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Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use

Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use Item NO: AE131

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Product Name Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use
Item NO AE131
Weight 0.4000 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz
Category Beauty
Creation time 2018-08-02

This product does not harm the essence of the skin! IPL is a widely used technology in hair removal products and the beauty industry. It works from the depth of the hair roots so that the hair does not grow again. In addition, since the wavelength of the IPL reacts only with melanin, it is possible to perform hair removal without damaging the skin itself. In addition, you can make the best adjustment according to the whole body part of the armpit, arms, legs, face, etc. and the thickness of the hair! Regardless of gender, it applies to the whole body.

When will I see results?

With just 2-4 treatments, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results produced by professionally administered laser procedures.

We suggest:
1.First month: treat each area 2 times 1 week.
2.Second month: treat each area 1 time 1 week.
3.Most women need 8 weeks for permanent hair removal.
4.Most men will need an average of 10 weeks.
Because the difference in hair color and strength, you can adjust the interval between treatments slightly.

What should I pay attention to?
1.Your skin should be free of sunburn, additionally, tattoo skin, black skin, and allergic dermatitis skin are forbidden for our device.
2.Can’t use it in menstruation, pregnant or lactation. If you have a skin disease, please consult a doctor before using the product.
3.Our device could not remove the hair on the surface of the skin, the skin surface MUST be clean shaved(razor contains in the box). 
4.Choose a suitable level to treat your hair, please start from the smallest Level when first using.



Arrived as stated. Stopped working after 3 weeks emailed and it just needed cleaning. Nice price and seems to be working great.


Gabriela Arciniegas

Great product, arrived fast, I began using it last week, haven't seen results yet, will update further on. The only flaw I see is that in the manual they never say how to use or what is the purpose for the red lens. And I've been doing some research through other machines and brands and each one has it's own color code. So it would be great if in further manuals they include that issue. Other than that, the machine seems to be great. I've done hair removal treatment before, at a clinic, and I was supposed to repeat treatment in a few months but my life took a big change and I let it pass. So now my beard returned for vengeance. And I really hope this machine does the heroic work of taking me back from the dark jungle of my face.



I bought this one coz my friend has the same one and said it is really good, you only have to use it twice a year and you have a baby skin. so I bought it. I wasn't expecting any results whatsoever but rather was worried that if it did not work, I will have a way bigger problem to fight after all the shaving that this procedure required. But I couldn't be happier now.It has worked like a miracle. My hair growth has significantly reduced and almost hair free in about 50% of my legs. It feels soo good to be able to finally get rid of the hair and the pain.Totally luv it .Thanks for making this Product .



The product is good and it’s like the description


Meiqi Li

The machine is small in shape, cute in pink, and easy to operate. I have used it twice, it is very effective, I will continue to use it, it is worth buying! Hope that the manufacturer can record the use of video, so that we can get the use of methods more easier.


Pilar meadows

Nice and they do the job left my legs silky smooth



I have super thick black facial hair with light olive skin, I would have to use dermablend just to cover the shadow right after I shaved. I went to my doctor and we ran every test under the sun to try to figure out why I could grow a beard better then my husband and there were no answers. Waxing was not advisable because of the thickness of the hair, I decided to try this little machine out. It took 4 weeks of using it twice a week to notice a clear difference, I can safely say that at least a quarter of the hair is gone and there are large patches of smoother hair free skin!!! I will keep using it twice a week until all the hair is gone then I will just do maintenance “zapping”. I wish I would have bought it years ago but it’s better late then never.



FIrst of all, I will recommend this for people who have a light skin color or dark hair, probably won't work on dark skin and blond hair. I used level 1 after shaving my hair, no pain, not much feeling. Probably can't see the full result by now but it seems easy to control, it only lights up if you're at a 90-degree angle. I will try a higher level next time to see if it will give me a better result.


V. Montano

I've had for a month now and I love the results. It will take longer than a professional salon but with consistency and perseverance I see amazing results in different areas. Face, armpits and bikini line so far.



Was sceptical about it working. I have been using this on my chin and underarms for a couple of weeks. Fewer hairs growing back. I'm glad I purchased this hair remover.



Works well and produces wonderful



It works and highly recommended! Before buying this laser hair remover, I had to shave / pluck off the hair on my chin and armpits before leaving the house every day. After 4 uses, the amount of hair visibly decreased, and I was able to only pluck every 3 days. Very happy with it. If you have similar concerns I would highly recommend getting this.


Priya Johnson

Love this product. Compact and efficient! I definitely started to notice the effects after a couple of uses. Hair started to thin out. Yay!



I love it! I use it one or two times a week, works really good on me. I can really see how slow my hair is coming back every time I use it.


Z.F. contes

These disposable razors are handy - whether at home or while traveling. They work very well: after the foam. I can shave my legs at different times in two days. plus shaving. I like that they slide along the surface and rarely hurt me. I am very satisfied


Ignacio Ingraham

These are my favorite shaving heads since they first came out. They make my skin very soft and smooth, I like to wash off the shaving cream in the bath without having to reapply. I never used any scratches or gaps when using these. They smell good and they don't irritate my sensitivity. Every time it is worth it.


Evans/Carrie Killeen

I’ve wanted one of these for over a year now. So far, it works great! Can’t wait to see results in 6+ weeks. Trust me when i say to use the enclosed goggles... the light flashes are blinding. No pain at all. Highly recommend!


Li lin

purchase! After 3 weeks of use, definitely seeing a difference! Typically would shave my chin every other day but now can wait 2 days before the hair starts to bug me. In a word, very happy with this product!



Very impressed! I'm very satisfy with the results. Just buy it, worth the money!



What I liked is I dont feel pain during the use or after. Im using a Aloe vera gel after used it. Then, my results starting showing up after 2 weeks, what is totally fine. I had been in laser professional clinics before for many times and didnt get the same result as with using this one at home. Now I am going to use on my husband and we will post his results after a couple weeks.