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3D RPG Miniatures Ship Wood Laser Cut, 3-Level with 1  Grid Battle Terrain Map Perfect for D&D, Pathfinderor Other Tabletop Games

3D RPG Miniatures Ship Wood Laser Cut, 3-Level with 1 Grid Battle Terrain Map Perfect for D&D, Pathfinderor Other Tabletop Games Item NO: DS06

US$ 37.99

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Product Name 3D RPG Miniatures Ship Wood Laser Cut, 3-Level with 1 Grid Battle Terrain Map Perfect for D&D, Pathfinderor Other Tabletop Games
Item NO DS06
Weight 0.35 kg = 0.7716 lb = 12.3459 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Tag wooden ship , wooden dnd ship
Brand CZYY
Creation time 2019-07-30

Sail the high seas of adventure on this massive multilevel ship map! Whether you are swashbuckler, a pirate, or a privateer, the CZYY RPG SHIP MODEL is a perfect way to help you fight boarding actions, fend off nefarious sea monsters, or travel between the great cities of the world!

This ship features 3 levels with 2.5" clearance on each level to accommodate the height of your D&D miniatures. All levels have a 1" square grid.
The ship is made from birch plywood with wooden supports with mortise-tenon connections - Easy to transport and put back together.

Dimensions: 23.4" x 6" x 5" (when assembled)

- 1 Lower Deck
- 1 Main Deck
- 1 Forecastle 
- 1 Quarterdeck
- 1 Dragon Bow figurehead
- 5 Supports and 15 Wedges

The CZYY SHIP is ready to set sail, a ship for all your campaigns. If you are on a lake, river, or even the ocean, you need the ship to sail!


Edward Harvey

I was considering buying a more expensive model for my campaign but I wanted to check this out. It's really great well worth the money and I will be buying more of their sets.


Consumer Dad

Exactly what it says it is. Was easy enough to build and has held up in play for the last two sessions the players were pumped when I pulled out a real boat for our ghosts of salt marsh game


Snow J

Exactly what I needed for my game and much cheaper than the alternatives. That being said, be careful and only do one side's post before inserting all the rows. Easy to set up, but can be messed up if careless.



This is a great product that really has a wow factor when you bring it out. Similar products are 2-3 times as expensive and this has held up really well. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for the purchase of a 'boat' piece to use in their tabletop games. Also have purchased 2 other products from CZYY and all arrived quickly and in good condition.


Peter Seres

Just like the picture, can be easily assembled, absolutely worth it.



This thing is REALLY nice. Well made, easy to put together and absolute hit with my d&d crew.


Gary M

Fantastic, sturdy workmanship, absolutely love the attention to detail, and consistent placement across levels of the ship (ie. the mast.) I will definitely be buying from this store again.



This ship is very easy to put together and sturdy if you interlock the pieces correctly. This model looks really neat. I have it displayed in my office and have received numerous compliments about the ship. This is a great value for the money and I highly recommend this model ship.


Jonathan Engle

Great quailty for the price. My players especially loved the wow factor that it gave. Very detailed, excellent material quality, and easy to assemble.


Joe Buhovecky

This is a great product! Super easy to put together and plenty sturdy. I see some people mentioned gluing it. That is 100% not necessary. There are little shims that make the connections nice and snug. Maybe they were missing for the other people.

The only thing i find odd is, on the connection, there is a peg that slides into the hole on the boats floors. The peg hangs downward and you slide the floor up onto it. There must be a reason for it, but i can't help but think that the peg should be on the bottom and the floor slide down onto it. Then gravity would hold it together. It wouldn't stop me from buying another one or recommending the product. It was just an odd choice i wanted to mention. Can't wait to use in in my next game!


J. Bahrs

Exactly what I wanted for my Saltmarsh campaign.


Stephen M. Morgan

I had to run out and buy some wood glue keep the little supporting pegs from sliding out, but no big deal. Looked great at the table at our D&D game that evening. I look forward to purchasing more of these wooden miniature kits as soon as I can afford to do so.


Terrell Bryant

I am a DM for Dungeons and Dragons and used these in my last session when the players hit the open sea. It is sturdier and lighter than expected, easy to put together and take apart. Well worth purchasing!



So with the release of Ghosts of Saltmarsh I really wanted a ship model for my adventurers to use. However, most of what I saw on Etsy and elsewhere was REALLY expensive. I mean, they looked great, but really expensive. Also they looked hard to carry and store. This was the perfect solution. Affordable, light and easy to take apart and put back together. It's a good size to be an adventurer ship. Made of balsa wood that snaps together and stays with some included dowels. I like that it's printed with grids, making movement easier. Highly recommend.



I was taken aback by how well the laser-cut wood fit together. The ingenious interlocking parts (like one of those interlocking wooden puzzles) made the finished product ultra-sturdy and rigid. For some reason, I was unprepared for the model's sheer size. This is a wonderful product.



A dream, can’t wait to play on it



I loved how easy it was to put together. some reviews said that it was flimsy, NOT AT ALL!! I tried to put it together incorrectly, then I read the directions and it's way more solid than I was expecting. Everyone I have shown it to thought that it was really cool and my group can't wait to use it. This is way better than anything that I could have 3D printed and for the price, there's no reason why I can't have a whole armada. I wish I could give it more than just 5 stars!


Jason R. Nieman

Great detail



They shipped the item in a box that has a different item pictured. The item was a gift so I did not open it until I saw that on other listings of theirs they have a photo that says packaging does not match box contents. The contents did match the photos and I am very happy and sorry for jumping to conclusions.

5 Stars!


Michael Snyder

I am in love with this boat!! I am DMing a DnD game and I was so excited to get this on my table. I’m already planning a naval situation to use it.