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5 Items About DIY Products That Will Impress You and Your Friends

"Do it yourself" ("DIY") is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. Academic research describes DIY as behaviors where "individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment (e.g., landscaping)".

As we all known, our lives are expressed and enjoyed through the use of our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.  For our kids, sensory play is an essential part of early childhood development.  Children grow emotionally and physically through sensory exploration.  It sparks joy, stimulates creativity, and fosters cognitive and linguistic development.  Children who learn through their senses also learn to appreciate them throughout their lives.  These kids grow up in touch with the world around them.
Not only children, but adults can also gain a sense of accomplishment from the DIY process so that they can face the difficulties they encounter more confidently in their daily lives. At the same time, appropriate DIY activities can also relieve stress and achieve self-reliance. Of course, you need to have the patience to carry out this activity.
Here are some good DIY products.

1.Crossbow Toy

It is a kind of cold weapon in ancient times and an important part of the ancient warfare method. It is a weapon for infantry to effectively restrain the cavalry. "Nu" is also known as “the bow” and “crossbow”. An ancient weapon used for archery. It is a bow with arms, mainly composed of the arm, the arch, the bow and the bow. Although the loading time of the cockroach is much longer than the bow, it is farther than the range of the bow, it has stronger lethality, higher hit rate and lower requirements for users. It is a powerful long-distance killing weapon in ancient times.。

Toothpick Crossbow,the shape of the bow, also known as the toothpick slingshot, toothpick launcher, metal texture, palm size, function and real bow similar, slightly different is that the "arrow" launched by this is a toothpick. The size of the "toothpick" is about 10cm x 13cm. It is made of all-metal material and has a trigger. As long as the toothpick is hard enough, it can penetrate the cans at close range. Different styles of "toothpick picks" have different ranges and the longest range is up to 20 meters.

A toothpick crossbow is recommended here (as shown),CZYY DIY Cotton Bud Crossbow ,Need to start according to the figure of their own assembly, the ability to train operation, is a good product DIY.  Just Pull Back the String and Fire,Use a cotton swab or a toothpick,Practice Target, Mock Scope.Can play, can also be display on the desktop.Cotton Bud,relatively safe, it won't hurt others.
Of course, this product is still dangerous to a certain extent. Children need to use it under the supervision of an adult. Adults also need to pay attention to their behavior and not to hurt others.

2.Car Model

Every man has a very strange love for the car, as if he is born with, some people gradually lose interest in these with the age change, some will last a lifetime, the engine roar seems to detonate the young blood.
In 1914, the Ford Motor Company of the United States competed with GM to produce the world's first models. Ford also sold a T-car to the carmaker and presented it with a small model of the T-car. Since then, various automakers have introduced models of the same model at the same time as new cars are launched.It is not like a model toy, as long as the line is similar to the original car, with a movable function, it is biased towards the pursuit of fun, to meet the psychology of the game; but in the body paint, engine, gearbox, wheels, lights, mirrors, etc. They are all made to resemble real cars.The car model ratio refers to the proportion of the car model manufacturers strictly reduced according to the size of the real car, the common ratio is 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, 1:64, taking the car as an example 1 :12=40cm, 1:18=25cm, 1:24=18cm, 1:43=10cm, 1:64=7cm, other models can find the true car length The model length is derived at 18 (and so on). There are also a variety of car models in the market, you can buy the finished product directly, you can also buy back DIY.
Today, the collection of car models has become a new fashion, collectors have tasted a rich car culture from the dreamy car model kingdom.


Jigsaw puzzles are a popular intellectual game. It is very varied and difficult to make people play.
Personalized puzzles are not just a photo, but a story, a memory, and a warmth. Each piece of a piece has its own position, just like every piece of memory has its own story. You have to put it in an exclusive place, and when you put it right, you will gradually enrich it. If you put it wrong, you may feel it is incomplete.

You can take the deepest part of your memory, it can be a photo you love, it can be your most memorable moment, make a puzzle, and put together the memories in the season of missing, recombine the memories scattered. Warm your fingertips and sip the most beautiful sway in the heart of the lake. The finished puzzle can be glued up as an ornament to hang on the wall for viewing.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the United States hosted several jigsaw puzzles sponsored by puzzle makers in Ascension, Ohio. The Renoir Puzzle Culture Square Company in Taiwan also organizes Jigsaw-related competitions every year. There are individual marathon puzzles for an individual (adult group, children group), doubles and even 4-6 people. It can be said that Taiwan puzzle lovers A big event. The world's largest product puzzle is the Spanish “Educa” “Vida” puzzle, with a size of 24,000 pieces/set, a frame size of 428×157cm, and art designer Royce B. McClure.

4.Cloud Light
Often imagine the clouds in the sky, and now you can have a scene lighting like a dream. Beautiful and romantic cloud lights, sleep with you and bring you a good dream.

These enchanting clouds are the perfect way to add dreamy, atmospheric ambiance to any space! Beautiful Cloud Light with multi-functioning LED lights and remote. The beautiful addition to any room at home or in an office, lobby, lounge, gallery, etc. These clouds are eye-catching and mesmerizing and emulate real life clouds. Especially wonderful as a night light in a bedroom or nursery. Soft and peaceful lighting for baby! 

Now you can buy a variety of shapes on the market, shining clouds of various lights; of course, you can also find the materials, DIY own cloud lights.

5.Fidget Spinner

Beginning in August 2016, the fidget spinner has been hitting the world like a hurricane, and the streets and alleys have become popular, everyone is starting to play this product. A variety of fidget spinners appeared at one time: metal, plastic, 3D, wooden, rectangular, trigonal, round, etc. Its main function is to reduce the pressure on the user and to relieve the mood. Whether it has a role, it is a matter of opinion. However, the colorful shape is a good collection, and you can turn it when you are bored and feel the different mood. Although the product gradually faded out of our vision for various reasons, it is undeniable that it brought us crazy during that time. There are still a lot of DIY videos on Youtube. If you are interested, you can go and find and create your own collections.

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