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Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow

Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow Item NO: TP001

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Product Name Creative DIY Mini Metal Toothpick Crossbow
Item NO TP001
Weight 0.3000 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
Category Toys & Games
Tag Crossbow , Toothpick Crossbow
Brand CZYY
Creation time 2017-12-01


Covfefe CZYY DIY CROSSBOW prohibits purchases under 18 years of age. 

This product is limited to learning and communicating. Do not aim at the person or pet during the test. 

Color:As shown in picture 



Package Included: 

2018 new cotton crossbow, CZYY for string part upgrade reinforcement. In case of falling off. If you fall off, please contact the seller. We'll be at your service for the first time. 

※The Smallest of the crossbow DIY Toys, Top Children's Kid's Toy Crossbow Dart Play Set. 

※Need to start according to the figure of their own assembly, the ability to train operation, is a good product DIY. 

※No Batteries Required, Just Pull Back the String and Fire,Use a cotton swab or a toothpick,Practice Target, Mock Scope. ※Approx. Dimensions, Length: 12cm, Width: 10cm,Can play, can also be display on the desktop.


Ng Cheng Kiat

Fun to display and play with. May not be suitable for young children.


Deborah Ledbetter

Well designed well machined.



This is a monster. Kills hogs at 50 yards with out a problem.


Ben dandrea

Fun little toy, good for younger responsible kids who might have fun shooting cans or something. The darts aren't overly powerful (underpowered) and that's why I can recommend it for certain kids who would be responsible for using this. The seller was also very helpful, contacting me to warn me that there would be delays due to my local postal service which was exceptional and I really appreciate. overall 5 stars for the product and the company selling this crossbow



This thing is surprisingly powerful! It's definitely a toy for a teenager or older. It was kinda difficult to assemble with the directions being in Chinese but the images helped. It's really only two parts but I wasn't sure where the bow string went. Just look at the images on the reviews. It's also pretty accurate at 10ft or so. After that, it's only okay. You definitely don't want to shoot your wall or anything at closer than that. It will leave a nice hole lol! Works great with cardboard boxes using BBs or bolts. My only complaint is that I can't find any extra bolts or strings plus it is difficult to set the bow. It feels like the string might snap. I'm not looking forward to when it does because it will hurt, I imagine. The BBs are still for sale but no bolts or strings. For 50 bucks, that's a bit disappointing. I've asked the seller for some but I don't get the feeling that English is understood by them easily. I'll be patient and update this when they provide a proper answer.



Was missing the laser sight but they sent me a new one out. Thought it would shoot harder but still a fun toy


Scott Williams

Great bow


Scott E Hemstrom

Hard to draw back, prolly be easier after hernia surgery, I installed a crank on it



Since many reviewers had commented badly on the crank cocking device, I wanted to make sure that this model is the correct one. The product itself also includes several notes about different riggings that suggest one should make sure this is the right model and how to attach it. The notes then also give a phone number for their support line . I called the support line now several time over the course of three weeks. It NEVER answers. The recording tells you that Barnett makes the world's greatest sporting goods, but then it puts you on hold with one of the most obnoxious elevator music tunes. 5 hours (yes FIVE) later I gave up (I had also tried for an hour on a previous day). After giving it one more try at 2pm PST, it says, it's not business hours . SHAME on you.. the world's greatest sporting goods maker has the world's most lousy customer support!!!



The item looks great. I haven't used it yet for target practice. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because one of the arrows came in bent and it broke when I tried to straighten it.


Hunter Tippetts

Things did break but they helped me really quick. I was pissed at first but when i told them they were awesome$!



The crossbow is perfect, but I would suggest you make the bolts one solid piece of either metal or plastic. Just got it a day ago and 3 bolts are already broken.


James Wenzel

Really like the quality of this crossbow for the size fun to play with



Ideal for taking out small insects


Kyle Drews

I have a lot of fun with this thing. I set it on my desk and shoot at cardboard boxes across the room.



Mainly got this to mess around with and it is better quality than I thought. Some assembly required but it's pretty simple.



Even though I've only had the Mini Crossbow less than 24 hours I have had a ball with it. It seems to be very well made and the accuracy seems to be very good. I would highly recommend it, however I want to remind everybody this is not a toy and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.


Ryan Nevious

Pretty accurate and fun to play around with. The only downside are the bb’s aren’t the normal size of regular bb’s you buy from the store so they don’t go in the loading hole. You can slide them in from the front though.



works like itys supposed to, original one was defective but thery sent me a new one. great fpr playing darts.



High quality, super accurate with barnett 22 inch headhunters and 100 gr spitfire heads, Im shooting 2 inch groups at 50 yards.