【Products Recommended】How to Play A Game During COVID-19 and Related Protective Measures

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, school factory companies have gradually begun to stop operations to varying degrees, which has also made everyone enter the home mode. We are also forced to have a lot of free time to do things that we usually do not have time to complete, such as watching a TV series, reading some books we like or cooking some dishes. Of course, we also miss D & D games very much, but since we can't get too intensive now, we can play a game through video, although there is no immersive feeling. If we want a face-to-face intense game, then I think we need the following products.

1.Face Mask

As if overnight, masks suddenly broke into people's lives. From the official to the folk, masks were used as the most important epidemic prevention supplies, and wearing masks was the most important means of epidemic prevention. Perhaps there are some differences in ideas before, that people who are sick need to wear masks, and those who are not sick are not only useless, but also have a bad perception. It can be said that there is even a culture that excludes masks. But the arrival of this epidemic has made masks a necessity for people to meet on the go.

If we want to play a D & D game, then masks must exist. It's not that we are sick, but that we are responsible for ourselves and others, because you don't know if you will encounter infected people on your way to the party. To some extent, masks can prevent the transmission of the virus. Of course, there is no need to buy expensive masks, such as N95, general medical masks can be.

Note that the frequency of mask replacement depends on the following:
a, Good masks such as N95, KF94, etc. can be reused for 2-3 days; general civilian or medical masks, without modification or not going to crowded places, can also be used 2-3 times.
b. In the case of insufficient mask resources, the used masks can also be disinfected and reused. Of course, it is disinfected by ultraviolet light.

2.Liquid soap

Many daily activities of people are completed by two hands, there are many things to touch, and there are many kinds of stains. Therefore, hand washing is the most frequent occurrence in people's daily hygiene. As a special cleaning and care product for hand washing, hand sanitizer enhances the cleaning effect of hand washing to a certain extent, and cooperates with water flow to remove dirt and attached bacteria on the hand. Of course, there are also hand-free hand sanitizers to facilitate hand cleaning during the game or after the game.

3.D&D Dice

As an indispensable item in the game to determine the direction of the game, this particular thing becomes particularly important. If playing a game, I recommend that everyone bring their own dice so that we can not touch the dice of other people during the game, avoid direct contact to a certain extent, and make the game better. At the same time, you can show your unique dice collection to other players.

4.D&D Dice Tower

In the past, we always threw dice on the table. We should pay attention to the angle. In case your dice is naughty, running around on the table and grabbing it back is a tedious thing. The appearance of the dice tower makes it more reasonable to roll the dice. In addition, I found that this type of dice tower also comes with a tray, which makes it realize the function of throwing, and it also has the function of storing the dice.

5.D&D Urban Accessories Set

Say goodbye to traditional paper maps. The combination of these gadgets allows you to DIY your own set of 3D maps. Your character can take risks in it, or observe the terrain more intuitively and play a tense and exciting game. It is no longer a plain 2D game. At the same time, you can also make it your favorite color to make your game scene more colorful.

A complete set of gates, walls, sentry towers and other combinations are enough for you to build a huge castle map for a brave adventure

6.D&D Fantasy Miniatures

The dragon slowly wakes from its slumber, and deep within the flesh, its flames begin to build. Rumors begin to spread across the land saying the wizard has come down from the mountains, and he is looking for heroes. Whispers drift on the winds as the gods call their faithful to arms once again. Players everywhere begin to warm up their dice, while dungeon masters cackle evilly behind their screens.

The D&D Starter Set includes six miniatures, includes a gold dwarf female cleric, drow elf ranger Drizzt, a lightfoot halfling rogue, a human ranger, a Northlands fighter, and a sun elf female wizard. Each mini has a moderate amount of detail adding utility as they can easily be used to represent other types of races and classes without stretching the imagination too far.

7.D&D Mausoleum Miniature

The cemetery, a place for final rest, a place for mourning, and when the moon turns red, and the fog rolls in, a place for the dead to rise and terrorize the town.

Your adventurers reach a dark and foreboding mausoleum. What undead horrors await?

The roof can be removed to allow access to the coffins found within. Even has a secret entrance leading to the crypts inside of the sarcophagus. As with the rest of our dungeon line, these are designed to be modular and stylized to blend seamlessly with the rest of your collection. Everything is made of birch plywood which ensures durability and makes painting easy.

8.D&D Cone Spell AOE Template

Have you ever been playing a good session of Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons when the wizard decided to cast multiple fireballs into a room full of creatures? Did you have to dig out the book after arguing about who and what was hit, waiting for the player to pick the perfect drop location and have to remeasure it 15 times so he didn't hit everyone in the party as well? With our Area Of Effect markers, you won't have to worry about that anymore. Make sure you're out of the way from now on! Next time you try to dodge an explosion, make sure you know what a "60 ft circle" really is in game squares and how to find the origin point of the splash on a grid.

The perfect way to map out where your spells will hit in Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Pathfinder, and many other TTRPGs.

Some spells are hard to calculate the AoE on a square grid map. Use these Spell Marker Templates to place over your map and easily see what creatures or players are inside the spell's AoE.

9.D&D Numbered Markers 

With this D&D Numbered Markers, combat is fluid, management is easy, and confusion is a thing of the past. They fit miniatures easily, make running battles a breeze, and can last for years. Seriously, no more... "Wait, is that the orc who took 15 damage, or the one who's stunned?"

Numbered Creature Rings are acrylic rings printed with numbers, each ring numbered between 1 and 30. They're used for numbering your bad guys and monsters so you always know which minis are which (helpful in tracking hit points, knowing which minis can use certain abilities, etc.). For example, your big boss could be number 1, the three warlords could be numbers 2-5, the nine grunts could be numbers 6-13, etc. This is especially useful if your minis all look similar, or if you have a lot of them.

Number your monsters to stop wasting time finding them during combat encounters!

10.D&D DM Screen
As an indispensable screen for DM, there are already many materials on the market, but this wooden one is very distinctive in my opinion.At the same time, it can also play a certain protective role, after all, it can form a barrier in front of you.

4mm thick wooden boards, with old bronze fittings, give the entire screen an antique charm. On the front is the pattern of the brave vs. the evil dragon, and there is a magical Arabic next to it (I still don't understand what the designers mean). Maybe, that is a spell that opens a treasure?

Although it is difficult to assemble and takes a long time, when it is completely presented in front of your eyes, you will feel extremely proud. You have carried out such a difficult operation. What other adventures in the D & D world can't you conquer?

All in all, the arrival of COVID-19 is unstoppable. All we could do at that time was to protect ourselves and respond to the epidemic in all aspects without disturbing society. I believe that human beings can defeat this terrible demon and usher in the dawn of dawn.

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