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D&D Dungeon Brick Walls (Set of 12) Wood Laser Cut 2  x 1  3D Modular Terrain Tiles 28mm Scale Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Other Tabletop RPG

D&D Dungeon Brick Walls (Set of 12) Wood Laser Cut 2 x 1 3D Modular Terrain Tiles 28mm Scale Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Other Tabletop RPG Item NO.: WD01

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Product Name D&D Dungeon Brick Walls (Set of 12) Wood Laser Cut 2 x 1 3D Modular Terrain Tiles 28mm Scale Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and Other Tabletop RPG
Item NO. WD01
Weight 0.25 kg = 0.5512 lb = 8.8185 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2019-09-25

A must have when arranging scatter and making skirmishes more interesting. These gaming minis are designed for use in tabletop games, and sized at 28mm scale. These are made of birch playwood, durable and easily assembled.

Our CZYY Gaming Gear is modular in design, so all dungeon tiles and components are compatible with each other.

This terrain kit is suitable for a lot of games system: Savage World, D&D, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, AD&D, Infinity, Malifaux and other RPGs.

Set Includes:
8 - 2"x1" Straight Walls.
2 - 2"x1" L Corners(Flexible design, according to your actual needs, the corner can be left or right, or assembled into a straight wall)
1 - 2"x1" T Corner
1 - 2"x1" Cross Corner



Easy to assemble, nice size compared to standard minis. My only complaint is the lack of directiona for the door piece. Otherwise a great buy for the money.



The packaging was alright, slightly damaged box but no damage to the walls.There was some hassle with the walls since some were slightly warped but with some work they all fit in, no broken pieces. I wasn’t expecting assembly but I shouldn’t complain, it didn’t take too long.I didn’t realize how small of a set one actually is. It makes up a small room, but with multiple packs you can create dungeons like the one I did!I’ll be buying more soon. These walls are definitely worth the buy if you have the time and patience.



Good price but no clear instructions or part labeling



I am very pleased with this product. It looks very good for the price I paid. Assembly is required. I only have one complaint, No instructions. I can tell from other reviews i am not the only one that had some difficulty due to this. Just know that all of the walls should run smoothly. I painted my set to have a stone masonry look to it. It came out pretty wonderful.



This is fantastic. Super affordable for the amount of wall you get. Well cut, pieces fit comfortably together (no glue needed). Sort of wonky what pieces are included, but considering the price, I picked up multiples to get more of the less-popular parts, and I was not disappointed. An absolutely terrific value and imo the best entry point for a DM looking to pick up a modular starter for their mini-and-dungeon designs.



So far so good. Just set them up.



Good product. Easy to assemble and a good add to D&D games.



I'm a big fan of adding tabletop terrain to my role playing game experiences. I own boxes and boxes of dungeon terrain and walls from a variety of sources. Among my favorites are the old Dark Platypus Bendy Dungeon Walls sets. They were almost perfect. Almost. They were too brittle and too narrow, so I've been looking for a replacement. This set of laser cut walls comes close. The walls are easy to assemble and look great. I do wish there were more sets available and that the price point was a little lower, but they provide a nice foundation that can be easily expanded in inexpensive chunks.I also think these look great unpainted. For a busy GM like me, that's really important.



These little walls were great. You can set them up as simple barricades, or put them together to make stables or ruins. In my picture, I used some of them to build a small ruin across the river from an Inn, (also sold by the same company. You will also see one of their boats and a piece of their dock system.)



I've purchased 4 of these wall kits and a set of the door kits for use in my campaign. Honestly? They're really cool! They provide me a way to give my players a little more depth of being able to see what things look like around their characters, without breaking my budget. I break them out for each big fight my party encounters. I'd do it more often, but set up can take some time to get just right. Will certainly by buying more as time goes by!Update: ordered a couple more sets and there have been some updates. The sets now include a doorway and a couple of single square wall sections which are very nice new additions.



When everything is fully assembled, you get about 11-12 wall pieces with intersections, etc. Good for building entryways/smaller rooms or hallways for tabletop RPGs! Woks great with battle maps and minis.



Being a Dungeons Master and running D&D sessions I like to add miniatures and tarrain to battles. They allow for more understanding and immersion in the game. These walls have added to several D&D sessions for me already, being both the walls of an encampment, walls of an underground dungeon, and small mansion walls.They are perfectly sized and interchangeable, making them useful in almost any session.I have purchased several other items of similar design and plan to purchase more.



First and foremost, this is a sweet product. The wood is well cut and good quality, and it looks great when placed on a tile of your choosing. My only complaint is that some of the wood pieces didn't fit together the best - However, it all went together as advertised (with a little pounding).All in all, if you're looking for some modular dungeon walls and don't want to go with the plastic ones, these wont let you down. Plus, they smell amazing.Edit: After assembling 5 of these (I purchased 5 sets total) - I'm upgrading this to 5 stars. The build quality here is outstanding, and once assembled, the close tolerances make everything feel very solid. I actually like that the pieces can be very tight to fit with one another - Mileage may very here though. For me, these are awesome.