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EL LED Rave Mask Flashing Light Up to Music

EL LED Rave Mask Flashing Light Up to Music Item NO: JX014

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  • Sound Reactive LED: The wrench led mask transcribes any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing Illuminations. Flashing by music, sound, voice, etc.
  • Safety And Security: The cable is completely hidden inside the strap, and add 1mm of protective foam. The dancing mask is powered by phosphorus ink, consuming less power and heat. Ensure that voice changer led mask won't hurt your face.
  • Adjustable & Comfortable: This voice controlled led mask only has 80g, Our led wire masks are easily wearable, foldable and adjustable. As a costume or music accessory for any occasion, they are the perfect companion.
  • Adjustable Sounds Sensitivity: You can adjust the sound sensitivity by the controller, then the LED light will be changed by the different environment.
  • With this cosplay led mask, you’ll be the shining star to any Halloween party! Trust us, this Sound Reactive LED Mask will be your coolest gadget for the party, nightclub, Christmas, and any Festival. So what are you waiting for?
Product Name EL LED Rave Mask Flashing Light Up to Music
Item NO JX014
Weight 0.0800 kg = 0.1764 lb = 2.8219 oz
Category Toys & Games
Creation time 2017-12-01


This Voice Activated LED Mask integrates art and technology into a very versatile device that mesmerizes anyone who sees it.

It transcribes any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing Illuminations. Once you put on the LED mask and dance to music,
you will be the shining star of the party. Trust us, this Sound Reactive LED Mask will be your coolest gadget for the party, nightclub,
Halloween, and Christmas. So what are you waiting for? 

What's Included?

LED Mask
Sound Reactive Modulator(Takes 2AAA Batteries, NOT INCLUDED)

How to power-up your EL LED Mask?
Just press the button located behind your head and it’s on.
To adjust the mask’s sensitivity, turn the wheel on the side.

What Is The Battery Life?
This LED mask can be used for 8 hours with a full charge.

What Material Is The Mask Made of?
Sound responsive lithium modulator - The modulator is powered by a lithium-ion battery (DC5V).
Adjustable straps - The straps are easy to set up and fits any head size.
Hidden cable - The cable is now completely hidden inside the strap. 
Protective foam - A 1mm piece of high-density foam, protects the mask while being comfortable to wear.
Phosphorus layer - Phosphorus ink screen printed on a translucent conductor.

Can I Wear This LED Mask With Glasses?
Yes, the mask material is soft, so you don't have to take your glasses off.


Ryan W.


Angela Meurer

Satisfied as expected



Awesome, a little flimsy, but awesome. The mask cracked when someone punched me in the face, but they punched me because I scared them with this. That means it worked! :D the crack was easily fixed with some hot glue, anyways so whatever. The battery lasted for a two days straight because I forgot to turn it off over night, but yeah it’s cool






works great


bryson jackson

The mask killed it on Halloween


alan pomar

Got this for my teenage son for Halloween. He loved it. No one else had this. So he stood out. I love how it equalizes when you talk and play music.


Brady H.

Worked great



The lights are bright enough so if you stood out in the dark you'll be visible, mask wasn't uncomfortable to wear at all, no problems or defects. I love this mask definitely would recommend



When lit up is was very bright. Fit well with glasses also.


Justin M Dusza

Great value



Life of the party. My son loves to wear this mask skating it was a hit during Halloween


Dan M

Cool looking mask and the light features work well. My son loved it!


Bonnie White

Item is nice fits well and arrived before stated


Robin Blackman

My son loved it


Mark A. Nelson

The mask and self is fine the LEDs work they are fairly bright in a dimly lit room. The only problem is the math doesn’t fit in adults face very well it’s a little small and extremely uncomfortable because the LED strings push up against your eyeballs so you can’t really wear it for any extended length of time.


Robi S.

My son wore this for Halloween. He really liked it, so did his friends. Have to admit it spooked me a few times when I was caught off guard. Pretty good quality. He dropped it a few times. Still works.


Nua Nicaj

My kids loved it.



Worked as it described. Happy with purchase!



Great product