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CZYY Spell AOE Damage Marker for 1  Grid or Hex Tabletop Game Mat Acrylic D&D Area Effect Template - RPG Gaming Accessories Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Other TTRPGs

CZYY Spell AOE Damage Marker for 1 Grid or Hex Tabletop Game Mat Acrylic D&D Area Effect Template - RPG Gaming Accessories Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Other TTRPGs Item NO.: DT01

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Product Name CZYY Spell AOE Damage Marker for 1 Grid or Hex Tabletop Game Mat Acrylic D&D Area Effect Template - RPG Gaming Accessories Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Other TTRPGs
Item NO. DT01
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Tag AOE Damage Marker , Area Effect Template , AOE Spell Template
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2019-05-29

  • ESSENTIAL FOR TABLE TOP RPG: This transparent spell template will help You and Your players streamline and visualize spell and other AoE effects during combat. A simple spell solution to maximize your game and speed you through with accuracy - great for DND, Pathfinder, and other RPGs. The only spell template you'll need!

    EASY MEASURING FOR BATTLES: This tool has the ability to measure 20ft, 15ft, 10ft, and 5ft radiuses with ease.You will also find 20ft & 10ft cube, a 15ft cone. One of the coolest features is the ability to truly randomize direction with a 1 through 12 directional markers. This template is transparent so you can see the battlefield through it to see which miniatures are affected. Take all the guesswork out of AoE, just enjoying fun and happy spellcasting!

    GENERAL DESIGN, FITS MOST BATTLE MAPS: Every game is different, but the spells remain the same. This 8-inch clear plastic spell damage template is perfect for 1 inch grid square or hex role-playing terrain or battle mats.

    EXCELLENTLY-DESIGNED & STURDILY-BUILT: This piece is beautifully cut from hardy plexiglass, and paint-filled engraved with D20 directional markers and Dragon. Your group will wow by the craftsmanship and design, and it will fight alongside you through countless game nights!

    IDEAL GIFT FOR TABLETOP GAMERS: Looks, feels, and works all are great! These make a unique gift for any game master or dungeon master to show their professionalism. It's a great addition to beginner & veteran player's toolkit!

    Have you ever been playing a good session of Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons when the wizard decided to cast multiple fireballs into a room full of creatures? Did you have to dig out the book after arguing about who and what was hit, waiting for the player to pick the perfect drop location and have to remeasure it 15 times so he didn't hit everyone in the party as well? With our Area Of Effect markers, you won't have to worry about that anymore. Make sure you're out of the way from now on! Next time you try to dodge an explosion, make sure you know what a "20 ft circle" really is in game squares and how to find the origin point of the splash on a grid.

    The perfect way to map out where your spells will hit in Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Pathfinder, and many other TTRPGs.
    Some spells are hard to calculate the AoE on a square grid map. Use these Spell Marker Templates to place over your map and easily see what creatures or players are inside the spell's AoE.

    The Spell Template Includes:
    - 5' radius
    - 10' radius

    - 15' radius
    - 20' radius
    - 10' cube
    - 20' cube
    - 15' cone
    - D12 scatter markers

    All Spell Markers are crafted with a scale of 1" = 5ft.



This AOE marker has multiple ranges that are clearly listed. It is easy to hold of a battle map or terrain and gauge what may or may not be in range. It is simple, effective, and well made.



I think the cube area template works just fine.In the photos they provide, they have 4 of them out together, flat on a table.To get the Cube Area, just place the the corner of the template, at the center of spell effect area.Rotate the template 3 times, 90 degrees and mark off the area on your game map.Simple enough.Maybe the effect is on ground level centered on you and you want to gauge the area above you.This is exactly the template you are looking for!Heck, you've even got a 120' cube template here! (Can't say that I've encountered a spell that can do that, yet.) But, how else would you do that? This template would have to be 4 times as large! lol.I think this works just fine.Just remember that the corner is the center point of your cube and you're good to go and this template is accurate!Unless I'm missing something, I haven't had my coffee yet.I'm glad to see the cone template is accurate as well (in 2 dimensions.)Most are not. This template marks the method used to define the cone's area effect with blue lines.(This should be a 3D effect, but most minis on the map are at ground level right? Well, what if you're flying? Hmmm. Would this cone hit? Maybe not. Maybe there is another, more accurate template. Or maybe that's just getting a bit too bogged down into the game mechanics. Theater of the Mind time! Roll that Dex Save with advantage!)The cone effect area shouldn't use the blue line to mark far edge of the effect's area on the left or right sides.That would make the sides of the cone longer than the center.The effect is not a triangle, it's a cone.Like an ice cream cone. :)The sides of the cone should be the same length as the center line. Most templates get this wrong. I used to use a drawing compass with a dry erase marker instead of a pencil to mark the area effect. (When we were needing accuracy.) This template is much easier than that. A cone extends in a direction you choose from its point of origin. A cone's width at a given point along its length is equal to that point's distance from the point of origin. A cone's area of effect specifies its maximum length.A cone's point of origin is not included in the cone's area of effect, unless you decide otherwise. -5E PHBThis is why the blue lines are on the template. It is for calculating the width of the arc.I do have another smaller template from another company for the sphere, circle and cube template. It is thicker and I can't see it ever breaking from normal use. That one will probably be used just as much as this one. It's a smaller template for smaller areas.I wish this template was a bit thicker. It bends, just by holding by the corner in the air horizontally. I just know this thing is going to break.It's longer/wider than a 3 ring binder.Despite it's thin plastic, it will be a welcome addition to the table. I think if I broke it, I'd buy it again, but If another company made the same thing, but with thicker plastic, I'd buy the one that was thicker at a slightly higher price.



Helps when you need to do cones and aoe spells.



The day I received it I used during session, very useful. Easy to read and easy to use.



Works great



The product is exactly what I was looking for! I have included a picture of my character mini on the board, to show that the scale is just right. The product is minus one star because the protective film wrap over the tools is applied so tightly and so firmly that for a second i thought the decal had been applied backwards.



Has all the different spell effects info we need when playing d&d. Shared the link with a couple of friends who also run games. Was perfect for my sessions



Perfect for my in home games



Great product will recommend to others and will be ordering again. Very impressed!



Got this for my family that plays quite a bit of dnd. We also use 3d printed wire frame blasting templates as well. Overall my family ended up liking the disc better, so I'd give this an easy 5 stars for winning that race. As far as construction, it's a nice thick piece of plastic, so it can take any amount of dropping with little concern.



The product came in scratched. It fully works tho so it’s not a deal breaker for me



Definetly helps woth determininb range, but mine has the bright color side on it backwards so if we want to see it clearly its mirrored. Or we have to look at it through the other side.



This template is neat, spell effect cones, diameter, and cube all marked along with 1-20 along the outer edge to represent a thrown or middle miss direction



Super handy! I love using this. It's tiny and sturdy, I just throw it into my backpack for the session. Easy to use and read would fully recommend for any spellcasters.



Very handy to have for a DnD game



Excellent design. Covers all but 60' cone, but because of that, it fits in a pack. Product was CZYY spell AOE.






Really like this product. It will make my gaming much easier to referee.



This Item is amazing! I was expecting a flimsy piece of sheet plastic but this is sturdy.



This was the perfect template for my group. We have 4 spellcasters (2 actual and 2 that have spells) and they always get confused on cones or distance of their spells.