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Upgraded Condition Rings 96 PCS Status Effect Markers in 24 Conditions & Spells Magic Book Storage Box Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, D&D and RPG Miniatures

Upgraded Condition Rings 96 PCS Status Effect Markers in 24 Conditions & Spells Magic Book Storage Box Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, D&D and RPG Miniatures Item NO.: CR01

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Product Name Upgraded Condition Rings 96 PCS Status Effect Markers in 24 Conditions & Spells Magic Book Storage Box Great DM Tool for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, D&D and RPG Miniatures
Item NO. CR01
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Dungeons & Dragons
Brand CZYY
Creation Time 2019-07-30

One of the great challenges of playing and DMing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games is keeping track of it all... Who caught on fire when that fire elemental burst through the group? Who is in the midst of a grapple? Is that miniature you turned onto its side dying? Or just prone?

Condition rings are a simple but effective way of eliminating the confusion and making your battlefield conditions not only easier to manage but helping both players and dungeon master's alike to avoid troublesome 'I forgot that' moments that break your immersion.

This upgraded Dungeon Master Kit is compatible with 5E and includes all of the standard conditions listed in the Player's Handbook as well as markers for Concentration. And includes several extras for spells and non-condition effects like Raging, Hunter's Mark, Hex and so on.

Simply slip the markers over your miniatures and all the information is on the battlefield for all to see! Excellent addition to your D&D campaign!


This set includes 96 Condition Markers: 4 x Blinded, 4 x Charmed, 4 x Concentration, 4 x Deafened, 4 x Exhausted, 4 x Frightened, 4 x Grappled, 4 x Incapacitated, 4 x Invisible, 4 x Paralyzed, 4 x Petrified, 4 x Poisoned, 4 x Prone, 4 x Restrained, 4 x Stunned, 4 x Unconscious, 4 x Hex, 4 x Hunter's Mark, 4 x Bane, 4 x Banished, 4 x Blessed, 4 x Cursed, 4 x Raging, 4 x Faerie Fire

1 x 24 Slots Storage Box in Magic Book Design(At a glance and quick selection)

Note: Minis & Dice are for scale and are not included in the listing.



Got the rings as a gift for a friend who DMs and he was so happy. I will warn you that the rings do get tossed around and find new homes in the box during shipping so open the box up to rearrange when you get it. So long as you're not tossing it around the rings should stay in place after that. So if you just keep it in a game room or carry it in your hand it should stay in place but if you put it in a bag where the box may get moved multiple directions the rings may need rearranged when you go to use it.



After reading some of the reviews and being skeptical, I decided to purchase the set. It would seem that a lot of the problems past buyers have had have been corrected. As the set that I received had the conditions people had wanted, as well as the quality of the box being more so than what other's pictures had shown.The rings themselves are sturdy, with a printed image sandwiched between two pieces of a clear plastic/acrylic. Clarity is great, a few have minor alignment issues but nothing that would deter purchase (seen in attached image.)Overall, a good buy for my game.



Comes in a nice case. Cardboard but still nice. About the size of a hardcover book. The discs are really nice to look at and fit perfectly around the base of a standard round miniature. Older oblong metal miniatures that the base is part of the casting fit fine but if you have any of the square bases, they don’t fit neatly around the base because, well, Square peg in round hole, but it’s still very workable by putting it under the base or even just slipping it over the top of the miniature.



Perfect for my game. I loved the case, and it's very compact. I love it!



I've been using the rings that come off of coke bottles for years now which works. That being said, having these with the names on them is so much better because no one is ever unsure what the ring is for. The container looks really nice and holds everything well.



These condition rings are good quality and worth the money and it comes in a very nice black box with gold writing on it i also bought these for my sons birthday as well , the rings area good heavy plastic and different colors with different words on them, sign J.Bryce



The rings look very pretty and fit on standard bases for minis. Helpful for combat. The box they come is really nice and can be used for decor but does damage easily.



Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas! Great for any gamer! Easy to read and distinguish.






I bought these not really sure what to expect, but I wasn't disappointed. The packaging is gold foiled and looks really high quality, and the rings themselves are clear and good quality too! Really impressed.



I loved all the condition rings! I would have preferred that the conditions were marked on both sides of the rings. Nevertheless, these work well.



The fancy condition markers are only printed on one side, but that's not a problem and the description never said they were. Love these, the box fits in any backpack and they've been really convenient for game night when I'm running a game at my friend's house. Really solid plastic, kinda wish the case had a better closing mechanism but the rings are held in place by the foam insert, so it's totally good enough. Overall very happy with these!



Super fast delivery. Exactly as shown, clever packaging



The rings themselves are awesome. I love the look and they work great on miniatures or whatever you use for your gaming. Each one looks different and they all look and feel great. The rings have a good thickness and sturdiness about them. The only reason I gave this product a 4 star instead of a 5 is the box that holds the rings was missing the clasp that locks the box. It appears to have been cut off. Besides that the box itself looks really cool and I love how it organizes the rings. Overall a great product and a must for your role playing games!



I love how it's easy to read what effect it has and even the variety for 5E it worked very well at my DM's session and he loved them! WORTH EVERY PENNY and IT COMES IN A COOL BOX!!



Great product- nicely labeled, durable rings. Exactly what wanted



This is a purchase that's all about preference. If you like how they look or that the price is fairly reasonable, you can't go wrong with this buy.As a DM these condition rings have actually helped me be more mindful about using effects on my players. Seeing the panic on my usually stoic and murder heavy players when the Wizard readies fireball after being blinded and the muted Mastermind Rogue can't grant him advantage in order to avoid nuking the party.Get this for you DM who is looking to improve their combat sessions without having to fudge numbers or throw additional enemies into an encounter.



A nice addition to any DM's arsenal. A nice clean look in a well organized box, so no more digging for loose markers in a storage bin! They're easy to read and color coded, and fit well around a 1 base. Highly recommend!



I bought these for my boyfriend, he loved them and they do come in a pretty box. I know nothing about DnD really. But they look nice



Overall, an absolutely amazing product with enough rings to cover multiple status conditions over a large combat encounter involving multiple characters and NPC villains. The semi clear ring with bright lettering makes it easy to read and very simple to apply.I think any DM worth their salt should definitely look into picking up this product to further enhance and track their combat encounters in a unique, fun, and easy way.