【Board Game Miscellaneous】Give You A Chance To Counterattack , Can You Become A Billionaire Like Carnegie?

In the past 100 years, the rise of the United States has given young people with dreams around the world shining opportunities again and again. They have traveled across oceans and left their homes to come to this land. Through their diligence, courage, creativity and determination, Towards prosperity and create value. In that golden age full of dreams and infinite possibilities, their dream was named the "American Dream" to inspire and witness the birth of generations of grassroots giants, and Andrew Carnegie is the most typical representative.

Andrew Carnegie is not the Dale Carnegie who wrote "How to Win Friends & Influence People" to sell "Success Studies" to others, but a real industrialist. Like many new immigrants to the United States, Carnegie was born in Scotland and lived in poverty when he was young. He had to travel with his family to New York Harbor on the East Coast of the United States to make a living.

At first he was just a humble messenger. After decades of unremitting struggle, he and his friends established a bridge company and seized the opportunity of the end of the Civil War to start his own steel factory. By the beginning of the 20th century, Carnegie Steel had taken over 25% of the steel production and sales in the United States, making it the largest steel company in the world.

Carnegie was not only once the richest man in the United States and the "king of steel", he left a rich page in the history of American industry. What's more commendable is that he is still good at giving back to the society almost all of the wealth he has gained. The amount he donated during his lifetime is comparable to that of Swedish industrialist Nobel who established the Nobel Prize after his death.

This poor boy from a foreign country eventually became an entrepreneurial hero and a socially responsible entrepreneur in the hearts of Americans. He is the best interpretation and model of the "American Dream".

Game Introduction]
How many ups and downs the steel king has experienced in his life, the existing historical data will not make us feel the same. So Xavier Georges, a well-known designer who designed board games such as "Troyes" and "Black Angel", joined hands with legendary artist Yan Outu to bring the life of this legendary character to life with the "Carnegie" board game. 

In the game, players will return to the age when Carnegie struggled hard, playing the role of entrepreneurs, expanding their business empire by investing in real estate, recruiting employees to produce goods, developing the transportation industry, and establishing transportation networks in various regions. After you have achieved something, you can also learn from Carnegie and generously donate your income to charities to contribute to the revival of the country. In the process of revisiting Carnegie's struggle history, you will gain an unparalleled sense of substitution.

【How to play】
"Carnegie" is an engine-building game with regional control elements. There is a company map in the game with several departments on it. Players can activate its effects by dispatching their employees to the department’s workstations.

The most distinctive part of the game is the choice of actions. There are a total of four actions to choose from, but it is often not the player's ability to decide what action to choose. Each big round will have an active player, this player can decide what action to perform in the current big round, and other players can only follow this action. The four actions correspond to the four departments in the company. When the player performs an action, the corresponding department will be activated.

Your employees don't stay in the company all the time. There are always actions that they need to perform on the spot. When such a department is activated, the player needs to move the worker performing the action on the station to the station to perform the action. The division of the game in the game is very similar to the real company, and its specific operating rules are very similar to the reality, so the sense of substitution is excellent. 

Human Resources Action is responsible for the employment and transfer of employees. The new workers hired by the player and the workers returning from the station will first return to the lobby. It is essential for them to play a role in human resource action. The moved employee is not active in the current round and requires the player to pay money at the end of the round to return to the workstation. There is an upper limit on the total number of workers a player can hire, and careful consideration should be given to the specific work arrangements.

The management action is responsible for the production of resources and the construction of the company. Players can use this action to start departments and obtain money, goods, and build new departments. Unlike ordinary games, the goods in "Carnegie" do not refer to a type of resource, but a white square is used as a representative of all goods. Players need to use it in the process of further building the company. Simplify The resource model also highlights the highlights of the game.

The construction action is responsible for expanding your business empire on the territory. Each company has four laboratories, each of which has its own project. Through this action, this project can be formally built on the territory. There are cities of different sizes on the game board, and the costs and rewards placed on them are also different. If you can connect major cities with your own road network, you can get extra points, which is also one of the core strategic points of the game.

R&D actions are actions for players to increase their own research progress. The R&D department will provide players with R&D points at this stage. By using the points, you can advance the R&D progress of the four laboratories and obtain new items that can be placed. Research and development points can also be used to promote the player's road construction level in a certain area, which will affect the total income that players can earn in the corresponding area, and will affect the final score.

Finally, there are two more events in the game: donations and income. It is worth noting that this kind of generous donation is not cheap. After the first donation, each donation requires more money, but these donations will provide a lot of points in the final score; income will be Let players get rewards based on their development status in the settlement income area and the number of employees they are dispatched.

There will be a total of 20 rounds of the game. At the end of the game, points will be scored based on the number of connected cities, activated employees, construction departments, and donations. The scoring method of the game is very three-dimensional, which is extremely fulfilling in such a game with a total of 20 rounds.

[Game Evaluation]
The main mechanics of the game "Carnegie" are solid and interesting. Several sections in the game are connected with each other through clever forms. There is no obvious difference between the strengths and weaknesses of each scoring path. It needs to be cleverly balanced according to the specific situation. The classic virtues can be felt in various trials and evaluations. Unique flavor of the game.

The sense of interaction of this game is also very good. Throughout the game, the player’s main battlefield is actually his own personal layout. There are not many direct interactions, but it is very cleverly designed in indirect interaction. Simultaneous action is one of the highlights of the game. Each round can only perform the same action, but the same action, different people's execution effect will be different after all.

Therefore, players must find the action with the greatest advantage through careful observation, and sometimes this action may not be your own strong action, but it is useless for other players. This kind of deep and cruel indirect interaction is obviously the favorite feeling of German players.

On the whole, "Carnegie" is definitely one of the most promising German games in 2021. No matter from the publishing house, the designer, the art performance, or the current demo effect, it is impeccable. Especially for players who like German board games, it is definitely a game that must not be missed this year.

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