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Dog Umbrella Pet Umbrella with Leash

Dog Umbrella Pet Umbrella with Leash Item NO: JX006

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  • If you’re tired of walking your dog in the rain and returning home with your puppy soaking wet, then you need this dog umbrella. The dog umbrella is a see-through umbrella that also works as a leash, keeping your dog in your control and out of the rain or sunburn.
Product Name Dog Umbrella Pet Umbrella with Leash
Item NO JX006
Weight 0.4500 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
Category Pet Supplies
Tag Dog Umbrella
Creation time 2018-08-16



Gennyne Harris

Love this for my maltichon . Not great for bigger dog



I hated going out in the rain trying to manage an umbrella and a leash with a puppy oblivious to the rain. And it's even worse when we come inside soaking wet. There had to be a better way....
This doggie umbrella is it. I always laughed and shook my head at people who dressed their pets up, put them in carriages/ baby strollers and used umbrellas. Now I'm one of them.....and I love it.
I'm able to easily maneuver from the rain, keep the dog drier and be the envy of my neighbors. WOO HOO!!!
While the concept is great (and a lil weird) it does have its drawbacks. It may take a few outings to get the dog used to being connected to a plastic bubble. The first four outings my puppy wasn't feeling it and we both stood out in the rain as he refused to move and let me cover him. I caught the flu, he was fine. Eventually he got used to it and now we both remain dry. WIN - WIN.
I just wish the connector to the leash was longer but it's not a dealbreaker.


Judy greiger

Love this. Have to get the dog used to it so as not to frighten the dog.



Love it. My dog loves it. My husband ... not so much!



Almost good


Betty J Murray

This pet umbrella works very well! Our dog is not apprehensive around it.



My mom loved it! Her dog not so much. Its taken the dog a while to get used to it. Has held up well! A year later and still going strong!


Liza Knepper

Absolutely perfect.. the collar was way too big for my little 4 lb girl. But I don't care. We will use her own collar.. it's the perfect thing to keep her dry, and out of the rain.


Dawna Wright

Great idea! I have used the umbrella twice and my dogs don't like the umbrella hovering above them while they are on the leash. It may require a few more sessions before they trust and accept the umbrella.



I have a small dog that I thought was the perfect size for this. She doesn’t particularly hate the rain, just a little hesitant to go out out first and I don’t like her being soaked when we come in from a walk.

This umbrella is cute and great in theory but it isn’t for us. I found the handle awkward to hold. It isn’t long enough and isn’t comfortable to hold unless the dog is directly in front. My dog likes to walk to my right in the grass, it doesn’t work well with this umbrella.

The real problem, and this is clearly personal, is that my dog is terrified of it! We walked less than a block before I deduced it wasn’t worth it. I had to drag her half the way. The other half of the time she was running away from it. The chain is just long enough that when she pulls her head sticks out and gets wet.

All around this product will not work for me and my dog but I can tell from photos and other reviews it works for many.



This is so cool! My dog loves the umbrella and so do I! He’s a full size Chihuahua and it’s perfect for him. The only thing I noticed to be careful about so far is to open it just halfway before entering or exiting. My dog tries to run in and out before the door is fully open and he bent a rod a tiny bit before I could stop him. But it was such a small bend I was able to straighten it easily. Doggy stayed dry and we’re both happy with that!


Tony Suslovich

Good idea, but it feels flimsy and already bent a little bit. Besides, my dog is just scared of it for some reason.


Jeanne M Lyons

Handle is little long for me. My arm got tired on the longer walks.



Perfect dog umbrella! The chain is perfect length. Stury quality. Would recommend.



My dog is very bougie and doesn’t like to wet his hair lol so this worked out perfect !!!! He loves it and now wants to walk all over the place when it rains . :-)


Brad B.

Very satisfied with the product I bought it keeps my puppy very dry just like the picture show


Margaret Bourque

It keeps my furbaby nice and dry


Jackie Regalado

Chain is a little short


carol anllo



Jen Ma

willy was scare of the umbrella so it didn't quite work for him

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