【Board Game Miscellaneous】Why are people who are good at board games so successful and popular?

How do people become mature and powerful? ——Everyone's knowledge and experience are shaping him, the work chosen is shaping him, and the entertainment and recreational mode chosen is also shaping him.

For example, people who like to play are generally sunny and have a team spirit, those who like fishing are quiet and calm, and those who like to read are intellectual, and have a poem and self-satisfaction.

What about people who like board games? You will find that the popular players in the board game circle can win many games. In real life, most of them are winners and likable guys. Why?

The answer is simple, because board games are shaping players in an all-round way. It exercises people's emotional intelligence, financial quotient, adverse quotient, and moral quotient.

Usually refers to the emotional index, which is composed of five characteristics: self-awareness, control of emotions, self-motivation, cognition of other people's emotions, and processing of interrelationships.

Board games are helping players understand themselves. Knowing yourself and the enemy is the only way to win every battle. Even if a player can't see and listen to all directions in the game, he must have a full understanding of his hand and the layout and constantly revise his strategy.

In a strange game like "Red7", where you can always change the rules and get out immediately if you can't get a temporary victory in your round, players need to make accurate analysis of their own cards and arrange a safe path.

Board games are helping players develop self-motivation patience. Many game wins and losses are completely tilted towards veterans, because novice players don’t understand the key information such as the many routines of the game, the events that may occur in the process, and the winners and losers at the end of the game, but they often want to participate in "Here I Stand". Or a game like "Twilight Struggle" where you have to sit on the bench.

Therefore, the popular board game newcomer in the circle never lacks the motivation of self-motivation. Even if he comes up and runs with him, he will run the complete game with an attitude of learning strategy and appreciation of the game.

Board games are promoting players to express themselves. In a game of identity guessing, once the player chooses to be silent, he may cause the lord to kill himself as a loyal minister by mistake; he may be a key player in the werewolf killing, but he is not as good as an ordinary villager. Cheng Xiao is transparent; it is also possible to face the doubts of others in various script killings, leading people to the wrong answer.

All these games are reminding players: to argue in a timely manner, take the initiative to express their emotions and appeals, don't hold back sulking but not say a word, seeing the worst ending happen.

Financial quotient
Financial quotient is also a commonly heard word, also known as "financial intelligence quotient (FQ)", which includes the ability to create wealth and recognize the law of wealth doubling; the second is the ability to manage wealth and apply wealth. It is an indispensable quality in modern social capabilities.

Auction games and some DBG games in board games mainly cultivate the player's ability to value (understand the law of wealth multiplication).

From the classic auction game "Modern Art", it can be seen that the valuation includes not only the estimation of the value of a certain item under current conditions, but also the estimation of a certain item under long-term conditions.

In "Rising sun", players have to value their own four combat actions, and at the same time, they have to value the revenue of the other four combat actions before they can make reasonable arrangements.

In fact, there are also valuations in the worker placement game: the income that a worker should receive is directly used in many games to popularize science in the form of low security, and old players can see it at a glance; there are also intimate veterans who will tell you in the game "Coimbra" The first worker can't get a card in the slot. It's a relatively wasteful and low-valued location.

Financial businessmen are also embodied in their ability to manage wealth: not only can they make money, but they can also hold on to it, and they don't squander their wealth.

The two games "Tulip Bubble" and "Ponzi scheme" directly point to the demon of the "Ponzi scheme" in reality, giving players a deep understanding of its harmfulness and how it works.

Veteran players of "Pingyao" will know very well when to exchange copper coins for silver ingots, and when to do so will break the chain of funds. They will also be very familiar with how to use the long-term and short-term combination of wealth management products or deposits, so as not to let them run out of money and panic.

And board game players who have tried the Push your luck mechanism many times, such as playing a few more games of "dog gambling" such as "Las Vegas" and "Inca Treasure", will find it difficult to indulge in lottery and gambling. Because this mechanism has evaporated their gambling very well, so that they have a deep understanding of the long-term bet will lose.


In addition to IQ, EQ, and financial quotient that frequently appear daily, what is "adverse quotient (AQ)"?

AQ, the full name of adversity quotient, is a new concept that plays a vital role in people's success. It refers to the way people react when facing adversity, that is, the ability to face setbacks, get rid of difficulties, and overcome difficulties.

Psychologists believe that a person's career success must have three factors: high IQ, high EQ and high adverse quotient. When IQ and EQ are not much different from others, adverse quotient plays a decisive role in a person's career success.

The board game is to always train players to plan for victory and a better situation in the most cruel situation:

In the "Arkadia" series, there are nearly ten cases of throwing crit dice and fighting the five scum to attack the god-equipped player;

In the game of war chess, there is a sorrow operation in which someone is beaten to a broken position, but seizes the weakness of others and defeats the enemy with one blow;

Many players in "Dead of Winter" do not want to make any mistakes in the survivors;

All of this is built on the basis of "don't abandon, don't give up" inverse quotient. In fact, life is like a large-scale board game: you are at the table, and you are responsible for playing a bad hand, because you don't know whether you will get a "Tianhu" hand in the next round. As long as you don't get off the table, you can turn against the wind.

Moral quotient
The ancients said: "You get more help than you lose." Many people's failures are not a failure of ability, but a failure of life and morality.

Moral quotient refers to a person's moral level or moral character quality. A person with a high moral quotient will definitely be trusted and respected, and will naturally have more opportunities for success. Having a high moral quotient is a cornerstone of the road to success in life.

Board game players are one of the groups with a very high Moral quotient, because what they care most is the rules of the game. Although "village rules" behavior can increase the fun of the game, it is not recognized in most cases.

They know very well that in society, they must keep the bottom line of law and morality like observing the rules of the game. They hate all kinds of actions that take advantage of loopholes, just as they hate all kinds of loopholes in board games. Therefore, German businessmen are also the main factor in the formation of empathy between people, and they are the patron saint who protects people from making fatal mistakes.

The board game process also points out the cruel truth of life: bustling, all for profit, no eternal enemy, only eternal victory.

When players recognize this, they will be better able to understand everyone's motives and inner demands for doing things, more empathize, and forgive some people for their outrageous actions, starting from the overall situation, and making more ethical choices.

However, don't think that board games are omnipotent. For example, IQ is actually based on talent and learning. At the same time, only by playing board games with various mechanisms can you develop comprehensive abilities. Otherwise, it is easy to go wrong and become a "wretched" player who specializes in card players or the art of mouth cannon. Only by learning from others can you be a winner in life!

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