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Dyfina Black Bath Bombs Activated Charcoal Gift Set - Cute Bomb Shaped With Skull Face

Dyfina Black Bath Bombs Activated Charcoal Gift Set - Cute Bomb Shaped With Skull Face Item NO: BB01

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  • Skin-friendly: Dyfina black bath salt balls containing organic and natural ingredients such as activated charcoal and essential oils to help nourish your skin while you bathe.
  • Enjoy a luxury SPA experience at home: Dyfina natural bath bombs helps with muscle aches, joint pain, and dry skin. Heals and nourish, and moisturize as you soak and relax.
  • Four charming & different scents: Dyfina bath fizzers have 4 scents - rose, lemon, rosemary, and sage; 3 bath melts for each flavor, more choices for your family!
Product Name Dyfina Black Bath Bombs Activated Charcoal Gift Set - Cute Bomb Shaped With Skull Face
Item NO BB01
Weight 0.7500 kg = 1.6535 lb = 26.4555 oz
Category Beauty
Brand Dyfina
Creation time 2018-08-07

Dyfina black bath balms will dissolve and transform your water into a dark and luxurious pool to soak away all of your stress and worry from the day! We have perfected our recipe to have the best ratio of oils and fragrance in each bath bomb so your experience is the best. Cute and unique bomb-shaped, you and your kids will LOVE it!!!

-Citric acid
-Baking soda
-Activated charcoal
-Sodium sulfate
-Polyethylene glycol 400
-Purified water
-Sodium lauryl sulfate

How To use:
Simply drop the bomb or two into warm running water and watch it fizz away. Get into your bath, relax and enjoy.

Please note:
As we use an all-natural formula, and no black colorant is used, so in fact the black bath bombs will look grayish. But once it hits the water you will be extremely surprised. Mystery and smooth, you will ENJOY it!!!!

*Black color will not stain your tub, but it definitely will require a good clean and rinse after your bath.
*Bath tub may be slippery when entering and exiting, so please use caution!
*Pregnant women should consult their health physician before use.
*Bath bombs should not be used on infants or children under the age 3. Always supervise children while in the bath tub.



Great, used this for a black water photo shoot but it did stain the tub a bit. After quite a long time of scrubbing it did come off but just know it does stain.


nima bean

These are great for the price. Is it as good as the $10 black man bombs? No way! But for $16 you get 12 of these guys so you gotta lower your expectations. 1 makes the water black but very translucent with no stains. 2 makes the water much blacker and less translucent but still a little see through and starts to leave black marks inside the tub. 3 is nearly opaque and really leaves a lot of black marks behind. Keep in mind it’s not staining your tub at all!! It’s staining the soap scum so all you need to do is clean your tub. If you notice you get black marks on your tub with even 1 bomb you either have a very old tub or have not cleaned it in awhile. Any marks that may occur on skin easily scrub off. Finally these don’t really fizz much so you have to physically slosh the water around to make the black even. Hope this helps someone. Enjoy your bath :)


Desirea Wilson

Bought this for my daughter she was amazed by the colours!


shaylia labay

Good but u had to use 2 or 3 in order to get an opaque color and the smell was nice, did leave a residue a couple of times but nothing permanent



These work great in public jacuzzis to chase everyone out.


iris McGuire

Y'all these are awesome. They turn the water black but don't stain anything.


Patricia B

Fun to drop in your bath water!
Good variety of scents.
Not sure of the real benefits of it on your skin, but no skin reaction, which is good.
The pictures show a lot of bubbles, but it doesn’t really produce that much. Will leave some residue on your bath tub, so be prepared to scrub a bit. I would suggest you take a shower first in order to remove as much skin oil as possible before taking your bath.


Lynn G.

I purchased this Black Bath Bombs Activated Charcoal Gift Set - Cute Bomb Shaped - Good for Dry Skin, Perfect for Bubble & SPA Bath, 12 x 1.6 oz (Bomb) and am pleased. They do fizz up very well. The weird part to me is that the bath water turns a black color my guess is from the activated charcoal. It does clean up easily though. They are adorable with skull faces and that makes these very unique. HIGHLY RECOMMEND



nice bath


Larissa Mastrangelo

Wasn't pitch black and had a red base too it, but was still very very dark and beautiful. Great smell also. It was bigger than expected so cut it in half and used it twice.


George Beans

This product is awesome! I have a large fiberglass white tub and just a couple of these tiny bombs made the water jet black. I was worried about staining but there was no problem at all and the tub cleaned up in seconds without any scrubbing. Smelled nice too.


My Two Cents

These are scented very nice for a bath, not too subtle to where you can barely smell it but not overpowering so that its TOO much scent for the bath.

That being said, the scent does not stay on you after bathing which for some could be disappointing but I myself dont mind.

I will say it does turn the water black so keep that in mind if you buy these for a gift. Might want to let the recipient know that.

Fizzes well and I like the variety of scents it comes with



First off, these are adorable and they smell great! I loved them. I used two at a time.e to make the water darker. You'll need to rinse the tub really well afterwards, they do leave a little bit of residue behind but nothing bad, no skin staining or anything crazy. I loved them.



My husband got me these as a gift. They are beautiful (I love skulls), smell fantastic, and they are such a delight when you pop them in the tub! The water softens, the bomb bubbles and fizzes, the water gets black, it's just more fun than I expected. I had so much fun in the tub, listening to Inna-Gada-Da-Vida and and enjoying the skull bath bomb! Don't hesitate, buy some, you will love them.



Really good bath bomb it doesn't disintegrate too fast like others. Love the variety of scents as well.


SLM Mongeau

I THink these are cute and they fizz really well-
I have enjoyed mixing the scents while bathing.

Im not fond of the black water-
These do not have essential oils and the smell is not strong-does not linger on skin after bath-

I probably wont buy these again...but its not the worst Ive had-they beat walmart fizzies.....



These smell great and fizzle for a long time. Was worried about tub being stained black, but it rinsed right off. Left my skin feeling soft and I smelled nice.


Henry Chen

very good.


Vicky Jimenez

Awesome products! I ordered them as a gift for my mom! She loved the item. Very please customers! I will buy from you again. Thank you!!



There was 12 bombs, smell awesome. I can't wait to try them