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  • 2020-10-10
    The D&D Class Coasters Set of 12 with Holder are a good set of coasters for anyone that would like a themed coaster set. The only flaw with them is the thickness and the fact that they do not come with any kind of protect coat. Since the coasters are thin, a choice was made to give all twelve coasters a glaze coat to make sure the perpetration of a glass would not damage the wooden coaster. They worked well when used, and the design is for each kind of D&D class does allow for a player to feel connected to their coaster. It is a fun set that allows it to be added to a day of playing D&D. It is just a recommendation to apply some kind of glaze to ensure that the coasters have some kind of shelf life. Though if a buyer does not fear it, it is also fine just to use them out of the box.
  • 2020-09-21
    These things are awesome. They're the perfect mix of kitsch and geek chic.Everything is laser engraved to be both detailed and recognizable, and it's all pretty cool and precise. The coasters all fit neatly in this cool dragon/longship shaped holder.There's a coaster for each of the base PHB classes. I know the description talks about how each player can get the coaster for their character, but let's be realistic -- there's always that one person that's multiclassing, or you're playing a party of 4 bards in your hilarious meme campaign, or whatever, so it's pretty unlikely that there's a specific coaster that everyone gets. They still look cool, though, so whatever.My one complaint is that the coasters all have these stylistic cutouts in them, so if your drink is sweating (i.e., the reason you'd want a coaster), there's still a decent chance that you're going to get water on the table.
  • 2020-09-03
    This is a very unique item. I love them, except that they are not coated, so if you don't poly them, they won't last or look good for long. But after a little poly these things are ready to rock. Really cool idea.
  • 2020-09-02
    We are a complete gaming household. Be is board games, sports or tech this house has probably tried it. My daughter runs a monthly D&D Campaign for a group and I figured this would be a fantastic set for the game room.There is some assembly to the dragon boat coaster holder. However, it isn't difficult and I didn't find it a burden to the product. But some people may have issues with that. Each coaster and all the detailing on the boat are lazor cut. None are overly thick but they do work as intended. Over time they may warp a bit.I do like that you could easily paint/color the coasters and boat then treat with a poly to protect if desired.Price point is very reasonable for what you are getting.
  • 2020-08-31
    These would make a fun gift for a dungeons and dragons fan. That being said, they are not the highest quality. The wood is thin and cheap looking. The coaster holder is a little impractical to use. Something to bring out once in a while, but not good coasters for every day use.
  • 2020-08-29
    I have 20-something boys that played D&D when younger and have fond memories, so thought I'd get this set for them to keep their table/coffee table neater. I can see that this is a laser cut set which is cool, but what I had wished for with this set is that it be sealed to protect IT from wet beer cans and sweating glasses! I mean, this set is made from wood...wood absorbs water way too easily, so...making coasters means one should expect water to set on the coaster, right? So, before I give it as a gift, I am brushing on a layer of clear varnish to keep the coasters looking good. I shouldn't have to do that, but I want them to last...what else can I do? I little disappointed that whoever thought up these coasters didn't think about the fact wood absorbs water and how fast water staining and absorption will destroy these coasters...
  • 2020-08-27
    The dragon boat isn't hard to assemble due to any cryptic or difficult instructions, but I did have to sand down some of the pegs to get it to fit together. Once that was done, putting in the coasters was easy.I finally figured out that the two drummers were meant to fit into the little circular piece (again, some sanding was needed). I guess they go onto the front of the boat?The whole thing is really cute and cool, although, as might be expected, somewhat flimsy. The tiniest bump and those coasters are out of alignment and possibly on the floor. Still, a very cool piece to have for D&D night (or any game night).