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Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon Carving Easy Roller Perfect for Board Game, D&D and RPG

Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon Carving Easy Roller Perfect for Board Game, D&D and RPG Item NO.: DE03

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US$ 16.99

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Product Name Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut Dragon Carving Easy Roller Perfect for Board Game, D&D and RPG
Item NO. DE03
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2019-03-18

The following product installation instructions are attached, you can watch or download online. If you have any doubts, you can watch our YouTube video.


CASTLE DESIGN: This tower has been precisely cut and decorated with a high-powered laser engraver - It is adorned with a classic Dungeons & Dragons motif; Abjuration are engraved on the sides; On the tower front, the Dragon ampersand is deeply engraved over the dungeon, with the magiccircle adorning the tray front.

PORTABLE AND OCCUPY LESS SPACE: 6.3" tall, 2.3" square pieces. The tray is also 2.3" square. It is perfect for tabletop gaming without taking up much space. You can fold the tower portion up into the base tray, so you can store your lucky dice inside it and carry it where ever you go.
EASY TO ROLL: Dice size up to a standard d20 can be rolled through. Even a full set of dice can be drop in the tower and roll to the tray without issue.
RANDOMIZED AND UNDISPUTED: There are three intersecting steps for the dice to clatter around in the tower, so does a good job of producing a random result. Dice results are less likely to be argued after use our wooden dice tower!
LESS TROUBLE: Using the dnd dice tower is much better than rolling on a table, no more dice flying off the table and no interference. Do not let your dice simply fall on the table, let them trundle down this cool tower!

Keep your game pieces in place, your counters properly counting, and landscape scenery intact with this laser-engraved dice tower. Control your gaming environment and keep wild dice throws to a minimum! This dice tower is made of quality plywood and engraved with laser technology. Crafted of high-quality materials, this tower is sure to last many gaming sessions!

The tower comes as a bunch of flat wood pieces, that you can easily fit them together by screws. Once complete, it's solid, nice looking, and compact. You will be glad to buy it!

2.3" Wide, 6.4" Long, 6.3" Tall(Standing); 3" Wide, 6.3" Long, 2.6" Tall(Folded)

- Made from birch plywood
- Made with Laser-cut Precision
- Made to last a lifetime
- No more chasing dice off the table
- Engineered to not need a dice tray
- Easy to assemble(Includes screwdriver and screws)
- Portable, rolls awesome and it's not too loud.

Imagine if you will, and you hear the dungeon master call out "The necromancers dark chant rises, and the spell shoots towards you in a dark green blur. It hits you in a flash! I need a roll." You know as you grab your dice this is a do or die moment. You could roll them on the table, but before you is a fantasy inspired dice tower! Victory is near as your dice drops and you hear the echoes if the plastic on wood! The entire table waits, eagerly waiting to see if you survive!



Fairly easy assembly, rolls dice, budget quality for a budget price



Couldn't be happier. I wanted a dice tower for the RPG I've been running with my family and young kids (5 and 7yrs), since they tend to either throw the dice, or drop them flat. They love the sound and the design, and it keeps things in one place.I would NOT say it is very durable, and tossing it in a bag is likely to damage it. But for at home table top games and RPGs, it's perfect, adn the price can't be beat.PRO TIP: Make sure your screws go in STRAIGHT. They can easily come out the side of the wood piece you're screwing into. Pilot holes would have helped, but this is NOT a complaint, as much as user error.



Easy to assemble and great for travel. The material is a little thin, so I don’t know how it will be for longevity, but I’ve been very pleased with it so far and it’s been a lot of fun during our game nights.



My son loves this dice tower! Looks good put together and serves as desk Decor when it’s not D and D night



Nice little dice tower, keeps dice contained in tray instead of spilling out on floor or table. Double plus good for looks.



Purchased as a Gift. Everything was as described and arrived on time. We haven’t heard anything negative from our recipient so you’ll get 5 stars from us and we’ll update our review should we hear anything with use or product as time goes by.



We liked using it for our games and we highly recommend it!It was very easy to put together!



This was so fun to fit together and is really well made. It makes D&D so much more fun and it's better than throwing dice around and losing them. Highly recommend!



I really liked this, as this is the first dice tower I have ever gotten. Putting it together was half the fun. It is pretty straightforward and comes with all the pieces you would need to put it together. It won't let you roll a ton of dice at once, maybe 3-5 at a time would be the max. But, for the DND sessions I have, it was a ton of fun to use. You can fold it up to a degree, making it more streamline for travelling purposes.Overall a great product. Would recommend it to any of my friends.



Very solid. Only issue was folding it together was a bit tight. Easy to put together.



Got this for a good friend of mine and he was ecstatic to finally get one. He's been playing for a few years and finally getting into Dungeon Mastering so what better than this. Once he started putting it together, half way through he finally seen the castle wood panels were a bit warped. However, everything fit fine and could collapse as its supposed to but if it hadn't then it'd of been returned.



