with everything! Have not hung up on the rod once, and I bought two sets, one for each bathroom. Will take a
bit of time to get the curtain off for washing, but so worth that extra time to avoid the daily hassle of the decorative
rings falling off each shower!


Josephine Rodriguez

I couldn't be more happy with these shower curtain rings, not only are they stylish, but they move very easy & smoothly on the rod. There is NO RUST whatsoever on them; I have had a number of other rings that rusted within 6 months! I am very impressed with these rings and would recommend them to anyone. Great Buy


Silicon Creature

The design has lots of detail , even the bearing on the hooks, the color is vivid long lasting.