【Products Recommended】Summer is Hot, But can't Stop The Enthusiasm of The Game

In the hot summer, it is always uninteresting to go out and play. After all, we can't fight the sun with thousands of degrees Celsius, although it reaches the earth with only a few dozen degrees Celsius left. Of course, pay attention to sunscreen

But the hot summer can't stop our love for games. Without further ado, let's introduce some small props for everyone; perhaps, this time is really small.

Lucky Horseshoe & Glitter Dice
In Western tales, the horseshoe symbolizes luck; in games, the number of points on the dice determines whether you are going in the right direction. The result of the combination of the two is to let you throw your lucky points and directions in the game.

This horseshoe dice is in the form of sharp corners. The angular shape hides a round horseshoe inside, which means that under the exposed image, there is a round heart. Whether we are in the game or in the process of life, this is an indispensable personality.
The standard 7-Die polyhedral RPG dice set contains D20, D12, D00(D%), D10, D8, D6 and D4. Be the envy of your party with our quality dice, it would be a huge hit with your group.

The metal horseshoe is covered with hard resin, allowing you to enjoy the double collision of metal and resin during the throwing process.

6mm Micro Polyhedral Dice Set

Smaller! Smaller! ! Smaller! ! !
Do you like absolutely teeny tiny things & feeling like a giant? Want some miniature dice for your doll?

Do you always run out of space when DMing an adventure?

In the world of dice that are all giants, there is a dwarf - CZYY mini metal dice; only 6mm in diameter, making it look so petite and endearing.

Beautifully packaged with a pocket watch box, you can take it anywhere, anytime. When you are confused, take out the "dwarf" and throw a satisfactory number; when you carry it, the tinkling sound brings you musical enjoyment.

The hard metal material and exquisite digital engraving make this little dice delicate and beautiful.

DND Mini Dice Tower 

How can the "dwarf" dice be without a castle?
Three dice towers give the dwarves the house: Cthulhu, dragon or mimic shape, small and exquisite

This is an ultra-small dice tower used to roll dice for games. Assembled, it is 3.1" (80mm) high, 3.4" (86mm) long, and 1.3" (33mm) wide. Ended up just the right size for tiny 10mm dice! They come un-assembled but are easy and fun to put together with the enclosed instructions. No glue is needed! These are precision-crafted, laser-carved dice towers just like their bigger counterparts.
Although it is small, it has all the functions it should have; it is also convenient for you to carry and show your special dice tower to your friends.

DND Dragon Dice Tray Holder 
The dragon is sleeping, and what it embraces is the treasure it has collected from all over the world, and I think no one can snatch it from the ferocious hand.

Just let this sleeping dragons lie, in this case, a beautifully sculptured dragon curling itself to protect the treasures within. With incredibly detailed scales, ripped spine and razor sharp wing tip, this fearsome dragon is a foreboding sight to would be intruders. Certain to be a conversation piece at your next game night, this impressive decoration doubles up as an dice jail, dice and coins holder too.

It will make a real splash at the game table!

5.DND Dungeon Master Screen

The majestic dragon is roaring at the castle on the top of the hill, because its castle is taken, or because it has come to seek golden treasures? We don't know.
Exquisite relief techniques make dragons, mimic chests and castles come to life as if they were about to fly out of the screen.

The provided inner page can meet the basic game needs, and you can learn some simple rules from the above. Of course, for skilled DMs, they have more professional screen interior pages.

The oversized size allows DMs to flex their talents behind the screen, allowing players to enjoy a hearty game.
It also comes with a carrying case which will really help maintain the finish over the years. And built for DMs on the go, this D&D screen folds down to 9" x 12" by 0.5" to fit inside this case with room to spare.

People don't necessarily like to read too much text, so I won't make people dislike it. The benefits of these small props need to be understood by themselves. If you have any experience in using them, you are welcome to share them with me.

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