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Cool & Fashion LED Waterproof Paper Watch

Cool & Fashion LED Waterproof Paper Watch Item NO: JX007

US$ 9.99
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  • Paper watch different from common watch, the digital wrist watch looks and feels like paper but is actually waterproof, it is quite special and with a sense of design. The most popular smart watch in 2018.
  • The Most Popular Paper Watch is Coming in 2018!
  • The watch definitely looks cool and colorful design, immediately catches other people's eyes. Are you ready get your NEW WATCH?
Product Name Cool & Fashion LED Waterproof Paper Watch
Item NO JX007
Weight 0.1000 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Toys & Games
Tag Paper Watch
Creation time 2018-08-16



Date&Time Display
Strong and Durable
Magnetic and Easy to Adjust
Use Guide: 
1.Built-in LED display screen, press the button, LED dispaly 
2.Press once, hold the button long 3 sec, then change the hours. No operation in 5 seconds will automatically exit the normal time dispaly 
3.Press secondary, hold the button long 3 sec, then change the stopwatch
4.Press three times, then change the month after hold 3
5.Press four, then change the day after hold 3 sec
You Need to Know: The watchband is water repellent, but the mechanism is water resistant just for a short while - do not go into water with the watch


David Chin

The kids smart watches girls so cute and the color so vibrant. I love this digtal wrist watch, it is very soft and light



This womens watch built-in LED display screen, press the button, LED dispaly. The digital display does not stay lighted constantly. you have to press a small button on the watch to make it light up. stays lighted for about 3 seconds.


eileen ryans

I got it about three days before, it worked but there is no instructions in the package. What's important, the seller patiently answered my question and the product description also tell us how to use



Looks & feels like a wristband made of paper but is actually your new Watch. Super light, durable and also waterproof – you can even shower with it.



I would have given the watch 5 stars, It was easy to adjust the time,very durable more than i expected. Very clever use of Tyvek



This is one of the beautiful girls watches I've ever bought, it fits for anyone wrist and the magnetic strap holds nicely. It’s a fashionable, comfortable, and simple design



I bought this wrist watch after having read the previous reviews. It’s a fun little gadget, works well on my wrist


Marcia Bigelow

Delieverly very quickly, i receivd this item after order 3 days. The design very better than i expected, very easy to set the time


thomas h salinas

This digital wrist watch not really paper, but paper-like. It is very stronger and durable. And the wrist watch has a magnetic system, we can easily adjust the watch to fit our wrist


BobbieL. Dawson-Hooks

Looks so cool and perfect fit my wrist, my friends all say the smart watches girls pretty good. I will buy it again for my friends


Roxanne M. Delarosa

 I love how soft and light it is and it shows the time perfectly. And I love the color


Katheryn Skiba

This digital wrist watch was very cute entire my grands, it was a fun smart watch


Julian Jones

I bought this for my daughter as a birthday gift, she certainly made the right noises when she opened the package. I know she like it very much


Robert Kruse

Unbelieve, it is waterproof,. I this its unique watch worldwide in August.


Mark M.

This stylish and durable ‘paper’ watch is impossible to tear. The Papr Watch looks and feels like paper but is actually extremely durable and so won’t tear within seconds of you wrapping it around your wrist


Mary Weaver

The digital watch face sits under the paper in the usual place but is clearly visible (that’s good), and the strap clicks firmly shut using magnets. And don’t worry about having to charge it every day — the Papr Watch uses a battery that will run for up to two years before it needs changing.


Miss D

I purchased these watches for the girls. I was not sure that they would fit their tiny wrists but since it is fully magnetic it fit just fine. They are completely water-resistant and waterproof, they can be showered with. They material is very durable. The instructions are clear and concise under the description of the watch and easy to set. Thanks Cinsey! My grands love their new gift!



Compared with other watchbands, it is so different, it's perfect in my eyes


Helen Houlihan

This smart watch paper perfect for party invites, or sending to that special person reminding them not to be late.



I love it so much. This paper watch magnetic latch keeps the watch nicely wrapped around my wrist. I was worried about it tearing if it got caught but it’s made from quality material, I love this watch more