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SAD Light Therapy Energy Lamp 32,000 lux

SAD Light Therapy Energy Lamp 32,000 lux Item NO: JX003

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  • 1. The streamlined shape and matte surface make this lamp more artistic!
  • 2. The foldable chassis and the angle can be adjusted.
  • 3. This product is inexpensive, whether you are a pragmatist or a romantic person, it is worth having one!
  • Can be used as decorations, also be used as a night light, table lamp, or SAD therapy lamp!
Product Name SAD Light Therapy Energy Lamp 32,000 lux
Item NO JX003
Weight 0.6900 kg = 1.5212 lb = 24.3390 oz
Category Health & Personal Care
Tag SAD Light Therapy
Brand Dyfina
Creation time 2018-08-06



Working voltage: 110-240V/12V 1A DC
Power / three modes control: first mode: 1.8W, second mode: 3.5W, third mode: 7.8W.
Type of lamp: 2835
Illumination: one mode: 5600, second mode: 11000, third mode: 32000
Light color: white light
Color temperature: 6500K
Material: shell (ABS) + optical grade light guide +78 LED lamp.
Ultraviolet radiation: no
Put distance and duration of work: 50cm/4 hours
Key cuticle: can't adjust
Special functions: no
Timing: no
Battery: no
Luminescent window size: 226*131mm
Weight: 0.68kg/pc
Product size: 277*162*18mm/10.9*6.37*0.7''
Packing size: 175*40*368mm/6.88*1.57*14.48''

Note: Luminous intensity is high, not suitable for those who are suitable, do not look at products.
Please allow slight size differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand. 

1 x SAD Therapy Light
1 x 12V/1A Charger
1 x Stent (Constant Current, Constant Voltage)



I suffer from SAD ( seasonal affective disorder) during the winter months so have been researching ways to combat this. I discovered that these lamps can be extremely beneficial and just 1 hour a day in front of the daylight lamp for a week, will help to relieve the complaints associated with winter depression including: extreme fatigue, ADHD, insomnia and the tendency to eat extra-high amounts of carbohydrates. These Beurer daylight lamps have been medically certified.

This all sounds very promising and well worth a try so I’ve already started using my lamp.

The lamp itself is simple to use. No setting up , just take out of box and plug in. The light is actually noticeably different from ordinary bulbs and gives off a bright light, but doesn’t dazzle the eyes. It’s easily portable so can be used in whatever room you’re in.

It does have a tendency to get quite warm, but no more than some mobile chargers for instance.



Lumière brûlée à la troisième utilisation alors je ne peux dire si ça marche, j'en ai commandé une autre, 15$ la lumière


Rhoda Topaz

It's easy to use, good bright light, has a stand to keep upright.
I sit in front of it most mornings to wake me up on these grey days, it cheers me up! Also use it as a reading lamp.


Mélanie Beausoleil

Compacte, parfaite



I use this light every morning and sometimes throughout the day. In fact, while I'm working I don't ever want to turn it off. I haven't tracked my mood or sleep patterns since I started using it, so I can't comment on that aspect, but I find that while it's on I am more focused for longer periods of time. This is my first time trying any form of light therapy and I recommend others trying it as well, whether it be this particular light or a different one. I am happy with this model - no complaints.


Mrs N

Better than i expected. It takes a minute of two to adjust to the brightness when first switched on but it really does brighten the room on these dark mornings.


Kai Crites

Excellent quality light. Works well. O have suggested this one go people.


Amanda Ugarkovic

I have one of these lights myself which is a little bit bigger than this one. I got this one for a friend I work with. I've had a good experience with mine and it is the same brand. I would recommend this to anyone that suffers from seasonal affective disorder or would like a natural pick me up!


Loro Vincent

I really like the sleek look of this light. I've been using out for a few months now and it seems to be keeping me from getting the winter blues. I love that it automatically turns off at the end of whatever time you have it set for. In the morning it's recommended to use for 30 mins, and then when it's really a blah day, I'll add an afternoon pick-me-up of 5 or 10 mins. So far, it's worth the money!


Clement Nutu

Great, seem as strong as a del light 5000w though



very happy with this purchase



Staff aw happy with this product.


Jo Panda

I was quite skeptical, when I first got the light that it would work, but I was wrong. After the first day of use, it made a difference.

I absolutely love that they include a regular sized energy efficient lightbulb and mini-screwdriver with your package. I brought my package to work and was able to set it up right at work, without any other additional tools.

After it was setup, I kept having coworkers ask me about it. Many people are interested in the product, especially since our office space lacks natural sunlight.


Disney Fan

I've had other brands of light therapy lamps and not that there was anything mechanically wrong with them (only some)with the other lamps I have had in the past,but this is my favorite and has features others didn't have.
This updated model has a dimmer switch which actually is convenient when you want to have the light on but don't need the full power of the bulb, and secondly, there is a timer which is a big plus IMO, and to top it off it is very stylish.
I hd some initial questions when I recieved it that weren't answered in the manual, and there was a customer service phone number where you can actually talk to a person. The CSR was very informative and helped with a couple of minor issues.

Everything about this product has been a good experience and this from someone who has had different SAD lamps over the years.



I've been using this light for a couple of days and I think I feel an improvement. It could be in my head, but I've used SAD lights before and they helped.

I love that this one is so compact compared to my previous one. It fits well on the corner of my desk and looks great.

My only negative would be the placement of the power switch on the back is a bit hard to reach.



Feels like middle of summer all the time



Not used much as yet, but the unit seems well made and certainly it is easy to believe that 10000lumens/sqm is available at the recommended distance. This is a unit with a large surface area ,which is thought to be an advantage from a use perspective though some people might find it cumbersome.



Very good



I really like this product it works


L Funk

I was very skeptical of lamps like this, but it has shown to actually work. I bought this product to help with low mood during the dark winter months in northern UK. Definitely has a positive effect on mood. However, I did find that if I used it for more than 30 minutes, I experienced feelings of overexcitement---so something to look out for potentially. Would buy again.