【Products Recommended】Experience the ice and snow sports-themed board game and cheer for athletes from all over the world in the Winter Olympics!

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which has attracted much attention, is in full swing. The wonderful competitions of seven major events have brought us a lot of shocking pictures. In addition to cheering for athletes, we can also play a board game related to ice and snow sports with our family and friends. Here we will introduce some board game works on related topics.

Ice sports

The ice sports of the Winter Olympics include ice skating, curling and ice hockey.

Skating is also one of the most popular items in the Winter Olympics.

Figure Grand Prix is the first board game with a figure skating theme. In this board game, players control players from six different countries, earn points through two rounds of competition, and compete for the top honor of figure skating queen.

The rules of the game are not complicated. Each player will draw 10 cards in their own turn. Each card has an action and a score. Players need to choose and arrange eight of them to complete a complete set of technical actions. , but must start with a jump and end with a spin, and the same two actions cannot be arranged consecutively. After arranging, score according to the card points and rules.

Of course, to get a high score contains a lot of details, and players also need to properly use the ability of different character cards, which will be very friendly to figure skating fans. However, the game's art and accessories are a bit rudimentary.

Arctic Race takes players to the ice of the North Pole and competes with each other in a unique skating competition.

Each player controls five players with different characteristics to compete with other players. In each round, players choose a card to play at the same time, move their players or take some other actions.

The feature of the game is that the movement of the players and the ice floes will change the layout, making the players have to adapt to changes, and different players will also affect each other.

The game ends when one or more players' three players on their team complete the game, or when there are no ice floes to put in the river, and the player with the most points wins. The game is very interactive, and there are not many things to do in each round, but it still requires comprehensive planning ability and rapid adaptability.

Audiences who don’t know much about this sport may feel a little curious to see the athletes rubbing the ground around the curling on the court. In fact, this is mainly to control the speed and route of the curling.

The board games with the theme of curling basically use skills to simulate the gameplay of real curling competitions, such as board games "Caveman Curling", "Mini Curling Game" and so on.

Of course, in the game, players no longer need to rub the ground beside the curling (swipe the ice), but use the appropriate hand strength to throw the curling from one end to the scoring area on the other side, and the side closest to the center point wins and flies out Boundaries or failure to enter a valid scoring zone is considered void. In addition to controlling the strength and angle, you can also hit the opponent's ball closer to the center of the circle, or throw other curlers to protect your own ball closer to the center of the circle, which is highly interactive and entertaining.

Among them, the layout of "Mini Curling Competition" is scaled down according to the size of the real curling competition venue. It is also matched with miniature curling chess pieces, and the identity has the atmosphere of the competition. Since then, many curling board games have learned from this gameplay.

Ice hockey, also known as ice hockey, is the only ball sport in the Winter Olympics, and it can also be described as one of the most confrontational collective sports in the Winter Olympics.

The board game "Slapshot" puts players in the role of a team manager to manage a hockey team with the goal of winning the championship through multiple games

Each player initially has six players, which are represented by cards with different values. The higher the value, the stronger the ability. In each round, players can trade with other players according to the rules, or draft in the card pool, or force the same player. Players compete.

The game is carried out according to the method of concealing the buttons and opening the numbers at the same time. The team with stronger overall strength has a higher chance of winning, but with good luck, the weak can also win the strong in the way of "Tianji horse racing". Points are earned by winning the game.

There will also be some events throughout the schedule, such as player injuries, which are very realistic. The team that takes the lead at the beginning may not be able to go to the end. Only players who continuously optimize the team composition and play the game at the right time can win the final victory. Although the game is a few years old, it is still interesting.

The two-player board game "Ice Cold Ice Hockey" focuses on simulating a real ice hockey game. The rules of the game are closely combined with the real game rules.

The game includes three attacking cards of passing, sliding and shooting, as well as three defensive cards of defense, blocking and interference. Players initially have five cards in hand, and take turns to perform tactics, start battles, and effective cards. The combination of cards is conducive to the success of shooting and getting points, but in many cases, cards have to be played alone to hinder the opponent's intention. The transition between offense and defense is very fast, and various situations that may occur in ice hockey games will appear in this game.

Snow Sports

The snow sports of the Winter Olympics include four major events: skiing, snowmobile, sledding and biathlon.

The board game "Ski Race" is a parent-child game from South Korea. Players choose one of two number cards to play each round. Divide the current speed by the number played to get the distance moved, and the remainder can be obtained. square. For example, if the speed is 30 per hour, if you play the number 8, you can move forward three steps and get 6 squares.

Through the blocks, players can get some function cards, which can play extra moves, accelerate and decelerate, and make other players retreat. At the same time, the speed will also change in different sections of the track. It has a certain strategy to play, and it can exercise children's skills. Mathematical ability and thinking ability.

The board game "Avalanche at Yeti Mountain" has an interesting backstory. Some engineers invent rocket-powered skis and decide to experiment on snowy mountains, only to be threatened by avalanches and yeti monsters. In order to survive these threats and get to the bottom of the mountain the fastest, everyone has to do everything they can and try a rocket jump that isn't quite stable yet!

The rules of the game are relatively easy to learn, each player secretly plays one or two digital cards, and then adds up these digital cards to see if the total number exceeds the limit, and moves normally if it does not exceed the limit. If it exceeds, the fastest player will crash, and the other players will move according to the numbers they play, and can choose the number of moving steps within the range.

In addition, players can also play cards to perform rocket jumps, move snowmen and avalanches to eliminate other players, and the whole process is very exciting!

The sled race-themed "SNOW TAILS" is well-known in the board game circle. Players act as contestants of the sled race, each driving a sled pulled by two sled dogs to compete in speed.

The biggest feature of the game is that players need to assemble the sled by placing sled cards. These cards determine the forward speed and lateral drift distance of the sled, and then randomly distribute these moving steps during the game.

In addition to the speed competition, there are many restrictions and obstacles on the game map. Players need to avoid the woods, snowdrifts and other people's sleds to avoid speeding and hitting the wall, otherwise they will draw a dent card, if the number of dent cards reaches 5 , the sled damage is eliminated.

The variety of tracks determines that players must adjust their sled composition according to different situations, reasonably allocate the number of moving steps, and compare the players' ability to observe, identify, adapt and choose.

Finally, there is the biathlon that some friends are not very familiar with.

Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and shooting, which tests athlete's skiing skills and shooting ability. It has been a part of the Winter Olympics since its debut at the 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics.

There are quite a few biathlon-themed board games, but the most playable one is Ski Tour: Biathlon, which will be launched in 2020.

Each round of the game is divided into two stages. In the preparation stage, players roll dice and place them in the dice activation area according to the rules. During the race phase, the player takes a row of dice and can choose to pay stamina to take an additional row of dice, then move the same number of steps as those dice count, or shoot as many bullets as the dice count in the shooting area, but cannot be done at the same time.

Whether the shot hits or not is related to stamina and the re-rolled shooting dice, five effective hits are required to advance. Players will repeat these two stages on tracks with different regional characteristics in the board, and the first person to cross the finish line will receive the championship honor, and the other players will have a chance to win silver and bronze medals.

The game combines randomness and strategy very well. How to use the athletes' endurance, spirit and other attributes, how to choose and use the dice reasonably, and what strategies to adopt for different tracks require each player to think carefully.

Life is endless and sports are endless. The passionate and energetic ice and snow sports are not only full of ornamental value, but also make people yearn to participate in it.

Although ice and snow sports may not be suitable for adaptation into board games, there are still many excellent themed works to meet players under the careful production of designers. Looking forward to more board game works that satisfy players in the future.

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