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D&D Tabletop Game Tokens Wood Laser Cut Fantasy RPG Hero and Monster Token Set of 110 Pieces Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder

D&D Tabletop Game Tokens Wood Laser Cut Fantasy RPG Hero and Monster Token Set of 110 Pieces Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder Item NO.: CT03

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Product Name D&D Tabletop Game Tokens Wood Laser Cut Fantasy RPG Hero and Monster Token Set of 110 Pieces Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder
Item NO. CT03
Weight 0.22 kg = 0.4850 lb = 7.7603 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2020-05-13

  • SET INCLUDES - Contains one of each major starting class: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard. Contains 7 of each major creature type: Aberration, Beast, Celestial, Construct, Dragon, Elemental, Fey, Fiend, Giant, Humanoid, Monstrosity, Ooze, Plant, Undead. Monsters are labeled one through seven to help DMs track damage, initiative, etc.
  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP - This RPG token set to provide quick and easy setup and tracking of your campaigns. Just add dice, and you can play D&D, Pathfinder or any 1-inch RPG system anywhere! Enhance your gaming experience with this set of tokens!
  • AN EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO EXPENSIVE MINIS - These wooden fantasy tokens are an inexpensive and exquisite alternative to metal or plastic minis for your RPG campaigns or tabletop wargames.
  • SIZED FOR STANDARD PLAY - These dnd counters are 25x25mm and fit nicely inside the typical 1 inch grid used on battle mats. Perfect for your D&D, Pathfinder, etc RPG campaign.

  • NICE GIFT FOR DM OR PLAYER - These being a nice present to get your adventuring group when it comes to a special event and they are an inexpensive way to keep things flowing in-game a little easier. Perfect for DMs, new players, or anyone looking for something a bit more abstract and flexible than plastic minis.

Engross yourself in a world Dungeons & Dragons, take up the role of your fabled adventurer, delve into the dark recesses of ancient lands, defeat the villainous sorcerer who wishes to control the world and become legend!

All tokens are made from high-quality birch plywood. Easily transportable and much more durable than delicate minis. They are 25 x 25 mm and fit nicely inside the typical 1 inch grid used on battle mats. Make your games of D&D quick and efficient by using this great and easy to use token set.

A really useful tool for any participants in a Dungeons and Dragons game and a must for any dungeon masters that wants an easy and controlled game.

Creature Set
- 7 x Aberration
- 7 x Beast
- 7 x Celestial
- 7 x Construct
- 7 x Dragon
- 7 x Elemental
- 7 x Fey
- 7 x Fiend
- 7 x Giant
- 7 x Humanoid
- 7 x Monstrosity
- 7 x Ooze
- 7 x Plant
- 7 x Undead
Monster Tokens are labeled one through seven to help DMs track damage, initiative, etc.

Class Set
- 1 x Barbarian
- 1 x Bard
- 1 x Cleric
- 1 x Druid
- 1 x Fighter
- 1 x Monk
- 1 x Paladin
- 1 x Ranger
- 1 x Rogue
- 1 x Sorcerer
- 1 x Warlock
- 1 x Wizard



These are great. My husband recently started being DM and teaching myself and our 3 kids to play d&d. So I had to get these when I came across them. He absolutely loves them snd thinks they are really cool and says they will make game play a lot easier. (I wouldn’t know because I know just about nothing about it but hey it makes him happy snd gives us all something fun to do together.) I’d say it’s a win!



