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Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon Carving Easy Roller Perfect for Board Game, D&D and RPG

Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon Carving Easy Roller Perfect for Board Game, D&D and RPG Item NO: DE03

US$ 16.99

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Product Name Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon Carving Easy Roller Perfect for Board Game, D&D and RPG
Item NO DE03
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Brand CZYY
Creation time 2019-03-18

CASTLE DESIGN: This tower has been precisely cut and decorated with a high-powered laser engraver - It is adorned with a classic Dungeons & Dragons motif; Abjuration are engraved on the sides; On the tower front, the Dragon ampersand is deeply engraved over the dungeon, with the magiccircle adorning the tray front.
PORTABLE AND OCCUPY LESS SPACE: 6.3" tall, 2.3" square pieces. The tray is also 2.3" square. It is perfect for tabletop gaming without taking up much space. You can fold the tower portion up into the base tray, so you can store your lucky dice inside it and carry it where ever you go.
EASY TO ROLL: Dice size up to a standard d20 can be rolled through. Even a full set of dice can be drop in the tower and roll to the tray without issue.
RANDOMIZED AND UNDISPUTED: There are three intersecting steps for the dice to clatter around in the tower, so does a good job of producing a random result. Dice results are less likely to be argued after use our wooden dice tower!
LESS TROUBLE: Using the dnd dice tower is much better than rolling on a table, no more dice flying off the table and no interference. Do not let your dice simply fall on the table, let them trundle down this cool tower!

Keep your game pieces in place, your counters properly counting, and landscape scenery intact with this laser-engraved dice tower. Control your gaming environment and keep wild dice throws to a minimum! This dice tower is made of quality plywood and engraved with laser technology. Crafted of high-quality materials, this tower is sure to last many gaming sessions!

The tower comes as a bunch of flat wood pieces, that you can easily fit them together by screws. Once complete, it's solid, nice looking, and compact. You will be glad to buy it!

2.3" Wide, 6.4" Long, 6.3" Tall(Standing); 3" Wide, 6.3" Long, 2.6" Tall(Folded)

- Made from birch plywood
- Made with Laser-cut Precision
- Made to last a lifetime
- No more chasing dice off the table
- Engineered to not need a dice tray
- Easy to assemble(Includes screwdriver and screws)
- Portable, rolls awesome and it's not too loud.

Imagine if you will, and you hear the dungeon master call out "The necromancers dark chant rises, and the spell shoots towards you in a dark green blur. It hits you in a flash! I need a roll." You know as you grab your dice this is a do or die moment. You could roll them on the table, but before you is a fantasy inspired dice tower! Victory is near as your dice drops and you hear the echoes if the plastic on wood! The entire table waits, eagerly waiting to see if you survive!



I didn't realize I had to assemble it. I thought it came already put together


Glenda Powell

I absolutely love this tower. The craftsmanship on the tower is awesome. Yes,I will tell how nice it is to everyone I know.


Audreyana Vanderwey

I purchased this as a gift for friend. Upon reading it can be a little tricky to assemble, I decided I would build it, and then wrap it for them. It is a very cool piece! I totally suggest watching the video about assembling it before actually doing so. The paper directions are vague when it comes to the middle section. The only thing that disappointed me was that I received two pretty warped pieces. I was able to get them to work, but I easily could have broken it If I wasn’t being very careful. Also, it would have been cool if it was bigger, but I know my friends are going to love it. Very happy with the finished piece!


Vanessa Kelly

Overall I love this tower. I wish the wood was a little thicker though. When assembling it the screws were a wide enough diameter that sometimes (even when I was very careful with my alignment and got the screw in the exact center) the screw would cause the decorative bricks to chip off. If they could redesign it with slightly thicker walls it probably wouldn't have this problem. I know it would make the whole tower bigger and potentially more expensive, but I would have still bought it.


Amber McDaniel

Works great and was easy to put together.



This thing has little screws in it so sections don't randomly fall out. It holds together very well. It has held up to heavier metal dice.


Kayla Gonzales

Was a gift for a friend


Joe Koenen

It is finally made, and quite delicate. The holes are pre-drilled for the brads, and it was quite easy to assemble. During assembly, you should be careful not to split the wood despite the pre-drilling, but once it's assembled it's pretty sturdy and I have enjoyed it very much. I use it every week for my regular D&D session. It didn't improve my rolls, but it did make me look a lot cooler when rolling.



I cute gift for my son, who loves to play Dungeon and Dragons. It seems to be made of a balsa wood, and light weight. The design is very intricate for the price. He loves it. My husband put it together, and mentioned that some of the fittings were slightly off, but nothing major.



Like !


Jose F Alvarez

Works good but for the price it was extremely small


Lisa Auger

Exactly what I was looking for in a dice tower. Works great, and I had a ton of fun painting it.



Super easy assembly. Took less than 30 minutes. This will make game nights more enjoyable for sure



I'm in love with this dice tower. Easy to put together, I did it while very hung over from the night before, in about 5 minutes. Big hit with everyone.


Scott A. Gardner

I'm using this as a giveaway at a tabletop gaming convention. It looks good, but it goes together with tiny screws, and they don't always go straight into the (very thin) wood edges. A couple of them bulged out the sides of the board they screwed into, and one came right out the side. If I were to put another one together, I'd use wood glue along most of the edges, and the screws only at the corners. I think the next one I give away will be one a bit nicer, maybe pre-assembled.


Richard Corey

Of course assembly is required. But the screws and screwdriver is included. Assembly is very easy! Great construction and the laser cut detailing is really cool. My second item ftom them. Great seller!


L. G.

As stated in other reviews, the screws don't go all the way in and strip out very easily. That being said, the design is fun and it gets used multiple times a week in our D&D games. Seems to be holding up so far



Would give again if i had another late-teen niece starting to play DND... but this is the last one... they all grow up so fast. Anyway... she actually had to have someone show her how it worked... I would have just told her it was so easy a baby bird could fall out of a tree and be a good example... but thankfully she has an older sister that already played games with a dice tower with us.



First saw these at a LARP event. After playing a game of left/right/center with Grandkids, & constantly picking up dice off the floor or ducking them, I bought 1 for each family. Would have given them 5 stars all around but they ARE expensive for what they are but look GREAT. I thought they'd have to be glued together but screws? So sturdy and very well designed and engineered. Over all very impressed and worth the price.


Chris Ivins

I LOVE it! With careful assembly, the tower goes together with no problems, just take it slow and steady, don't rush or force anything, it is a good idea to use a needle file to sand down the interlocking joint pieces and gently test-fit as you go. I painted the inner baffle panels & arrows(with the laser-engraved directional arrows, I just COULDN'T leave them plain ) as well as the dragon, windows and gate for some contrast. I might eventually paint all of the brickwork and other emblems, though the engraving is VERY fine. I have already tested it at my friend's house playing Munchkin, and it works great, though the dice on the wood is a little louder than I thought it would be. All-in-all, I am VERY pleased with the dice tower, and I enjoyed assembling it, I recommend it with no hesitation or reservations.