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D&D Condition Rings 106 PCS Wooden Status Effect Markers in 29 Conditions Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and RPG Miniatures

D&D Condition Rings 106 PCS Wooden Status Effect Markers in 29 Conditions Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and RPG Miniatures Item NO.: CR05

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Product Name D&D Condition Rings 106 PCS Wooden Status Effect Markers in 29 Conditions Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and RPG Miniatures
Item NO. CR05
Weight 0.25 kg = 0.5512 lb = 8.8185 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2020-08-24

One of the great challenges of playing and DMing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games is keeping track of it all... Who caught on fire when that fire elemental burst through the group? Who is in the midst of a grapple? Is that miniature you turned onto its side dying? Or just prone?

Condition rings are a simple but effective way of eliminating the confusion and making your battlefield conditions not only easier to manage but helping both players and dungeon master's alike to avoid troublesome'I forgot that' moments that break your immersion.

The Dungeon Master Kit is compatible with 5E and includes all of the standard conditions listed in the Player's Handbook as well as markers for Concentration.

This set includes 96 Condition Markers:

4 x Blinded
4 x Charmed
4 x Concentration
4 x Deafened
5 x Exhaustion
4 x Frightened
4 x Grappled
4 x Incapacitated
5 x Invisible
5 x Paralyzed
4 x Petrified
4 x Poisoned
4 x Prone
4 x Restrained
4 x Stunned
4 x Unconscious
4 x Hex
4 x Hunter's Mark
4 x Bane
5 x Banished
4 x Blessed
5 x Cursed
4 x Raging
4 x Faerie Fire
1 x Dead
1 x Disadvantage
1 x Advantage
1 x Sleeping
1 x Inspired

Simply slip the markers over your miniatures and all the information is on the battlefield for all to see! Excellent addition to your D&D campaign!



Decent price, straight to the point. A good, simple, effective way to keep track of status effects for tabletop.



I love these rings! My only complaint is how difficult they are to read for the longer words. Painting them made it much easier to read and tell them apart.



First off, missed opportunity here for CZYY. I will get to that shortly. First the positives. These rings are easy to read, easy to store, and easy to use. You have MORE than enough for your campaigning needs. The laser etching is clean. Now the meh aspect. CZYY makes wood miniatures. I got two that were free gifts with my Dice Tray, and Dice Tower (I have left reviews on those as well). The bases for those miniatures are rounded, and these rings are donut designs. Would have been perfect if the Ring fit around the base. However, it makes sense that they don't due to combined use with tabletop mats. Regardless...excellent pieces.



nice wood, looks good, just needs an organizer, for quick access to the right condition



These are perfect for pathfinder and D&D minis- mainly the medium sized models. You could still put them in the space taken up by larger creatures though which helps to remember who has what condition. They pop out of their frame easily and do their job well.



In addition to getting the right terrain and the right miniature for a game, it's important to portray conditions accurately. This is all the stuff that happens to your character in Dungeons & Dragons, and it can mean the difference between life and death when a player doesn't know which monster is blinded and which one is merely deafened. That's where these tokens can help.The tokens cover all of the various conditions of Fifth Edition D&D, and go beyond that. There are the conditions: charmed, restrained, blinded, incapacitated, paralyzed, deafened, prone, petrified, unconscious, grappled, exhaustion, stunned, invisible, poisoned, frightened, sleeping, and dead. There's not enough of some and too many of the others.The spell effects: hunter's mark, hex, banished, blessed, faerie fire, bane, and cursed. These are welcome and sometimes rare markers that there's just not enough of. I have a ranger in my weekly D&D game and it's sometimes a struggle to keep track of who has a hunter's mark.And then there are the other relevant trackers: raging, concentration, disadvantage, advantage, and inspired. Only two tokens for advantage/disadvantage are surely not enough, as is sleeping (most of the party is probably sleeping at once with one or two guards).These tokens are positioned as something of a craft. You can paint them or use markers to color them in, which is necessary to identify the various conditions at a glance. Where things get tricky is when you have more than one condition on a character, which is why it's so important to color-code them, including the sides.The one negative about these is the lettering. I'm not sure if it's merely an artifact of laser etching, but the letters are not solid, and this makes them nearly impossible to read at a distance. Coloring them makes things worse. Unless you have the patience to hand-mark each letter on over 100 tokens, it limits their use somewhat.These tokens are for 1-inch characters. Square bases simply won't work and you'll need to dangle it off the edge of a larger figure, which detracts somewhat from its appearance--the only thing less insulting than a hunter's mark on a blue dragon is dangling a big circle off its head. If you're going to use these markers on larger figures, you could just as easily do the same with color-coded hair ties (which is exactly what we've used at conventions).Overall, these are an inexpensive solution to tracking conditions on a D&D battlefield, but know you'll need to do more than just pop them out of their container if you plan to use more than one token on a figure.



Knowing the condition of a character, especially during combat can be difficult at times. These laser cut wooden rings seek to solve this issue. Engraved with the condition name around the ring, it fits either around or below the character's miniature. The contrast of the letters makes them relatively easy to read but all of the conditions look the same from a distance on the table. I'm not sure what could aid in discerning one from the other. They even provide a couple of sanding boards to sand down any rough spots left over from taking them out of the frame. A great addition to my game!



This D&D Condition Rings 106 PCS Wooden Status Effect Markers in 29 Conditions Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons is a great aid when running a D&D adventure or a great gift for any DM. We have been playing D&D for over 40-years and are always looking for useful ways to make keeping track of effects easier.These are laser cut wooden rings that fit over most of miniatures and allow for easy tracking of effects. We have marked ours in different colors to make it even easier to see the type of effect that is in place.Highly Recommended!CFH



I have no idea what these rings are for, but my daughter is really into D&D so I picked them up for her birthday. Not realizing that there would be an inherent redundancy, I ordered two sets which turned out to be from the same company...CZYY RINGS - $14.99You punch these rings out of little plywood sheets. Everything is beige. They match the squares I ordered from CZYY. They come in a plain black box, nothing special. 2 small nail files are included, presumably to dull edges so you don't get a splinter. There are no extras.CZYY “UPGRADED” RINGS - $24.99These rings come in a beautiful storage case that looks like a book. Everything is organized for you; there is nothing to punch out. The rings are colorful and very pretty.BOTTOM LINE: Which set you get will depend on your price tolerance, but the “upgraded” set is definitely worth the extra $10.