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Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow

Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow Item NO: TP001

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Product Name Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow
Item NO TP001
Weight 0.3000 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
Category Toys & Games
Tag Crossbow , Toothpick Crossbow
Brand CZYY
Creation time 2017-12-01


Covfefe CZYY DIY CROSSBOW prohibits purchases under 18 years of age. 

This product is limited to learning and communicating. Do not aim at the person or pet during the test. 

Color:As shown in picture 



Package Included: 

2018 new cotton crossbow, CZYY for string part upgrade reinforcement. In case of falling off. If you fall off, please contact the seller. We'll be at your service for the first time. 

※The Smallest of the crossbow DIY Toys, Top Children's Kid's Toy Crossbow Dart Play Set. 

※Need to start according to the figure of their own assembly, the ability to train operation, is a good product DIY. 

※No Batteries Required, Just Pull Back the String and Fire,Use a cotton swab or a toothpick,Practice Target, Mock Scope. ※Approx. Dimensions, Length: 12cm, Width: 10cm,Can play, can also be display on the desktop.



High quality, super accurate with barnett 22 inch headhunters and 100 gr spitfire heads, Im shooting 2 inch groups at 50 yards.


Pen Name

Barnett Ghost 420 is by far the best bow you can get for the money ! The quality is second to none. Also Barnett's staff took great care of me when I had questions about the crossbow.


Ryan Nevious

Pretty accurate and fun to play around with. The only downside are the bb’s aren’t the normal size of regular bb’s you buy from the store so they don’t go in the loading hole. You can slide them in from the front though.



Very great product


Monique Cruz

Love it, test it out and it worked great.



Fast ass heck. A little complicated to put together but all in all it's a great bow. Couldn't be happier. It did come looking like it had been slightly used already tho. Not sure tho. Scope is amazing a little hard to cock the thing if u buy one make sure u have some muscle


Kevin Smith

The bb’s is on the right came with it an the fit In the hole in the top of the bow an the bb’s on the left that are your normal 4.5 MM you can get at Walmart now they do not load in the top they are to big for that butttt they do load from the front an shoot no problems at all. Now toothpicks you need a bit larger then normal with a flat back I got mine to shoot fine. An the arrows it comes with (5) are good for a dart board from 15 feet of you try like 8-10 feet you may brake them I broke one of mine so do get the spare arrows That they sell it is worth it Price was a little high and normally I don’t buy stuff like this but I’m having fun with it and it was so simple to set up if it takes you more than 10 minutes there’s a problem


Kevin Bovee

I was expecting it to be smaller and less well made honestly. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality feel of the crossbow.

I did wish it had a little more power, but it has plenty to send a BB or a little bolt across the room. The bolts will stick in drywall from 5-10 feet or so but farther than that it will just bounce off.

The BBs it comes with are slightly smaller than standard 0.177 BBs, the 0.177 will not fit through the top hole for loading but you can load them from the front and they shoot well.

Dont bother with the wooden toothpicks, they dont shoot well out of this.


james barnett

I like this it works just fine !


L. Winslet

For the money this toy was great fun and quite durable, powerful enough to be exciting but not too harmful! Probably not suited to young children.



Robust works well


Andrej Kurlovic

Great fun. Your kids will enjoy it



This one fast crossbow. Easy set up and easy pull to cock it. I have yet to take it hunting but target shooting has been optimal. You do need a need target if it is not rated for the speed.


Deana Bohannon

My husband loves the bow but was a little disappointed with scope. It didn’t have the dots in the site to set the distance, otherwise it’s good.


Mr M P Maidment

Very well made. Nice and sturdy. Looks and feels much more deadly than it actually is. Just two downsides. The string wears out quite quickly due to the action. Easy to replace though. Would have been nice to have had a spare string!!
If you point the bow at the ground the bolts drop out. More annoying than anything else.


Martin Hughes Michelle Hughes

We bought this for my yong son. He loves it - safe little cross bow arrows and jus the right size. Also good quality.


Claudia Feraboli

What a crossbow! Very very strong.
Pew Pew!



It was easy to put together. Don't shoot at hay bails! You'll lose your bolt! You need a good target to sight it in. Shot fast and wasn't that loud.



This is a high quality mini crossbow. Its great for small game and just having some fun with targets. Delivery time was very fast.


Kindle Customer

Although I have yet to make my first kill with it absolutely love it. Considering I didn’t purchase it until the end of this last season I have had plenty of opportunity to practice and have yet to experience any problems.