Catch Zest and Yearn for You!

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    We love these candles!
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    Very good
  • US$ 25.99


    Jamie McGuire

    Can't put but two maybe three light jackets on it.
  • US$ 27.99


    kaiyu huang

    The manual is not clearly, but acceptable. The cocking rope is little longer than what I need. Didn't check the bolts' shooting, but the draw weight is too heavy to draw the sting to the trigger, feels like more than 200 lbs.
  • US$ 19.99


    Deborah Strassburg

    No odd smell to candle as others posted. No drip at all. Burned for 5 hours, still 1 to 2 hours burn time left. Very impressive. Took pictures, but cannot find an option to add them
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    RIchard B.

    Very Nice
  • US$ 19.99


    Ms Lee

    They don't drip, great product.
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    Good product
  • US$ 19.99


    Eva Marie Soard

    We received our candles quickly and used a couple immediately because they are to be used in my daughters wedding. We were told we needed dripless candles so they would not cause damage to expensive furniture and other woodwork etc. The candles we used burned beautifully and were completely dripless. A very good price for a very good product. Thanks!
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    Excellent product and seller communication. The light head is designed to cover both pages of an open book at once, top to bottom. So no need to constantly adjust and readjust as with other book lights. Love it!
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    Very sturdy and light. Really am satisfied with this product
  • US$ 11.99


    Thomas H.

    This device is very impressive. I like the dual charging feature USB or A/C with included charger. Light intensity is as hoped. The design and quality of finish gives the impression of a well made unit. Recharge time is better that expected.
  • US$ 11.99


    Marsha Ross

    This is a great little light. I love it. It has 2 levels of brightness and an awesome charger so it never needs batteries. How Cool! I will probably be buying 2 more as gifts. The silver is really pretty. I got my item very quickly and am very satisfied. I highly recommend these wonderful lights! The best out there!
  • US$ 11.99


    OC Doc

    Excellent device. And not just for reading in bed. I use it in daylight so that I can read anywhere, rather than having to sit under a reading lamp. Very long battery life. Comes with charger and cable, though cable can be used with any AC USB charger. Very lightweight, so that you don't notice the added weight when holding up your book.
  • US$ 11.99


    Monica A. Sanchez Rivera

    Awesome reading light. Very bright white LED light with two settings. The wire is super flexible and easy to maneuver and position. The clip holds a very impressive width on the book and is sturdy but not hard to remove. I gave it four stars instead of five because I wish it would have a lighter, dimmer setting than its lowest one. The lowest setting is rather powerful and may bother anyone who might be sharing the bed with you.
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    It works fine, but would look more nice and be worth the price if it weren't made of plastic.
  • US$ 11.99


    Pepper C`

    Nice little light - just as pictured & described...It came already charged - also nice...I have not had the opportunity to use for reading yet - but have it clamped beside my chair & used several times as reg light & have not yet had to charge
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    Great light! Also love that it's rechargeable since our kids use it nightly for added reading light. Have tried others, but this one seems to be the best by far.
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    The candles look great and burn perfectly. I am very happy with them and find them much better than the ones I have been using. I expect to reorder soon. I do recommend them highly for a dinner table which is what my husband and i do every night since we are married. A perfect glow for a romantic dinner. Candles proved to be dripless. Not all dripless candles live up to their advertising. I am pleased to say these do!
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    Looks great and adds functionality as well