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Brown Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags

Brown Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags Item NO: LB02

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  • Super Simple, Unassuming and Utilitarian: This tall lunch bag made from a heavy duty canvas that has been hand-waxed, strong and waterproof. So the Brown Bag can take just about anything, and still provide safe storage for your lunch every day of the week.
Product Name Brown Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags
Item NO LB02
Weight 0.2000 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Home & Kitchen
Brand CZYY
Creation time 2018-08-07

Why Choose This Product:
Let's think about how many paper and plastic bags have lost their lives to a spilled lunch.
Tossed in the bin rather than reused, filled with salad dressing or some other fancy sandwich
detritus. As a matter of fact, let's not.

The point is, with this waxed canvas lunchbag that not only keeps your midday meal from rolling around, but 
can also be easily wiped down when something spills, flimsy bags are a thing of the past.
Durable waxed cotton canvas can be used again and again. It keeps water out, easily cleans 
on the inside and looks, well, grown up.

6.3" Width x 12.2" Length x 4" Height (16 x 31 x 10 cm)

-100% cotton canvas
-Paraffin wax
-All-natural beeswax

How To Care:
-Hand wash with a damp cloth, do not soak or use soaps
-The bag can be rolled, folded, or manipulated in any way, but we recommend storing folded flat to preserve the shape.


Ernest Picklesworth

Just as described! Bomb-proof Canvas bag!
Do not clean with soap!


Matt Fiveight

Given its size and thickness, it's only good for sandwiches and small containers. Looks like a doggy bag, but tougher than a pair of jeans.


Osman A.

Fits a lot of stuff I use snap ware glass containers and haven't had an issue of space yet



No longer have to get lunch bags or use grocery bags to pack my lunch, this great quality material brown bag serves its purpose perfectly without having to change my ways :).


Robert Mulvey

My Lunch


Dai Tau

they are a bit hard to clean. He used to have one of those neoprene sacks and they were easy to clean in the clothes washer. You can't do that with these. Also, it's been just over 2 months now and it's still holding up, but I wonder if this will last the full school year. The neoprene ones definitely did.



This bag looks just like a paper bag, it’s super cool looking! Use it to bring lunch to work, where I put the bag in a refrigerator to keep items cold.



Serves its purpose but not waxed at all.


Steve Ste. Marie

Bought this as a gift so unsure how easy it is to clean but the material is very durable. I wish there were magnets sewn into the top so it could secure the opening as it’s folded over but the fabric is stiff enough to stay somewhat in place when upright



Cute lunchbox but a pain to clean. Spot cleaning does not work. I’ve figured out that if water spills on it or food, you have to completely submerge the bag so it’s wet all over and then let it air dry- that seems to be the only way I’ve found to not have random water spots.



After having it for the last few months it has held up fairly well. Some small holes have devolved on the bottom of the bag after putting it the laundry machine.


Thaddeus Pyfrom

Ugly stupid bag



I’ve been wanting one since forever!



Price is a little on the higher end for what this product is but I like it in the end. Beats a tacky grocery bag.



Love it. We are happy with our purchase.


Amanda Olson

Bag has held up really well, and I get a strange amount of compliments on it. Very spacious. Can fit a Tupperware with soup, can of sparkling water, cloth napkin and piece of fruit with room to spare.



My 13 year old son loves how you can make it small or large. He thinks is really cool.



I absolutely love this lunch box. I am able to stand out of the crowd while being functional as well. This lunch box does not necessarily keep things cold but it serves a good purpose if you keep your lunch box in the refrigerator. It is very roomy and can fit quite a bit of food. After use, it can also be folded and placed in a bag or purse. I love this thing. It is also very easy to clean.



I get lots of compliments on this lunch sack. It is extremely durable. I use a smallish ice pack on the bottom and put all my food on top of the ice pack and it works just fine. I can roll it the top down about 1/2 or 1/3 way and it stays rolled.

Highly recommend and if you can get it under $15- snap it up!


Richard Owen Baish

Just received them. Quick ship, and as advertised. Simple and handy.