【Board Game Miscellaneous】5 Things about How to Write A Best D&D Adventure that The GM Guide Never Tell You

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What would be the best adventure (in your opinion) to start off with? Perhaps we can casually tell a variety of adventures, but this is the D&D world and it has a series of incredible events, and these events are not completely in front of you.

To be clear, this isn’t a guide to writing adventures that you would publish on DMs Guild or DriveThruRPG, this is a guide to organizing your thoughts and creating ideas that you can use to run an adventure of your own making.

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Then,how to begin a nice D&D adventure?

a,Determine the original intention of this adventure
Generally, a good D&D session boils down to two things: “As a DM, did I have fun?” and “Did my players have fun?”When making an adventure, start with things that you know you like. Did you love Eberron? What about it? The hulking monstrosity? The traditional medieval fantasy style? The airship and lighting train? Throw it in there, originality be damned!
From there, think of what your players love. This can be a genre of gameplay; some players love combat, some love storytelling, and so on. It can be a genre of fantasy, like sword and sorcery, epic fantasy, or science fantasy. 

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b,Choose a major pillar
Choose a genre of gameplay to center your adventure around. The Player’s Handbook says that D&D has three major pillars of gameplay: Exploration, Interaction, and Combat. Every adventure has a little bit of each, but it helps to choose one pillar to focus on. When in doubt, what do the players want to do? Search the room, talk with someone, or pick a fight?
Each pillar lends itself to a certain mode of play. A classic dungeon crawl lends itself to exploring ancient ruins and fighting its inhabitants, with minimal diplomacy. The typical wilderness adventure is strongly focused on exploring a large swath of land, often in search of a specific person, place, or thing. It’s about equal on the interaction and combat pillars since sandbox settings give characters a lot of leeway on whether or not they want to fight or parley. An intriguing adventure puts diplomacy front-and-center, with most of the major conflicts being resolved through roleplay and not “roll-play.” 

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c,Make a skeleton
Skeleton you have two big ideas floating in your head: where the fun is and the angle of approach. Now it’s time to draft this baby. Let’s assume that your adventure can be finished in a single game session. If you want to tell a story with your adventure (as opposed to simulating reality, which doesn’t abide by any rules of storytelling), consider using the classic three-act structure as a framework.

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d,Fill your dungeon
This is the home stretch. You’ve already molded your high concept into a working skeleton, now you just need to put some meat on those bones by filling your adventure with traps, terrain, and monsters. When creating encounters, think about more than XP budgets and encounter balance (though those are important). Think about how the terrain can create a more interesting scenario than three ghouls in a large, open room. Exciting terrain could be as simple as increasing the elevation every few feet, or it could be as fantastical as an upside-down waterfall with bizarre gravity that sucks all nearby creatures into it.

There’s a lot of great advice for stocking your dungeon in Appendix A of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Some of it’s a little overkill for a Five Room Dungeon, but a little overkill never hurt anyone.

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e,Some game props
The props may not be the necessary accessories in the game, but there are some props to assist the development of the plot or the judgment of the adventure, which can enrich the content of the adventure to a certain extent. When you want to sail and sail, you can only look at the vast ocean sigh. When you envy the dragons, you can only stand on the ground and look up at them. If you have a three-tiered ship or airship at this time, what kind of special experience will it bring to the game?

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Run your adventure with confidence and excitement, but don’t get too attached. ,Now get out there and start making the best D&D adventure you’ve ever made! 

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