【Products Recommended】How To Use CZYY Products To Build Your Own City

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes,This famous saying applies no matter where it is placed.

Each of us has our own opinions when playing D&D. This is also a feature of D&D games. It does not have a very fixed storyline or direction for you to proceed. It is based on the guidance of DM and the actual story. Let you go to different battles and adventures, the same story will often have different results in different people's games.

Of course, in our spare time, we can create our own maps and our own unique castles. Next, let me tell you how to use CZYY products to build a city of your own.

1.Stone Square Floor Tiles
The wooden floor gives you a texture that is different from the traditional paper map. There are large and small pieces, which can give you more flexible operations.Use these tiles to make fantastic dungeon maps to enhance your tabletop roleplaying game experience!
The tiles feature a conventional 1" x 1" grid suitable for any of your tabletop gaming needs, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, etc. 

2.Brick Walls 
An impenetrable castle must have impenetrable walls!
All tile base sizes are 2x1 inches, and wall height is 36mm. Small, but without lack of feeling, simple operation can be assembled, which not only satisfies the pleasure of action, but also increases the beauty of the castle.Laser-cut and engraved from high-quality birch plywood give you more protection.
The Portcullis Gate can open and close vertically, and the other doors can open and close fully in both directions. Definitely enhanced your gaming experience!

3.Modular Watchtower
The watchtower is the eye of a city. It can always indicate all kinds of dangers from the outside, and at the same time, it can also improve the defense of the city.
The Guardian Watchtowers are modular and compatible with all of our terrain series.They can be used alone or connected by the walkway and the base to become a military. The stunning flexibility!

The matching dolls save you the trouble of finding the right person to stand guard.

4.Medieval Small House
The prosperity of a city is inseparable from human habitation. After all, in addition to adventurers, residents are also an important part of the adventure world. The small house played such a role.
The Medieval House can be a farmer's respite or a lair of a hag. Great addition for any medieval or fantasy table, enhance your adventuring with this scatter terrain.

The RPG house comes with roof brackets and roof tabs, so you can easily remove the roof to use the inside as a playable game area. And the door can be closed or opened. This is also part of the more distinctive features.

Of course, you can give it different functions during the build process.

5.Blacksmith and Forge Shop 

Do you need a sharp weapon to defeat the unknown world?
Each Village and Town needs a blacksmith, and each adventurer needs a sword! Give your party a place to buy a vorpal sword and craft adamantium armor. It is a great set to add to your town or village!

I think this must be a smithy that you will love.

6. 3D Mage's Tower
Potent wizards locked away in their towers working on mighty magics… This is the way it has been in tales, and thus this is the way many wizards operate to this day. The Mage's Tower is such a wizard's tower, erected to provide a safe space for wizardly work far enough from civilization that no one should take too much interest, and defensible enough that if they do take interest there’s very little they can do.
16" tall and 7.3" in diameter. Both the first and second floors are 3.8" high, the third floor is 4.8" high. Size matches most miniatures.All levels have a 1" square grid. It is made from birch plywood with wooden supports with Tenon connections.

Of course, you can also be a powerful wizard and form your own wizard empire.

7.Tavern Terrain
"Hey, brother, where do you go for having a drink today?" This may be what every adventurer wants to experience most after expeditions.
Many adventures begin or end in a tavern, when your players need a place to sleep or explore or brawl don't leave them out in the cold! 

Featuring multilevel and removable roofs and floors, it has plenty of room and allows for excellent miniature placement. Its 3 floors hold many laser engraving details that make it impossible to believe that no one has lived there. This is going to keep your adventurers immersed.

Of course, it’s also a good choice to sit down with your comrades for a drink and talk about interesting things during the expedition.

8.Modular Bridge
My friend, I am going to voyage today. Would you like to see me off?
Every city has its own dock.These pieces allow you to quickly build anything from simple bridges spanning small streams, to short piers jutting out into lakes to lengthy bridges crossing swamps/marsh/wide rivers. If you're really ambitious (and you have enough components) you can build waterfront labyrinths of docks/piers.
Two different specifications also provide you with more ideas and creativity.

9. 3D RPG Miniatures Ship
"I am the man who wants to be the One Piece," this is Luffy's famous saying, and he is indeed moving towards this dream. We can not be the One Piece King, but we must be able to ride on the endless sea.

Sail the high seas of adventure on this massive multilevel ship map! Whether you are swashbuckler, a pirate, or a privateer, the CZYY RPG SHIP MODEL is a perfect way to help you fight boarding actions, fend off nefarious sea monsters, or travel between the great cities of the world!
23.4" length, 5" width and 6" height. And this d&d ship model features 3 levels with 2.5" clearance on each level to accommodate the height of your D&D miniatures. 

Owning a ship of your own, you can sail and fight, or you can sail and play, why not?

10.Stable Terrain 
"Half a kingdom for a horse! Oh, here's my stable" - quite useful if you have a place for your mount and a person to handle it while you burn out the hard-earned gold in a tavern.
Start building a Village for your adventuring heroes. This stable is perfect for a tabletop setting.

The RPG Stable Model is a great building for your fantasy and historical tabletop and role-playing games. It measures approximately 8"x5"x7" in the 28mm scale. As with the rest of our dungeon line, these are designed to be modular and stylized to blend seamlessly with the rest of your collection. Everything is made of birch plywood which ensures durability and makes painting easy.

11.Mausoleum Miniature 
"Dear comrades in arms, your misfortune during the battle caused you to leave, I am very sorry."

The cemetery, a place for final rest, a place for mourning, and when the moon turns red, and the fog rolls in, a place for the dead to rise and terrorize the town.
Your adventurers reach a dark and foreboding mausoleum. What undead horrors await?

The roof can be removed to allow access to the coffins found within. Even has a secret entrance leading to the crypts inside of the sarcophagus. As with the rest of our dungeon line, these are designed to be modular and stylized to blend seamlessly with the rest of your collection. Everything is made of birch plywood which ensures durability and makes painting easy.

12.Cavern Tiles Set
Create a mysterious underground passage for your mausoleum, so that tomb robbers and explorers will not find your treasure so easily.
Tiles are 4"x4" with walls approximately 1/2" thick. The small corridors are 2" wide so they can fit 2 28mm miniatures.You can build different set-ups with one set, or combine different sets to build one mega dungeon. The only limit is your imagination!

Maybe you are not the strongest when you are alive, but the maze after you die must be the strongest.

13.Dungeon Master's Screen

Hail to Dungeon Master/Game Master—the creator of worlds and the keeper of characters. It is your quest to bring to life the colorful universe that is Dungeons and Dragons. Your subjects look to you for fairness, fun, and yes, even a good fight.

Everything you experience is under the guidance of Dungeon master. They do not act as saviors, but merely guides in your way.
Your task is not an easy one and as Dungeon Master, the tools you use can make or break the experience you strive to create. Take your game to the next level with this one of a kind Dungeon Master Screen. It might just help your subjects suspend their disbelief while making life easier for yourself.

Don't underestimate any DM Screen. There is a powerful Dungeon Master behind every DM Screen.

Of course, the product is more than just this, it is just my idea, you can use your infinite thinking to create a more magnificent scene. In addition, if you have good ideas and practical skills, you can also paint your city with colors to make it more visual, which is also a feature of CZYY wooden products.