These wooden gaming tiles are nicely made, easy to punch out and use.The text on them is necessarily on the small side, but the images are easily recognized. Inking them with different colors should make them even more distinct.They work well in RPGs and in small skirmish games where figures aren't available or too much trouble to haul around. So they're particularly useful for quick pick-up games, just put them in your dice bag.One issue I have with them is that there is not as much variety as I'd like.Except for the character tiles, each column of 7 tiles on the sprue are all of the same type/class. This is fine for undead and humanoids and fey, but I doubt I'll see a game where Players are fighting 7 giants, oozes or dragons (!!!) at once.It would be nice to see sets that get a bit more specific on the creatures - liche, skeleton, zombie vs. a generic 'undead' tile. It would also be nice if some of the larger creature types (giants, dragons) could be on larger tiles. As it is all the tiles are the same size, which is fine for fairly abstract games.It would also be nice to have some tiles for human NPCs, though I suppose I can use the 'Humanoid' tiles for that.Also, the choice of image to represent a class of creatures is odd in a couple of places. Like 'Beast' looks like a Displacer Beast... but I would prefer something more natural, such as a tiger, bear or wolf. The image for 'Undead' is a grasping hand, I'd prefer a skeleton. I'm not sure what the image for 'Monstrosity' represents, I think it's meant to be a cockatrice.Overall, it's a good set of useful tiles for when you don't have a collection of miniatures at hand but need something to show the positions of combatants. It's limited by the variety of tiles, but a clever group should be able to work around that.Also, as a final observation, the pictures of the product online show the tiles spilling out of a black leather pouch. That pouch is NOT included and neither are the bits of fencing seen in one of the photos. You'll have to provide your own carrying pouch/box/jar and terrain bits.



My 22 year old son likes to play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. He thinks these are pretty cool. They work well with the game play. The tokens are sturdy and easy to read. He and his friends like using these when they play.



In-person tabletop gaming is taking a hit thanks to COVID-19, but we still try to find ways to roleplay and hope in the near future things will return to normal with face-to-face gaming sessions.+ The wood is plenty thick enough to be durable+ The laser etching has unique symbology for each class of character and monster type AND the word of what it is below.+ Name is easy to read.+ Having multiples of the same monster does really help.> My only problem is if you are sitting 3 feet away all the wood pieces tend to blend.Unlike cardboard pawns that are full color and distinct in their color, these are all the same color wood, and seeing from a distance or behind the GM screen requires getting up to see which is which on the battle map.I'm learning how to paint miniatures, so I'm probably going to start by picking a color for each player class (one shade of green for ranger and another shade for the druid) and putting a colored border around them so our group can see from a distance the color difference AND differentiate from monster tokens.+ Wood is light that these are easy to transport around without feeling like I'm bringing a 2x4 in my backpack.+ The size of the wood tiles fits well enough on a battle map and you can stack condition rings under the square tiles easily too.OVERALL:A simple solution to generic monsters and player classes that one set could get used as proxies regardless of the fantasy scenario/campaign you're going through. Especially if you never invested in cardboard pawns or spent way too much money on plastic/resin/metal miniatures, then this is a great option to consider.I like it a lot!!



These CZYY D&D Tabletop Game Tokens Wood Laser Cut Fantasy RPG Hero and Monster Token Set of 110 Pieces Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons are laser cut wood tiles that can be used in place of more expensive miniatures to track monsters and other creatures the DM puts into the game.These are easy to use and add a lot of fun to the game.Highly Recommended!CFH



The tokens are cleanly etched and easy to read. Mine punched out relatively cleanly although the vast majority had a bit of hanging wood remaining at the top center: fairly easy to pick off by hand and certainly a quick sanding if it bothers. No other concerns punching them out and the quality seems fairly sturdy. I am planning to use these primarily as an initiative tracker but they can certainly serve fine as a substitution or lower-cost alternative to miniatures.



This is a really good value for so many tokens. The images on the tokens are all cut clearly and the tokens themselves are cut cleanly so they are easily removed. None of mine had any spots where they did not detach from the wood easily. Each one of the monsters is numbered for initiative purposes and there's a pretty good variety to choose from. It also includes several classes to play with in case you don't have minis and a couple of bonus walls. This would be a great set for a DM that hasn't built up a store of minis yet or that chooses not to for financial or space issues. You can fit all 110 tokens in something the size of a deck box.



Bought these as a gift for my husband and he can’t stop saying how great they are. Each piece fits perfectly in the grid on his adventure map and they really help with the visualization element in game. Great quality. Perfect for DnD players.



Very utilitarian while still elevating the theatre of the mind.



Amazing set, and the gift left me wanting to try your terrain. It's done so well!!



These seem like great replacements for minis and look very nice. Very good buy!