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Game of Thrones——Dragon

How many people go to watch the Game of Thrones because of the dragon? How many people are running around the dragon, because the special effects of the dragon are really good, let's take a look.
The most intriguing thing in "Game of Thrones" is the dragon mother's three dear dragons. The battlefield of the cold weapon era, the fire-breathing dragon is simply a bomber, a battle, a Samsung mobile phone. The absolute advantage of air superiority! Naked deterrence, you must be scared before the battle. Therefore, the audience directly called the dragon mother a VIP player. Today we will talk about the three dragons. The combination of ferocious dragons and beautiful women is definitely an invincible contrast.
Someone always asks: how long the dragon is coming out? let me tell you, in the 50th minute of the 10th episode of the first season, the newborn dragon stood on the shoulder of the naked dragon mother who came out of the fire.

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are the names of the three dragons (Is it a bit familiar). At the same time, it hatched from the fire. Although it did not explain the order of birth, the audience used to call Drogon the boss, Rhaegal as the second child, and Viserion as the third. Long Ma named them with the three closest men. Named after the name of the dead, the fate of the dragon should be related to their name.
Drogon is named after her husband Drogo. Drogon is brave and fearless. He has protected the dragon mother many times, just like Drogo, who is strong and brave.

Rhaegal is named after Big Brother Rhaegar. Rhaegal is like Prince Rhaegar who rarely appear. There are very few plays, but he shouldn't be weak. After all, Rhaegar is still very capable.

Viserion is named after the second brother, Viserys. Maybe everyone didn't like Wesleys, and finally was taken over by Night's King, and it turned out to be the worst dragon against humanity.

According to the spoiler, the Ice Dragon Viserion was finally defeated by Drogon. It seems reasonable to analyze it like this.Drogo killed Viserys which make a “crown” with the melted gold for Viserys.
Let’s talk about the performance of these three dragons in the play.

Little Drogon

Drogon is considered a reincarnation of Balerion the Black Dread. Drogon was not very different from the other two dragons when he was born, but when he was born, he stood on the shoulder of the dragon mother like the boss. He also eats the most in this aspect, so Drogon grows very fast, gradually getting bigger than the other two dragons, much like Drogo's huge body, and the attack power is also like Drogo. It is the strongest. It has been the dragon mother's biggest killer for many times. It is also the one with the most appearances. When only one dragon is present, it must be Drogon.


When the dragon mother and her army, who had just started their business, arrived in Qarth, the Strange uncle of Qarth: Xaro Xhoan Daxos, when the dragon mother was out, let the wizard steal her three dragons and locked it in the House of the Undying. The dragon mother went to the meeting alone, and the three dragons quietly watched the wizard acting. With the dragon mother's domineering "Dracarys" (Dragon Flame - specializing in a deal with various bells and whistles), Drogon took the lead in spraying the flames to the wizard, followed by three The dragon flames volleyed and the wizard was burned to ashes.
The dragon mother company started in the first round of financing stage in Astar, the swearing slave owner thought that the dragon mother could not understand, the dragon mother proposed to use the dragon to exchange all the Unsullied to the slave owner, and the slave owner decisively chose the strongest. Drogon. Delivery versus Payment,dragon mother pay the dragon and get the whip which can order Unsullied, the dragon mother told him in the language of the slave owner, I know that you have been the curse of me, I have been bearing you for a long time. Long Ma's "Dracarys" (Dragon Flame) teaches you to be a man, black take black business, get something from nothing, neither lost the dragon, but also won the eight thousand Unsullied corps.

Subsequently, Long Ma Company stepped up and expanded all the way, and control Yunkai and Meereen to become the queen of Slaver's Bay. The mother began to work hard. The adolescent Drogon was not accompanied by her mother. He was naughty outside the house all day and attacked the animals from time to time. Finally, he accidentally burned the children of the herdsmen,He knew he was in trouble, so he slipped away. The dragon mother couldn't bear this behavior, but she couldn't find Drogon. She had to lock the other two dragons together to prevent them from being in trouble. At that time, the hearts of the two dragons must have collapsed. (Mummy, we are all children, it's big brother‘s wrong, why do you want to shut us? Black question mark face)

Arrive in time

But at a critical time, Drogon still appeared. When the Dragon Mother was besieged by the Sons of the Harpy in the Fighting pits of Meereen, Drogon appeared in time to protect his mother. Even if the body was full of javelins, it was not afraid, and finally carried the dragon mother to escape. I don't know if Drogon deliberately took the wrong road, or was afraid of being beaten by her mother. The mother returned to the original starting point - Dothraki.

Drogo‘s tribe

Long Ma then fell into the hands of the Dothraki. Fortunately, Long Ma had a special function of immune to Fire. After killing all Khal, she took over the Dothraki cavalry. In order to let them swear allegiance, Long Ma took a generous and enthusiastic speech on Drogon‘s back and completely conquered them. I think that Drogons visit here should also mean going home. He is the embodiment of Drogo. He once promised to help her go home. Drogo is going to give his army to the dragon mother.

Now the dragon mother company is going to have a flaw, the dragon, the army, and the little devil. Now it is time to kill and fight for the Iron Throne. To cross the Straits, she needs a fleet. Thus, in the sixth season, the omnipotent slave owner took the initiative to send the fleet, and Drogon and the other two brothers worked together to obtain a fleet that could carry the army across the narrow sea.


After arriving in Westeros, Long Ma could have attacked King's Landing with three dragons like Aegon I Targaryen, burning Cersei into coke, but the dragon mother did not want to marry the civilians but had to use the siege method and Cersei to squat, resulting in Cersei advancing Secretly by an unknown path, the two great Dorne and Tyrell who had just joined together, died. Long Ma finally got angry under the provocation of Cersei, riding Drogon and carrying Dothraki cavalry to the Jaime army, the Lannister troops first heard the rumbling sound, a dragon rising from the sky, the legendary dragon Once appeared in front of mortals.

This war, fortunately, Bronn, who was got money and doing things, calmly and supernormally, and manipulated the giant crossbow to shoot Drogon. Drogon was furious and burning of the giant crossbow.

James wants to take advantage of the dragon mother to Drogon's empty space, staged a wave of troops to take the enemy from the first level, the result was almost burned to ash, was rescued by Bronn and jumped into the river (you still want to die without giving money?), drifting with the flow. The Lannister army is completely defeated. But Drogon has been burning supplies, I still look very distressed, and the spoils that won the fight all let you burn.
In the seventh season, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion went to rescue the Snow squad who obtain the Others on the north of the Great Wall. Drogon stopped on the ice to transfer personnel, Rhaegal, and Viserion in the air, and Rhaegal witnessed Night's King shot a Visaion with a javelin, and Rhaegal was scared and run around. At the crucial time, big brother Drogon took everyone out of danger.

After the death of Viserion fell into the icy lake, Night's King used the white walkers to pull it up for the rational use of resources. In front of Night's King, Viserion opened his blue eyes again, and Night's King turned it into an own mount. After the strengthening of Night's King, Viserion, in the seventh season, overthrew the unstoppable Great Wall.

Now,Winter Is Coming!!!

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