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Mole Removal Pen Easy Remove Freckles Eraser Skin Tag At Home

Mole Removal Pen Easy Remove Freckles Eraser Skin Tag At Home Item NO: TMRP03

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Product Name Mole Removal Pen Easy Remove Freckles Eraser Skin Tag At Home
Item NO TMRP03
Weight 0.2300 kg = 0.5071 lb = 8.1130 oz
Category Beauty
Creation time 2017-06-01

UPGRADE with display and 6 adjustable power outputs, suitable for different skin tolerance if you have moles, freckles, tattoo, verruca vulgaris, granulation tissue and other pigmentation on skin epidermis, immediately make your skin smooth and clean
SAFE: No feeling of electricity with the latest technology of microcomputer control, more steady and safer as home use facial beauty tool, battery level can be observed visually on LED Display if you quickly press the OUT button twice, keeping working over 5 hours on a charge.


Cleaning the needle with alcohol, gently sweeps from back to front within a small area, it’ll be better if you do a testing on apples or arms before first use. Do not stop in one place to avoid burning your dermis layer. Clean your eye spots in twice or more times carefully.


Long-press ON/OFF button for 3s to start, press once to the first mode and once to the second mode. If you press to the sixth mode, press again and it’ll be back to the first, the working mode can be shown on display. This device will keep working when you keep pressing OUT button, but it has power-off protection if you keep pressing it for 2 min once.

Use alcohol to clean your skin, use eyebrows stabilizer cream to local anesthesia for 15-30 minutes,hold the pen at a slight angle, gently sweep back and forth with a small strength, Carbonization cannot stay in one place for a long time, it’s enough till the dark spot been flat, to avoid burning the dermis layer to cause scars.The darker region is recommended to be divided into four or five operations. 

Weight: 8.11oz 
Gear range: 6 mode strength 
Size: 6.5*1.33inches 
Charging: USB cable 
Material: ABS body and steel needle 

1.Adjust the mode you need: use small strength when you remove the spots of shallow in a small area, use high strength when you remove bad spots on a large area. (Please do not puncture the skin during operating!) 
2.Large and hereditary syringoma are recommended to be treated in hospital. 
3.The device should be charged every 3-4 months if not use for a long time.


Laura Castillo

I really love it. It was super easy to use. I got rid of several skin tags very easily.


marissa moralez

Wow this skin tag remover actually works, used this skin tag removerand my skin tag came off like 4 days later, and it did so good that i dont even see a scar!


Tiffany Hua

This skin tag remover is amazing, at the beginning i was a little afraid that how hurt it would be, but after give it a try on my arm , it wasnt too bad, i could totally take it, and the skin tag is getting lighter and smaller on day 3. now i am confident to move on to the next moles on my body. Nice skin tag remover , well design, worth every dollar.


eva castro

Have to double treat a few ares... takes weeks..but this skin tag remover does work. Scabs take a while...but this skin tag remover worth the results!


Krista Smith

This skin tag remover works very well. I do occasionally need to do a mole more than once but this skin tag remover does work. I have removed several small skin tags and a few raised freckles and once they heal, they don't come back.



This is a great little skin tag remover. To tell you the truth I was sceptical at first because I didn't know something like this existed! I didn't take the any before and after pictures but I used this skin tag remover to remove a skin tag, but I love the results so much that I needed to share! First I recommend getting numbing cream to put on the spot you want to remove before using the pen because it stung. I took the pain and now I'm left with just a little red spot and no skin tag!! I can wait to see the full result when it fully heals!! This is definitely worth the buy!



I have a mold on my hand I wanted to it tryout and this skin tag remover work. It was easy to use. My hand is very nicely in a week. Great skin tag remover.


Edith Lopez

This skin tag remover can remove Mole and just you need anesthesia first so you can not feel anything if you do not it will be very pain very good quality I like this skin tag remover



Anyways I dont usually review things like this - its quite embarrassing but its great stuff.
as a mole remover - actually you can use it in many ways as i assume. I use it to remove spots on my feet - i would say quite enjoying this - would never do it without similar tool. At this point a must have for myself definitely.



This skin tag remover will put greedy dermatologists out of business. I have already saved $1,500 on mole removal! You must use some kind of numbing creme first. Look on YouTube for the dozens of people who have used these skin tag remover.


Christopher Barker

This tag remover pen is really works. But buy numbing creek with it if you really want tho burn something off your skin.


germelina madrid

Husband removed 1 skin tag by using this skin tag remover in a weekend. The deratologisit visit would have been $120.+......its gone! Nothing left. Worked great. I was really surprised for this skin tag remover . For skin tags I'd say go for it. Expect some pain, but also expect results.


I love

Used this skin tag removeron some freckles and sun spots and it worked well. This skin tag remover is a powerful cauterizing tool on high settings, would recommend topical Lidocaine on sensitive spots like the face. I had photo facials /laser treatments before and this is quite similar. Spots one treats will turn brown, (don't wipe off and keep moist with Vaseline. Do not let a scab or crust form = scar, use sunscreen). It's not an instant cure but takes a few weeks to heal completely and sometimes repeat treatments are necessary to fade dark spots. Do read the instructions and watch a few videos before use.


Kelly A Clement

Removed a medium size skin tag in less than 20 min!!!Super easy to use.Wish I bought this skin tag remover sooner.Great skin tag remover!!


Jenni Price

This skin tag remover works great, I have removed several skin tags, they fall right off and no scarring


Tene Osborne

I had a few small tags and moles on my face that made me look so old. I had called dermatologist to make a visit but wouldn't go at the thought of the price. So, I decided to buy this skin tag remover and all my moles and tags are a bad memory. I recommend this skin tag remover.


Ivon Santana

It stings just a lil bit but ithis skin tag remover does what it says. I've burned off tons of freckles and helped someone remove a skin tag as well and this skin tag remover works! The paint isn't nothing that someone couldn't handle either!


taryn tomas

I have some really annoying skin tags, one on my eyelid. I was a little skeptical about this remover pen but I tell you it works! The little needle gets inserted in the tip of the pen, you can adjust the power setting as needed. Start low and then move higher. Upon touching the tip of the needle to the skin tag, it sends out a little spark and it does tingle but doesn't really hurt. It zapped that skin tag and it fell right off my eyelid. Not much pain, no bleeding! I'm definitely using this on my other ones too!


Teresa Whitten

I would definately recommend this product as it has removed the annoying moles on my face. I looked up how muchbit cost to getbit done proffesional and it cost a lot but is a much cheaper alternative for the same result. No i have the scabs so im just waiting for them to fall off.



I bought it for my wife, it is a good things to help her feel better. It was so expensive to make a remover in the store, but with this, my wife can handle it easily. And it wouldn't hurt her skin. If your girlfriend or wife was trouble with skin problems, i recommend this for you.