【Board Game Miscellaneous】In Addition to Small Paper and Wood Blocks, What Other Novel and Interesting Board Game Accessories?

Models, cards... These familiar components are all old friends of table visitors. And when you are enthusiastic about bringing new friends to play board games, people often ask: "You bought so much money, are these little pieces of paper and wood?" Obviously,  the status of these "gadgets" are not so high in their thought.

But not all board game components are plain small pieces of paper and wooden blocks. Many board game designers are also trying to use them to play various new tricks. If you bring newcomers to play together next time, you might as well take out these unusual and interesting “gadgets” in these board games to give them some special surprises.

1.Dice Tower-----SHOGUN

Speaking of special board game accessories, the most fresh one is the game "SHOGUN", because after opening its box, you can see a dice tower. Generally speaking, the dice tower is not a necessary accessory and is rarely included in the normal game box. It is basically equipped by the player himself. Its function is to make the dice in the game roll fully. But "SHOGUN" comes with a dice tower, and there are no dice in this game-so what is it for?

"SHOGUN" is a game with the background of the Warring States Period. Each player plays a famous Japanese in the Warring States period and competes on the narrow battlefield. This is a fairly typical area control game. Players need to control troops to conquer each other in order to get the opportunity to dominate the continent. Sic Tower is responsible for the fighting part in this game.

It is different from the general dice tower. The interior is not a ramp for rolling dice, but a maze-like tower structure. Once a battle is triggered in the game, all units participating in the battle (represented by squares in the game) will be thrown into the dice tower. The last square that fell out of the dice tower shows the result of the battle, and the unit with more squares wins. The cubes stuck in the dice tower will not join the battle temporarily, but if they fall out of the dice tower, they will join the next battle.

This kind of fighting method simulates the randomness in the battle very well, and has a strong sense of fun and theme, but it makes its randomness not bring too outrageous results, which is very impressive.

2.Card Cover-----Mystic Vale

This is a card game. It is supposed to be a more difficult type to play tricks, but "Mystic Vale" still did it. In fact, everyone is not unfamiliar with the more special accessories-card decks. Many games now come with card sets, which are very suitable as practical gifts that players will use frequently. But when you set all the cards in "Mystic Vale", you will find that they are actually part of the game!

"Mystic Vale" uses a very special game mechanism-card creation system. In this type of game, the player can change the content of the card during the game, and this depends on the suit. All cards will be put into the deck, and players can change the card content by adding transparent plastic stickers to the deck. This process is a bit similar to the process of making a post by the player, and successfully transformed the deck into a part of the game.

Among the games that use this kind of mechanism, "Mystic Vale" is also the most outstanding one. It cleverly combines the card creation system with DBG. Players no longer build a deck by adding cards, but directly change the content of each card. The novel design brings an extremely interesting game experience. As one of the best-selling works of DBG games, it is definitely worth a try.

3.Magnet-----THE FACELESS

In horror-themed games, how to reflect the horror atmosphere has always been a rather serious problem. After all, board games are not like video games. Without rich graphics, it is difficult to integrate sound and picture to render the atmosphere of horror, and the multiplayer game mode is also not conducive to this. Therefore, such games can only be explored from the perspective of gameplay. The result of "Faceless" is very interesting-magnet.

In this game, players cannot freely decide the direction of their actions, and all moving directions must be determined by magnets. In the game, the base of the protagonist controlled by the player has a magnet, and the base of the monster chasing the protagonist also has a magnet that attracts polarities. Therefore, the player's character always has a tendency to approach the monster chasing him. But the player is not without help. There are three statues with magnets around the game that can affect the trajectory of the action. The player can change the position of the character by controlling their position.

This unique and interesting accessory not only makes people's eyes shine but also because of the uncontrollable movement and the fit of the horror theme, the game has made great progress in the sense of substitution. It is relatively rare to be able to play in board games where you can experience the atmosphere of a horror game.

4.Stereo train-----Colt Express

'Colt Express' is a game with a train robbery as the background. In the game, players act as a group of thieves and carry out looting on the moving train. It is of course not enough to rob the money on the train. There can only be one richest man in the west, and there will naturally be a life-and-death battle among thieves.

The unfolding of the game can remind people of the opening scene of Nolan's movie "The Dark Knight". A group of thieves broke into a highly secure bank vault and killed their companions in the process of escaping to obtain more money. The theme is quite strong. 

Another setting further strengthens this sense of theme, which is the three-dimensional train as the game layout. The battlefield in the game is divided into two parts: the top of the train and the inside of the train. Players can use action cards to shuttle between the upper and lower parts. Although it can also be replaced by two side-by-side planar layouts in the game, this three-dimensional train layout can naturally enhance the sense of substitution in the game.

There is such a lifelike little train, which is probably the reason why it is often mentioned as an excellent new game.


Although POTION EXPLOSION is a tabletop game, it perfectly restores a type of popular electronic game on the table-match three. The main gameplay of this game is to take marbles. If several marbles of the same color touch together, a chain reaction will occur and they will be taken together. This design can't help but remind people of the match-3 games headed by "Bejeweled" in those years, and miss the lost youth.

If you want to simulate a match-3 game, in fact, you only need to use the secret bag, but the effect is obviously not very good. Therefore, a special component called "Ingredient Supply Machine" was added to "POTION EXPLOSION".

As long as the used marbles are thrown on top, the marbles will be randomly distributed on each track and fall down. This pair of video games has a high degree of randomness reduction, and the game experience as a board game has greatly increased.

6.Crime tool------TREASURE ISLAND

This is a treasure hunting adventure game. Players act as a group of treasure hunters who want to search for treasures on the island. There are two forces in the game, one is the captain and the other is the crew. The captain knows the exact location of the treasure, but will be imprisoned by the crew, and must give them tips while trying to escape. Although the crew can go hunting for treasure, the location of the treasure can only be inferred from a little vague hint given by the captain. An asymmetrical treasure hunt begins here.

In this adventure game, the most interesting part is the treasure hunting tool. Generally, the maps of this type of game are gridded, and the clues given are also carried out in units of grids. In TREASURE ISLAND, players will directly get a set of drawing tools including compasses and rulers, and use them to record clues.

Coupled with the hand-painted game map, the overall atmosphere matches the theme of "treasure hunting" unprecedentedly, and the sense of substitution is perfect!


This is a new game with the Chinese rare national treasure giant panda as the protagonist. But the cute and loving giant panda was sent to Japan as a symbol of harmony, and another happy and happy bear life began in Japan. The goal of the player in the game is very simple, mainly to take care of the land and plant bamboo forests, and then feed the pandas with bamboo. And through these content to complete their own tasks, do their best to serve the pandas.

The most interesting match in the game is the pandas' food-bamboo. It is no longer a simple and simple small square, but a piece of bamboo that is quite realistically restored. When the bamboo grows, a small section of new bamboo is placed on top of it. It not only ensures the beauty, but is also very suitable for players to observe the situation on the field. It can be regarded as an excellent design.

In addition, it has also launched a giant box version, which enlarges the size of all accessories. If you like it, it is very suitable as a collection!


If the mechanism is the soul of the board game, the accessories are the bones that support the board game. Although the most common and simple accessories can be used to design fun board games, the expansion of the game dimension of board games by interesting accessories cannot be ignored.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, have you seen any new and interesting accessories? You can discuss with us, maybe you think that special board game accessories will become standard in the future~

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