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Metal Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover

Metal Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover Item NO: ZB002

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Product Name Metal Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover
Item NO ZB002
Weight 0.8000 kg = 1.7637 lb = 28.2192 oz
Category Home & Kitchen
Creation time 2018-08-09




Net Weight:1.7pounds/800g

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DJY 13

This was so perfect for our warehouse bathroom. Didn't care what color was sent but ended up getting the perfect one for our decor! It's a little odd size for the kleenex box but a little packing material made it perfect!



Gave this to a friend who is in the logistics business. He loved it.


A. Bavarian

Gave this to a friend who is in the logistics business. He loved it.


Machias Grey

I bought this as a gift for my brother-in-law who does some work that occasionally employs a shipping container. He LOVES this Kleenex container and took it for his desk at work. You don’t get to choose which color you’d like, but I thought that was part of the fun.



This is a really cool gift for a longshoreman but I can’t find a tissue box that fits properly inside of it! It’s too narrow, too long, and too tall for standard rectangle tissue boxes. It’ll probably end up on a shelf as decoration instead being used as a tissue box cover.


Kory E. Broere

I thought this was a little expensive for a tissue box but these are nice! They are very realistic, made of metal and appear to be hand painted.


Jonathan Mounts

Super awesome, random color so it's like a surprise!



Pretty neat reminder of my days in the working world.


Kindle Customer

Amazing product. Looks and feels like a shipping container! Was a big hit with my parents for whom it was a gift.
Let me pit it this way: if you think it's cool, or that someone would appreciate it, buy it for you or them.