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Dungeon Master's Screen 4-Panel Wood Laser Carved DM Screen with Felt Case - D&D, Tabletop RPG Accessories for Game Master

Dungeon Master's Screen 4-Panel Wood Laser Carved DM Screen with Felt Case - D&D, Tabletop RPG Accessories for Game Master Item NO.: DE05

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Product Name Dungeon Master's Screen 4-Panel Wood Laser Carved DM Screen with Felt Case - D&D, Tabletop RPG Accessories for Game Master
Item NO. DE05
Weight 0.85 kg = 1.8739 lb = 29.9829 oz
Category DM Gears
Tag DM Screen , Flamel Cross Decorated
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2019-06-18

Hail to Dungeon Master/Game Master—the creator of worlds and the keeper of characters. It is your quest to bring to life the colorful universe that is Dungeons and Dragons. Your subjects look to you for fairness, fun, and yes, even a good fight.

Your task is not an easy one and as Dungeon Master, the tools you use can make or break the experience you strive to create. Take your game to the next level with this one of a kind Dungeon Master Screen. It might just help your subjects suspend their disbelief while making life easier for yourself.

Each GM screen is complete with:

- 4 panels of birch plywood (8.7" x 11.6" closed, 11.6" x 35" open)

- Each panel is securely fastened with hinges that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing

- Antique bronze hardware

- Comes with a premium felt case for transport or store

- Vintage metal file clips in each panel to secure game play sheets, maps, character profiles, etc.

- 18 brass decorative corner details. These are triangular and approximately 2 1/4" wide and high


- Birch Plywood

Package Included:

- Four-panel DM Screen

- Felt Case



Gave it to my brother-in-law for his birthday. He loved it



This is amazing. It’s very cool, it looks great. People are upset you have to make it even tho the description tells you that that’s the case. It isn’t hard either, I got it done in a solid 45 minutes. A lot of people are also complaining about the untranslatable “arabic” even though it’s actually Draconic. Over all, I give it a 10/10. I gave it to my Bf who’s DMing our campaign and he is obsessed with it and all of our friends think it’s awesome. Some of the corners are a little sharp, so just be careful!



Bought this for my “hard to buy for” nephew. He loved it and assembled it immediately.



This was a gift for a friend, but I didn’t know you had to assemble it. It looked nice in the end but at the start is seemed like a cheap Michale’s craft. for the amount it cost to purchase should have come assembled.It looks really nice and now I know to read through everything to make sure if assembly is required or not.There are very tiny screws that are tricky so make sure to assemble in a well lit area and on a flat surface.



We bought this for our son and he loves it. It is well made and looks great! It does require a bit of assembly, but it comes with everything you need, including extra screws.



It is still a beautiful gift, I wish it came with all necessary tools to put it together. I made the mistake of not looking at the title and thought it was already put together, but I had to assemble it myself. You have to be very careful when using the screws and nails, since they are very tiny.



The product itself is great. However the tiny screw driver that comes with the assembly kit is absolute garbage and made assembly a nightmare



Got this for my husband for his birthday. He loves it. It’s easy to assemble but somewhat tedious. I also put an oil based clear coat on ours too, to protect the wood.



This is a GRANDSLAM gift for any D & D Player!!!



Is okay



Purchased for a gift. I assembled before gifting. It's a little tricky to put together. Just watch the video while assembling. It came with extra screws and all other parts were there. It doesn't come with nails as shown in the video and assembly instructions, just smaller screws. Seems sturdy once assembled. Take your time and it comes together great.



I bought this as a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it.



Got this for my DM she loves it! we had a great time translating the message on the front



Nice Job



Pretty cool! My son (15) loved this present! Hard to put together though. Very small screws.



Beautiful design. The corner was busted a bit from the mail, but the decorative piece covered the spot. I was expecting it to be a bit thicker but it does the job.



Overall, the quality of the product is outstanding and highly recommend this DM screen. It looks great and was worth the money. Definitely interested in purchasing more of their products.I did want to provide some constructive feedback. There was some damage from shipment. On the bottom inside portion of the left panel it arrived with a crack and about a half inch section was separating from the cracks(was able to use some wood glue and fixed it). Additionally, one of the corners had the same issue but that was under the corner design so a little glue and covered it with the metal corner piece. I think this could be addressed with extra padding when shipping as there only some small hard plastic corner pieces for protection.The clamps came clipped onto the screen which did leave light impressions and who knows how long they were attached. Recommend having those not being clamped and put in the hardware box.Predrilled holes were a tad off but did not hamper assembly. It did require some extra umph to screw them down. The predrilled holes were very helpful with assembly, however, there was no reason for them being on both the exterior and interior sides. The exterior design side has predrilled hinge holes that frankly are unnecessary seeing as the hinges go on the inside facing the DM. It takes away from the clean finish of the design. The extra predrilled holes facing the DM didn't bother me as much considering those will be covered but still seemed unnecessary.One of the metal corner finishings was only partly imprinted unlike the rest of the corners. I put it in one of the lower corners so unless you are paying attention it won't be noticed by your players but definitely noticed when assembling.The final comment honestly doesn't matter but did notice that on the assembly instructions it showed side panels with crosses as the design, but that is not an option to purchase. Would be cool to have the option for other designs on the panels, but I still liked the design that was ordered.Again I was highly impressed with the quality of the product and this this a great DM screen that can be customized to your liking as the interior of the DM screen is a blank canvas, but did have some small issues that took away from the product.



I think it looks amazing!!! It's simple enough but I think some more details on directions could help. I am very happy with this



Really enjoy the product and was simple to put together. However the art isn’t the one’s shown in the pictures so be weary of yours also coming with different art.



There are two things that could have made this item better, thicker wood and the inside being filled with the proper info.