Being one of three dice towers bought as my first experience with them, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I've seen laser cut terrain and accessories, but this was also my first time working with and assembling one. Needless to say, when I opened the small box and saw a tiny screwdriver and screws, I was a little surprised. Though the tower is rather easy to assemble, the instruction card is very clear, and if not, has a QR code for their website for an assembly video. *I will note, when I tried to go to their website, Chrome had an absolute fit about it being a .me site, but they have the video available on youtube as well.* But it goes together pretty much how you see it.Build the base, pieces slot in and are held in by tiny screws *little screwdriver you get is also magnetic, thank you so much CZYY, I can't imagine how many of the screws I'd have lost otherwise* in pre-drilled holes, and assemble the tower next. The ramps slot in place without screws, and the tower walls secure them in. I had only one hiccup when building the dice tower and that was one of the pre-drilled holes was too close to the edge of the wall, and i had to hand turn it in a little more centered, but with such a small screw, it's not a big deal. Also, probably because I live in a hot climate, some of the pieces are slightly warped, not enough to be notice-able, but it does wobble slightly on it's base, and prevent the dice tower from being able to fold down into it's base for travel. But I wouldn't fault that on construction. It still works very well, though what you might expect from laser-cut wood, the clattering of dice is surprisingly loud down the ramps, but it's a very compact tower and certainly a nice little project.



This is a pretty cool dice tower. This kit comes with everything you need need for easy assembly, and it only took me about 12-minutes to put it all together. It comes with it's own screwdriver, and there are even a couple of extra screws for assembly in case you lose one. The instructions aren't instructions persé, but it's very easy to figure out where each piece goes from the pictured diagram.I'm really impressed with the fabrication of this dice tower, and I can tell that quality control is very good with this company. The laser cut design is great. I'll certainly be looking at their other products of interest to me, and recommend this to any of my fellow D&D enthusiasts.It should be noted that this is a delicate item, and is made from plywood. I had a couple of pieces that were slightly warped, but nothing too serious at all that it couldn't be corrected during assembly. I recommend only screwing each panel together snugly, as they don't need to be heavily torqued down—this could actually strip out the pre-formed screws slots and possibly even cause separation of the plywood layers. So be careful.The laser design is etched into the plywood, and its not printed on as some other reviews have mentioned and suggest. This can be painted, but you risk covering up the exquisite and beautiful design the manufacturer has on it. I find it to be really nice, and it's quite cool unpainted actually.Overall I give this dice tower two thumbs up. It should be assembled & handled with care, and I don't recommend using metal dice with it at all—they could cause serious damage; Stick to playing with plastic or light weight dice when using this. It's also easy to put away, as the top tower nestles perfectly into the base for a low profile storage solution. This dice tower makes a great gift for anyone who's passionate about D&D.☜(⌒▽⌒)☞



Assembled easily. Some of the edges were a bit rough but nothing some sandpaper can’t fix. It came with a few extra screws in case you lose one (important, as they’re on the small side).



Cool gift. Gave it to someone who plays D and D and they loved it



Easy to assemble and works great!



As I was assembling the tower I discovered they packed two back panels and not two side panels. I've requested a replacement and will update upon arrival.Update: After a swift replacement I was able to put the tower together with no further issues. I suggest using a little rubber cement to help keep everything snug. The small screws don't bite into the wood enough for a strong hold.



Like other reviews have stated, some of the drilled screw holes are not well aligned, and some are drilled quite close to the outer surface of the panel where the etching is. This is thin wood too. All that said, if care and some precision is practiced while putting this together, it very much *will* assemble without too much trouble and without damaging the outer decoration much - if at all.Once assembled, it works as advertised. Here's my pros and cons:Pros:* Assembly isn't difficult* Seems sturdy once built* Dice roll through without issue* Small, so it doesn't take much space.Cons:* Small, so you're not going to dump 20 d6 down it in one go. 10 d6 is ok though, in my experience.* It's wooden, so it's a little noisy.* Positioning of pre-drilled screw holesOverall I'd buy this again for myself or as a gift. It's not perfect, but it's not super expensive and gets the job done while looking kinda cool.



This is a 4.5 star review, which I must unfortunately round down to 4. 0.5 was lost because a couple of pieces were slightly misaligned. In no way does this affect the usability of the finished product, and I am very happy with it.I assembled it without painting/staining/laquering or anything. It was really easy to put together, and looks fantastic on my desk. I love the sound the dice make as they bounce down the tower. I love that I even had to put it together, as it feels more like its mine to me, even though I didn't alter or decorate it. For the price, you really can't go wrong here.



This dice tower was fun and easy to put together. I especially appreciated the little screwdriver that came with it so I didn’t have to hunt one down. I used it at my last DND gathering and I loved using it! I’m hoping to paint it soon to give it more flair.