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Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use

Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use Item NO: AE131

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Product Name Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use
Item NO AE131
Weight 0.4000 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz
Category Beauty
Creation time 2018-08-02

This product does not harm the essence of the skin! IPL is a widely used technology in hair removal products and the beauty industry. It works from the depth of the hair roots so that the hair does not grow again. In addition, since the wavelength of the IPL reacts only with melanin, it is possible to perform hair removal without damaging the skin itself. In addition, you can make the best adjustment according to the whole body part of the armpit, arms, legs, face, etc. and the thickness of the hair! Regardless of gender, it applies to the whole body.

When will I see results?

With just 2-4 treatments, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results produced by professionally administered laser procedures.

We suggest:
1.First month: treat each area 2 times 1 week.
2.Second month: treat each area 1 time 1 week.
3.Most women need 8 weeks for permanent hair removal.
4.Most men will need an average of 10 weeks.
Because the difference in hair color and strength, you can adjust the interval between treatments slightly.

What should I pay attention to?
1.Your skin should be free of sunburn, additionally, tattoo skin, black skin, and allergic dermatitis skin are forbidden for our device.
2.Can’t use it in menstruation, pregnant or lactation. If you have a skin disease, please consult a doctor before using the product.
3.Our device could not remove the hair on the surface of the skin, the skin surface MUST be clean shaved(razor contains in the box). 
4.Choose a suitable level to treat your hair, please start from the smallest Level when first using.


I. V.

I have always used laser to treat facial and private parts hairs. It's extremely important to let users know that this is a temporary effect for hair removal. It's not permanent. Also the fact this device has been approved only for certain parts of your body it CAN BE USED in other areas as your face for men and private areas if you know what I mean...

DO NOT USE BECAUSE I SAY SO OR I'M DOING IT. I decided to try it out even thou it clearly states you're not supposed to.

My experience with the device has been good so far, not rating this 5 yet because it has only been one treatment. Only time will tell. The flash on your skin is barely felt while comparibg this to one of these proffesional laser machines at a Spa.

I some how doubted it had any effects since didn't feel that laser hair burn and smell. I had to hit that targeted area twice to make sure it burn the hair.

What are my results so far?... Look at the picture attached for 1 pubic area treatment (session). Not bad. See bald spot in middle? That's the area I hit twice if not more to see the difference. I'm please for the time being and what I have spent on this so far.

So you know there are no side effects such as burns, scars or skin pigmentation among the whole list of concerns. YEAH NO CANCER.

I have noticed the laser burn is more effective using the gel to intesify the flash burn. You can actually feel it. I mean nothing compared with the Spa sending you home with burn patches all over the treated areas. So that's my experience so far. Hope it work for you.

I would update this post as I time pass by with future treatments.


Cheryl Myers

I am satisfied with my Venus IPL. I have been using it EVERWHERE and I no longer have to shave everyday. Be aware though, you HAVE to be consistent and patient and go over every spot you want to remove hair from.


Wendy ren @

This wool remover is very good, very convenient and painless. If you like it, you can try it. It's really good. I bought one before. It's not strong enough. It's OK, and it's very clean.


Regina Burleson

I am not a very hairy woman, however, I now have those terrible chin hairs that we get when we hit a certain age. After just the 2nd. time I used it, most of my hair above my lip was gone. After 3 uses most of my chin hairs are gone. I have done my right leg and right underarm, after 3 times there is a huge difference in the reduction of hair on the right side compared to the left side which I have not done yet, I wanted to compare one side to the other and it's amazing. I wish I had bought this sooner. I have light brown hair and I am fairly dark complected and it has worked great on me. I have not used in on my bikini area yet but I will start using it there next week when I do my 4th time, spring will be her before you know it and we will be out on the lake. This product really works I highly recommend it, with the other reviews I wasn't expecting such fast results.


Amy Z.

I have had professional laser hair removal with great results, but after many years I'm due for a 'touch up' as is expected. I figured I would try this at home first. It does not work as rapidly as a professional system, but it does work well!! After the first two weeks of treatments, hair is finer and growing slower than before. I'm using this thing everywhere.



This laser treatment is comfortable by using,i am use my arms area, results great, My arm is smooth and comfortable,it easy grabbing and easy use, solid product, well designed. Easy cleaning,Definitely recommend buy



Good product



I really enjoyed this hair removal product, it works very well. The only thing is that the razor provided didn’t work for me. So I used my own. It’s very easy to use and I love it!



The thing about Venus cartridges is that they fit all of their razors



It realy works, better than other that I used before


candy Deng

I got this body permanent hair removal for myself, I have used it twice a week for my underarms and bikini area, and I can tell hairs reduce. My skin don’t feel burned!!! Easy to use and clear instruction. Can’t summer time coming. I don’t need to go to beauty salon for hair removal anymore!! Save money and very effective!


Leslie A. Smith




Easy to use with simple instructions. I have dark thick hair and it seems to thin it out and in some areas I haven’t seen growth. I will continue to use.


Kristie B.

My 15 year old uses these and I don't worry so much about him cutting himself. It gives a smooth shave for a teenager. My 25-year-old son likes these too. No mess from shaving cream--it is already on the razor. Saves time and money. WIN-WIN!!!



I purchased this because I despise having to shave or wax any of my hairs. I used it as directed for the first week and my hairs did get thinner and more sparse. I know it works and I didn’t find that the device caused any burns.


Running MOM

I am using this product mainly on my face.



So far I like it! I’ll see if it works and write another review!



I LOVE this product! My hair is growing back thinner and slower. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends!


Kiki Mei

I got laser treatment at a clinic on my underarms, but it was very expensive and time-consuming. I plan on doing my own maintenance with this machine. As I want to quickly see results, so I directly using the highest level, but actually, it based on your skin color. For me, it's just very little pain like rubber snapping. And I'm very happy with the result, just 4 treatments hair reduced a lot. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.



I had one laser treatment done at a salon last year and it was much to painful for me to continue. (Yes, I am a wimp.) But I saw some results from that treatment and got interested in at home IPL machines. After much research, I settled on Bosidin because of the good reviews and a $30 off coupon! After 2 weeks and 3 uses on my bikini area and underarms, with little to no pain I am so pleased to see growth stunted and hair falling out the same as it did after my salon treatment! I have to admit, I had low expectations, but this has blown my mind! Definitely worth the money. (For reference I have very pale skin and very dark hair.)