Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Reviews

For the players of Dungeons and Dragons, this work is no less than the three-body game players see their favorite works on the screen, and use the game as an ip-derived work. In recent years, there have been many works, from the earliest Resident Evil , Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, mixed reviews. For the original players, it is indeed a big risk. After all, the skill of the director, the imagination of the screenwriter, and the mastery of the actors all determine a game. The market reputation and status of fans have been improved. As far as players of the game are concerned, the film adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons is a success.

All this comes from the game mechanism of the dungeon itself. As a standard role-playing board game, the game itself is an open world, and each character has a relatively balanced value, and this movie also follows this rule , is not as omnipotent as the previous superhero movies. Only when people have weaknesses, through teamwork, grow together, show their strengths, and finally overcome the sense of accomplishment is more precious, except for the familiar ones in these movies. The names of places, people, Neverwinter, Lord of Ashes, and Red Witch, can make many gamers who play this kind of theme feel excited, and the small universe in their bodies has also begun to burn, as well as those who have appeared in the game Monsters are also presented in front of the audience, such as the cunning snake and leopard, the greedy box-opener, the ugly brain-eating monster, the brutal gargoyle, the mellow red dragon, the domineering black dragon, etc. These monsters were once obsessed with the game Touched, now on the screen, watching the blood boil, when the druid came on stage, it should be the most ignited part of the whole movie, from horses, owl bears, flying insects, mice, eagles, chocobos in just a few minutes , The deer transforms into more than a dozen kinds of creatures from the land to the sky, freely and immersively.

Going back to the film itself, the typical European-style magical theme, team formation, monster hunting, treasure hunting, and the route of defeating the boss, interspersed with the small branches of each team's personal life experience. It is also very interesting. It is not the powerful output of paladins and magicians in the traditional sense, but some small people, small dreams, hard work, and great sacrifices. The European-style buildings in the movie and the pictures of some big scenes are quite beautiful. , the only fly in the ointment is that as an independent film, with an open world view, many character relationships and plot advancement cannot be carried in this film, so some motives and original intentions in the character relationship are worth deliberating. I look forward to this film being a series or follow-up, A movie similar to The Lord of the Rings, how can a movie be enjoyable? The setting of the red dragon in the movie is also very interesting, breaking people's traditional impression of evil dragons. The round fat red makes people feel cute.

After watching this movie, my blood boils and I desperately need a battle to calm down. Let's explore this amazing world together with CZYY.

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