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LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool

LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool Item NO: AE089

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Product Name LED Facial Mask Therapy System Face Skin Care Phototherapy Tool
Item NO AE089
Weight 0.4000 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz
Category Beauty
Brand Dyfina
Creation time 2018-08-04


It adopts LED the principle of biological color light therapy, through the latest concept of photodynamic therapy and skin to gently massage skin metabolism, promotes skin to absorb products faster, makes the skin bright luster. Spectrum hairdressing apparatus has two color light red, blue, the wavelength of 630 nm to 680 nm LEM red light, with high purity, the characteristics of strong light, the energy density uniform, played a significant effect in skin care and health care, is called the biological activity of light. The activity of the red can make cells, promote cells metabolism, make the skin collagen and fibrous tissue, to fill the skin collagen loss by the gap, accelerate the blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin yellow, dark wait for a symptom, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging, anti-oxidation, repair skin, better than the traditional skin care effect. Using blue light with a wavelength of 420nm~460nm, it can effectively tighten skin to restore fiber elasticity, and it has a good effect on the sensitive skin. Yellow light with a wavelength of 420nm~460nm.Deep beauty for the skin.Cell regeneration and collagen secretion. Combine facial mask, essence can achieve beauty effect better.



La estoy usando esperando mas tiempo para ver resultados


May Thu Kyaw

For dark spots


C. Costanzo

Be aware only has 30 uses! Other than that.... seems to be good


M. Kunz

I bought this not for acne but collagen production. The most important thing is to avoid buying another of the handheld controllers. Whether you solder or tape, just skip the nonsense of wasting plastic and reuse it until the batteries run out.



Although these come with a mask that has holes to look through, I DO NOT recommend keeping your eyes opened at all. These lights are all still very bright. I have only had the product for about 3 days but I’ve seen it calm some of the prominent pimples down much faster than they usually would. Definitely read instructions because the battery can easily be wasted. The only thing I feel is very stupid is how you have to keep purchasing battery packs. It should simply plug in


Diane Haas

I've had cystic acne 20+ years. I've never found a topical product that prevented breakouts and I don't want to take daily antibiotics. I started using this mask daily. My acne is 80% better. I've been using it for 2 years. I'll always have an occasional breakout, but it's infrequent. I'm able to reduce the use of this mask to 3 times a week. I can't say it gives you perfectly clear skin, but it helped where I needed it.



This fall my normally healthy skin (early 30s, balanced moisture, no true breakouts, occasional hormonal pimple) experienced a breakout that covered my entire face and down my neck, with purplish-red skin where I didn't have active pustules. I bought this as a last ditch attempt, as none of the topical treatments I tried even touched the severity of the breakout. I had an appointment set up with the dermatologist for the following week, but was hoping to get a reduction in the inflammation and pain by trying this. I was not expecting much, as I've tried LED facials in the past with minimal results and this mask wasn't recommended for a breakout of this severity. I tried it before I went to bed and woke up to a 50% reduction in the redness, inflammation and amount of pimples. By the time I saw the dermatologist, it looked like a very mild breakout and after a month of using it daily, not only was it all gone, but there was no damage left in its wake. I still use it several times a week to stave off any problems. I have never been impressed enough by a product to write a review, but this saved my skin when I was really hopeless about it. It may not work for everyone's skin, but it definitely helped mine. I wish I had tried this first.



She seems to like it. Can’t comment on long term benefits as this was brought for a Christmas present.


Michael R

All diode medical products (ESPECIALLY FDA cleared devices) take tons of money to research, verify, build, productize, and clear with the FDA. This device costs less than a 100w light bulb for your house!!! Where do you think the rest of the money to pay for this thing comes from? Duh, they sell it to you for a discount- which is great, because in reality, most people wouldn't get 30 uses off this thing and it goes in the trash.

It comes down to this: They don't get you with the handles... they get you with the blades.
And if you don't like that stop buying the newest and highest costing 5x blade razer device for your face and thus halt development for 6x.


Wesley Jordan

It actsully works! Most of the reviews are all about how you have to buy a new activator. This product works great!



It actsully works! Most of the reviews are all about how you have to buy a new activator. This product works great!


Angie Nicholson

Just what I wanted!



I'm really happy with this mask, it's really helped with my acne. I was skeptical at first spending £90 on this product. But I've already seen a huge difference in my skin in the first week and excited to carry on using it. I noticed laying down without the strap was most effective.



A bit heavy across the eyes - otherwise lovely, versatile beautygadget


Melanie Lowes

Its a little heavy on the bridge of the nose. other wise good.


hester chen

It's useful but need to exchange the battery.....


Sad consumer

I cannot complain about this mask. My son has troubling eczema on his face and is going through the years of acne prone skin. We've seen 3 different dermatologists to help with targeting the eczema while he deals with the acne. None of the generic or expensive creams/methods have worked. Everything we have tried has either made one or the other problem worse. This mask is the first time I've seen his face clear up and even the eczema is coming under control. I think that is due to him no longer feeling like he is having to wash his face as often or use harsh creams. I was worried I was buying snake oil but after 3 far so good for us.


Glynda Stiles




Good enough for the price



I've had this on my wish list for a while as I'm a total beauty addict. My husband's just bought it for me and gave it to me today as an early Xmas present. Now I'm a tough nut to crack as I've used everything you can think of but I've used it twice today and I feel like I'm seeing results already. I read that using green tea extract prior to using this makes the mask work ten times faster than just using the mask alone, so he got me a bottle of that too. I exfoliate with myvibrating cleansing bar and put my serum on (apart from. Retinol it's not a good idea to use it with the mask but ok after) and a sheet mask and used the mask with the sheet mask. My skin is super bright afterwards but the mask isn't comfortable around my eyes but I use a cushion under the chin of the mask and I kind of balance it and that helps a lot. I don't want to lie down with it on as I'm always doing something when I'm sat down, I'm not good at keeping still. The higher setting is super bright and I don't think I'll use it that high, I don't think it will be good for me in the long run as it hurts my eyes. I'm looking forward to incorporating this into my routine.