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Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use

Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use Item NO: AE131

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Product Name Pro Hair Removal System Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Remover for Home Use
Item NO AE131
Weight 0.4000 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz
Category Beauty
Creation time 2018-08-02

This product does not harm the essence of the skin! IPL is a widely used technology in hair removal products and the beauty industry. It works from the depth of the hair roots so that the hair does not grow again. In addition, since the wavelength of the IPL reacts only with melanin, it is possible to perform hair removal without damaging the skin itself. In addition, you can make the best adjustment according to the whole body part of the armpit, arms, legs, face, etc. and the thickness of the hair! Regardless of gender, it applies to the whole body.

When will I see results?

With just 2-4 treatments, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results produced by professionally administered laser procedures.

We suggest:
1.First month: treat each area 2 times 1 week.
2.Second month: treat each area 1 time 1 week.
3.Most women need 8 weeks for permanent hair removal.
4.Most men will need an average of 10 weeks.
Because the difference in hair color and strength, you can adjust the interval between treatments slightly.

What should I pay attention to?
1.Your skin should be free of sunburn, additionally, tattoo skin, black skin, and allergic dermatitis skin are forbidden for our device.
2.Can’t use it in menstruation, pregnant or lactation. If you have a skin disease, please consult a doctor before using the product.
3.Our device could not remove the hair on the surface of the skin, the skin surface MUST be clean shaved(razor contains in the box). 
4.Choose a suitable level to treat your hair, please start from the smallest Level when first using.



I got this permanent hair removal device for my salon. I had tried a few clients with this. So far we are happy with the results. No burning no terrible hurting. It seems work on all kind of hairs. Thick and thin. It definitely need 4-6 treatments to have the best results. It is very easy to use. And has many deferent levels of energy. I am glad that I bought it. It is a little pricey but worth the money.



This remover works based on my wife's experience. I bought it as a gift to her, so far she loves it so much, and has done several treatments. She told me that she doesn't need to remove hairs often as before, this really can inhibit the regrowth of new hairs. Now, she recommended it to her friends, would buy another one for her sister.



Good product and saves money


Christina Cole

I bought this device in order to be as hairless as possible because my husband likes hairless. I draw the line at myself, though. I will never, ever consent to owning one of those impossibly ugly hairless Chinese dogs or those poor, God forsaken things that are apparently cats, which have no hair.

First off, the BD 3001 does not hurt, hallelujah, thank You Jesus! I was so scared to deliver the very first shock that I literally stood there in front of the mirror, holding it up to my armpit for several minutes, intermittently wiping the tiny beads of stress sweat off, so that I would not inadvertantly electrocute myself. When I finally pressed the purple button, I was pleasantly surprised! I felt heat, and a mild but surprising pinch in areas that had dampness, freckles, or scars. Now, I zap myself in various areas of my body, without fear (mostly, that is......I still fear zapping my girl parts because that is the area it can really pinch! I did read the manual, and it does say not to zap those parts, husband survived after zapping his man parts, and since I'm no wimp, of course I had to follow suit.

Secondly, the hair on my lower legs is now growing much more slowly and sparsely. It seems to work best there so far. I am also trying numerous other parts of my body, with mixed success. It has only been a month and a half, but every week I spend a stupid amount of hours (3), zapping myself. Call it love - I love my husband, and actually, being hairless while living in the tropics is nice because if you do not control your body hair, you automatically assume the persona of a hippie, many of which live on this island and have copious amounts of body hair. For real, I was at a company meeting this week when I looked over at a colleague who had reached her arm forward to grab a sheet of paper in front of her. Tragically, (although I did find that my gag reflex is still intact), I got an eye full of pit hair. omg.......

Perhaps I will update this review in another month or two. For now, I'd say I like what I'm seeing, but I need to continue my insane weekly 3 hour regimen for at least that much longer before I can claim hairless status.


kevin li

This IPL hair removal device is a game changer for me! So far just finished my 5th weeks usage, I can see noticeable, from literally having to shave everyday to once a week. Worth the money, highly recommend. Give up your razors and buy this one!!!


Brandie Frantz

I’ve use this twice. zero pain. So far so good


Mr. Bentley

My husband got me this for Christmas. I have had professional laser hair removal done on a few areas but would love to have a few more areas done. I have used twice on multiple areas and am loving it. I was excited it came with the protective eye ware. No issues with the machine, only 2 treatments so far so will see how long before I notice results.



Good but slow compared with clinics


Sandy Sconce

I just received today, and very easy to use. It went faster then I thought it would when set on continued flash mode. I WILL COME BACK AFTER A FEW WEEKS OF USE TO LET EVERYINE KNOW IF IT WORKS.



Love the product, been using for about 6 weeks, drastic reduction in hair growth. Have very light skin and dark hair. Used about every 4 or 5 days i the begining as my hair grows really fast. Now down to shaving my legs once a week with minimal hair growth. Doesnt eliminate but drastically cuts down the regrowth. No cartridges to refill is a great bonus.


Jenny Jin

Wow, I must say it definitely works!!! I use it on facial hair and bikini line. I could see much difference just after 2 treatments: facial did not need to shave everyday now and the bikini line area has less hair regrowth. The result is just as what I have gotten when did professional laser hair removal, but less pain then the professional. Would recommend to my friends!



I'm so pleased with this purchase! It does me a great favor, helps me to save a lot of time and makes my leg hair growing back slowly and thinner. My facial hair is stop growing back now after just 3 times' use. I expect to the day that I can never do shaving. If you're also want to remove unwanted hair, I recommend this, it's painless and works well, you'll also love it.


Marisa Vieira

I bought the hair removal system in March on this year and saw results almost immediately. I've done three full sessions on my legs since March and saw results immediately and continue to see results with every use. My legs aren't completely hairless, but I have full strips that hair does not grow back. I love this product and I highly recommend it. I have done expensivr professional treatments and I have seen better results with this product. I have olive skin and dark brown coarse hair.



This is an amazing device that I love so much! It works as described, just 3 treatments I can see a huge difference. It's helpful and saves a lot of time and money. I'm very pleased with this purchase, money well spent.






This is a great product and works well for me. I have dark hair and olive skin. It kept bothering me for long times. My friend recommended this to me. I tried and I could the see the differences after few treatments. My hair is thinner and grow slower now. I am happy with this result. It is easy to follow and very convenient.



My armpits hair always make me so embarrassment, especially When I wear an elegant dress, dressgirls can know the feel, right? So I bought this hair removal device, I use it once a week, and now I can see it really works, they regrowth slower and less. With this result, I've confidence that soon I will get rid of annoying unwanted hair. The light is bright, so remember to wear goggles, which is included in the box. Really nice seller.



It was a gift so im not sure if it worked. Looked good though


Jie Lin

I bought it for my wife as birthday gift. She was very surprised. She told me the item works great and she love it. Cost about 15 minutes each leg under knee



After one month's use, I can definitely say that this unit is really helpful. It's very simple to use and works well in hair reduction. As it has 350,000 flashes, so my husband also use it for belly hair removal. Thus, it helps save a lot of money compared with professional beauty salon. Really a good investment.