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If You Read One Article About Ear Candles Read this One

Ear wax candles originated from ancient times, the origin of the origin is unknown, some say China Tibet, some say Egypt, some say North America. The raw material is usually linen or cotton, and after being immersed in wax, it is hardened into a hollow candle. According to some manufacturers, their products range in diameter from 6 mm to 12 mm. They are made of pure natural beeswax containing Chinese herbal medicine and some aromatherapy ingredients. Some ear candles contain sage, fruit scent, rose, rosemary, honey, etc. Some people also use the newspaper DIY, dipped in wax and rolled into ear candles, or replaced the herbs with funnel-shaped pottery.

Many health cares and beauty institutions have launched "ear candle therapy", inserting a hollow candle into the person's ear, and the hot air rises to form a vacuum negative pressure, which can suck out the deafness and even suck out the inner ear, sinus, and brain. Harmful substances, which play the role of detoxification, are therefore called "intracranial purification therapy." It is said that the heat and vibration generated by the burning of the candle are also transmitted to the ear.
When performing ear candle treatment, guests should lie sideways on the bed. The therapist passes the candle through a disc for receiving wax and ash and then into the outer ear canal of the guest. The therapist ignites the candle, and the burnt wick is long to be cut away, during which the skin around the ear is massaged with an oil. During the treatment, it is said that the guest's ears will feel warm and not hot, and experience the relaxation of mind and body, "full of spirituality."
Does the ear candle really have related functions? In fact, it’s a matter of opinion.

From the perspective of beauty technology, the effect of ear candling is far less magical than advertising. But in terms of relieving stress, making people feel comfortable, relaxing, etc., the ear candle does have some effect. After all, in ancient times, the main function of the ear candle was to use it as a tool to relieve the mental state before sacrifice.
How to use an ear candle correctly? Heres Your All-in-one Guide to Ear Candling:
1. Use 1-2 pairs of Ear Candles each time, One time per week.
2. Simply pull out the filter and poke foam through the wide end for a more holistic traditional burn if desired.
3. Each ear candle burns for about 10 minutes. When approaching the perimeter of the police line, please extinguish it with water, do not blow out.
4. Do not swim or put your head into the water within 24 hours, and put some little cotton in your ear to keep warm for 2-3 hours.
5. In order to have the maximum effect, please cooperate with the essential oil to detoxify your back and face.
6. Ear Candles are not suitable for the menstrual period and pregnant women, people who have ear fester, or someone with a perforated eardrum.
7. Ear Candling is not as a method for ear wax removal, but as a way to slow down with a circle of close friends, put away their phones and simply spend time in a peaceful atmosphere!

All in all, all things have two sides. As for how to judge the quality of a thing, you need to experience it in person to truly understand the thing, instead of knowing the product from someone else's mouth.

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